Why are people always so sure that adoption is best?!?

Question by Daddy’s Girl: Why are people always so sure that adoption is best?!?
I’ve read through many questions regarding pregnancy and abortion. I’ve also posted questions myself. These poor girls are scared and in need of ADVICE not judgements. And I’m tired of seeing, “Why not adoption?” “There are people who would love to adopt a baby.” BLAH BLAH BLAH. Those posting rude, judgmental comments like that are hypocrites. They try and make you feel guilty about not carrying a pregnancy to term and accuse you of not valuing a life, but what about the children waiting to be adopted that AREN’T babies? Yes, there are waiting lists of parents wanting to adopt, but no one wants to adopt kids after a certain age. Everyone wants a BABY. So in that case, all those parents value the life of older children less than they do a baby, right? Get real and quit being so hypocritical. Who are you to pass judgment on someone when you may have no clue what they are going through? And just because you’ve been pregnant doesn’t mean you know their situation. You aren’t living their life so you have no idea the kind of environment they are in or what kind of circumstances they are enduring.

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Answer by Soon2BeMommyOf3
I am pregnant, and I COMPLETELY agree with you.

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  1. Agreed. They preach adoption like it’s so damn easy, like women are nothing more than broodmares for greedy couples who ONLY want a fresh-from-the-vagina PERFECT newborn. Adoption resolves the issue of an unwanted CHILD, NOT an unwanted PREGNANCY.

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