Why does God see homosexuality as an abombination?

Question by Gee: Why does God see homosexuality as an abombination?
Is it because gays/lesbians cant reproduce?
If its because of reproduction, whats the sitution now that the world is overpopulated?
Cars are not natural, does got hate cars and the people who drive cars?

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Answer by Got Jesus ?
Because He didn’t create us that way.

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22 thoughts on “Why does God see homosexuality as an abombination?”

  1. “Why does God see homosexuality as an abombination?”

    Religion is merely a form of control to give certain pople power over ritual masses. Homosexuality wasn’t originally an ‘abomination’, this was added in one of the over 2,600 revisions made to the Bible, and this one was quite recent; somewhere around 40-60 years ago.

    As to why, particularly, the Church decided to attack and judge homosexuals is far beyond me, especially considering the Jesus figure was bisexual according to the Bible. Though I guess even less than judging natural sexual orientation has occured in the past.

    Control through fear. Obedience through threat of eternal damnation, or promise of eternal salvation. Conquest in the name of faith. Judgement in the name of God.

    “Is it because gays/lesbians cant reproduce?”

    A great deal actually view this to be the reason, as this is why humans are on Earth according to religious propaganda. That is, until they are questioned with the existance of heterosexual couples who are naturally sterile or are otherwise incapable of reproduction.

    Here’s a pretty long response I wrote in regards to a question pertaining to gay marriage:

    *Link fixed*

    “I’m not against same-sex marriage, but what I AM against is when they adopt a child!!”

    Damn them for giving unwanted and/or abandoned children a home and family! Seriously? No, really… are you being serious right now?

    “Why are you against same sex marriage? Does your faith influence this?”

    I see no other reason someone would oppose gay marriage, or even homosexuality, period. Given no one has personal view, merely one either told to them by their church or religious following. The fact that marriage predates every known religious faith should honestly be enough, but most are naive enough to think it’s something created and managed by their own religious faith, hence they believe they should have some control over it.

    Listen, people. Homosexuality is natural. Not to acknowledge that just screams ignorance, and stating anything to the contrary just screams religious dogma and bigotry. It has not only been recorded to be present in society and culture as far back as we have texts to describe life of the past, but it is even observed in several dozen animal species. Why, it was so accepted and well-known that Jesus himself, according to the Bible, courted his neighbor Joseph something-or-other as well as wife.

    Though hey, let’s delve into this religious propaganda further. Do any of you even realize that homosexuality wasn’t a sin several decades ago? That’s right! Your god, the Church, has made yet another revision to the Bible. The counter is well over 2,600 now.

    It is said, in theory, that homosexuality is a form of populace control set in motion by nature. Hence the reason the more densely populated an area is, the more homosexuality is present. An interesting theory, I don’t personally agree with it, but a legitimate viewpoint none-the-less.

    The arguement that marriage is tradition? It also used to be tradition that it was only between a white male and white female, in America anyway. Men also used to choose wives by means of rape. If you’re a fan of tradition, then where have those gone?

    Perhaps ‘Choice’. I am not attracted to the same sex; are you? Without that attraction, I would not pursue a homosexual relationship. Are you saying that inside, all Christians are gay, they just choose not to act on these feelings?

    “I don’t want to have to explain this kind of sexuality to my young children.”

    So, personal insecurity and/or fear means you need to try to control? Religious conditioning, buddy. May I ask you a question; are you attracted to the same sex?

    Homosexuality is not contageous. Nor would they turn your children gay simply by the open introduction of it. If this were a legitimate concern, homosexuals wouldn’t even exist. The straight would have turned them straight, correct?

    If your child is gay, they will be gay. If they are straight, they will be straight. Regardless of what you may teach them, attempt to abuse them mentally with, they are what they are.

    If someone does have a legitimate, opinionated, and subjective personal viewpoint, I would absolutely love to hear it! What is wrong with gay marriage or even homosexuality?

  2. i think because its not exactly “human nature” and it wasn’t his plan for the human race. he made man and woman…and not man and man or woman and woman. The fact that they cant reproduce could be a problem…but some people even if they are straight cant reproduce.

  3. If there is a god that made everyone then I don’t see how he could think his own creation is so horrible. I don’t think people chose to be gay; it’s just how they are. People who think that god hates gay people are just ridiculous and need to be beat with a ruler or something. Knock some sense into them already.

  4. God created us to be happy. I don’t think he said anything about forcing yourself to be with someone else if you didn’t like them. Just do whatever to make yourself happy. and about reproduction between gays, what about adoption! I mean there are MILLIONS of orphans that need homes, I think gays are a blessing lmao.

  5. because its unnatural affection for the opposite sex,they can’t reproduce,and it’s unhealthy. we were created to reproduce first/foremost to keep the human race going.

  6. I’m gonna take a stab at this one, and say that God wouldn’t mind homosexuality. If he didn’t want it, why would he fill humans’ heads with the idea in the first place


    And no. We weren’t necessarily created to continue the human race. Maybe we were just created to have fun and live a life of happiness. Why can’t some people accept that, and let guys be with guys, or girls with girls if it makes them happy?

    Live and let live


    How do you know it wasn’t Adam and Bob? Or Eve and Jill? Why is the Bible your only source of knowledge?

  7. It’s because it is not the purpose for which he created sex. He hates all kinds of sexual deviance, including prostitution, adultery, and fornication.

  8. because he created woman and man equal.
    Plus yes they can’t reproduce.
    and thats just how he made it.
    thats why it was adam and eve not adam and bob.

  9. It is because in the bible God created Adam and Eve and made one with male parts and one with female parts. They were made to fit together…and they were told to go out and reproduce.. What would have happened if there were two guys or two girls…that would have been the end of civilization. Basically God created Adam and Eve to populate the Earth,,,,not Adam and Steve,,,

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