Why do some adoption agencies tell people who are in developing countries?

Question by Justin Case: Why do some adoption agencies tell people who are in developing countries?
Why do some adoption agencies tell people who are in developing countries
that their child or children is only coming ot the USA to get a good education but will be able to come back home. When in reality they are being scammed out of their child. I heard this on tv and from many people who have lost their children to American and even some Italian adoption agencies. This is yet another reason why my wife and I decided it would be better to just try and have biological children. And we are happy to have 4 bio kids. Even though my wife was told she may never be able to have children. But back to what I was saying, with so much going on that is shady in the adoption agencies around the world, why do people not just adopt from foster care instead of adopting new borns and or children who’s parents can’t speak English? I have been told that is the one tool that is causing them to be mislead and lied to, because to a foreigner English has more than one translation.

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Answer by Walter Ford II
“Why do some adoption agencies tell people who are in developing countries
that their child or children is only coming ot the USA to get a good education but will be able to come back home.”

Its the oldest scam in the books. How else are they going to get them to part with their children in order to sell them and become millionaires.

Another lie they tell them is that they will be able to move to the US after their child has lived in the US 6 months or so and they will be set up with a job and reunited.

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4 thoughts on “Why do some adoption agencies tell people who are in developing countries?”

  1. Hi Alonzo,

    I totally agree with you that it’s a scam & that it’s wrong. There is a large market in the Western world for children. Many adults are willing to pay large sums for what they want & are willing to overlook or they fail to personally investigate the specifics of how these children became available. Enough American children cannot be found here who meet those specific criteria the adopters want, so many more unethical people associated with these agencies have stepped in to attempt to provide the supply for the demand. The motive is easy – there is HUGE money to be made in adoption! – billions of dollars annually.

    Here are some of the reasons international adoption agencies lie:

    1) If agency representatives tell the truth about what American adoption really means, very few if any families would agree to that! The hard truth being that they are totally relinquishing all of their parental rights to their child(ren). There is no guarantee of a good education or even a guarantee of remaining in the same adoptive home. Studies indicate up to 25% of international adoptees end up in foster care. There is no intention of ever bringing the children back to their homelands & the agencies know that. The children will be sold & their identities permanently altered. If they are very young, they may not even be aware of who they or their families are. No updates are ever sent back to their families. It’s a very cruel thing to do to children & their families. The agencies will be of no “help” to any of them later.

    2) They take advantage of cultures that are economically or politically disadvantaged by taking away their children & redistributing them around the world. Many Americans feel more entitled to raise the children of poorer, international families rather than just helping those families to thrive together on their own. It makes some people feel good to believe they are “rescuing a child”.

    3) Lack of regulation – they know they can usually get away with it because the laws protect the agencies & all official records are later legally hidden from the natural families & their children. If agencies are caught, the penalties are minor if anything. The natural families do not have the resources to fight it when they discover the scams. It’s also easy for such agencies to quickly close up shop & re-open in another vulnerable part of the world.

    4) Unethical recruitment of children to a Christian religion has been justified by some of the agencies in order to “save the children”.

    5) There is often a language barrier that contributes to the deceptive practices. They can later claim the parents “misunderstood” instead of the truth which was they were deliberately misled.

    6) The children are usually living with their own families when they are approached by these agencies & recruited into adoption when in fact no adoption was ever necessary!

    7) If their intentions were really to educate children, schools could be opened right there where children would not have to lose everything & everyone they’ve ever known & loved. However, that would do nothing for those needy families here & doesn’t bring in profits for the agencies like adoption does either.

    International adoption is an ugly, disgusting business that causes much pain to foreign families in order to bring happiness to some American families & big bucks to adoption agencies. Other humanitarian approaches would be far better short & long-term solutions for the children. Each community should be helped wherever they are instead of being broken up & sent away. There are children everywhere who need various forms of help. It would be better for them if their own communites would take care of them first. You’re right Alonzo – the children in foster care need help and they are right here. International children can still be helped in other ways that strengthen their families without separating them. Thanks for bringing this up.

    julie j
    reunited adult adoptee

  2. America has been doing this for a very long time. at one time, it used to happen to Native Americans. their children were rounded up or parents were forced or threatened into signing away their rights. most never saw their children again. there were also orphan trains that took children across the country, from cities to rural areas, to be looked over and selected for adoption by farm families who had no children or not enough children to run the farm. some of the kids had mothers, but never saw them again and were allowed no contact. some of the families were very kind, but not all.

    it also happened to the native people of Australia. children during this time are called the lost generation. only the light skinned ones were adopted by white people.

    some people have a sense of entitlement. but none of us is promised a happy ending. and perhaps more should be done to bring these injustices to light.

  3. Certain people will almost always want newborns. They aren’t looking to parent a needy child, they are looking to get a baby. I don’t understand this one bit. There is a plethora of information out there that gives information about these unethical adoptions, but the majority of people who have done an IA will just say “not my child!” when confronted with it. It scares me, badly.

    There is a lot of shady stuff going on out there with ANY private agency. I don’t get why people aren’t willing to help a child who really is in need.

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