why are extreme feminists always the example?

Question by mystery meat: why are extreme feminists always the example?
and why are moderate feminists never given credit for gains made over the last half century?

i’ve not heard anyone scorn christians over the radical beliefs of say david koresh.
justfekindoit, this forum is brimming with moderate feminists and for the record i’m sure there’s nothing inviting about your nuts 🙂

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Answer by mutterhals
Well, who would be a moderate feminist?

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This video is dedicted to the thousands of children in Ukraine. May God bless them with the love a mom and dad before it is to late.

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38 thoughts on “why are extreme feminists always the example?”

  1. Everyone always wants the dramatic, the entertaining. THe news follows suit. You see extreme behavior reported in all areas of life and the moderates who make a difference get no credit.

    Is anyone giving credit to moderate muslims who condem the violence in Iraq? No, it is not exciting enough for us in the news. We want drama and explosions in this country, unless it affects us directly.

  2. Theres no such thing as a moderate feminist nowadays.

    Most women realize that equality is all but achieved, and have moved on. The ones that remain are the hardcore who want mens nuts on a stick.

  3. logic would dictate you always pluck out the most extreme of your enemies as your example. All the better to marginalize you with.

    Having said that, I honestly feel the those in positions of power in the feminist movement appear to be the extremists. Unless somethings changed that I don’t know about.

  4. Because it is easier to concentrate in the negative than the positive. So many radicals have stated angry ideas, that concentrating on them it is easier to discredit ALL feminists all around the world.

    Some don’t want to remember that there are many different lines of thought about feminism, as is not convenient for them. In this way there would not exist the scapegoat on this category (feminists)

    Just a reminder for some:

    Radical Feminism

    Radical Feminism sees the oppression of women as fundamental and the most basic form of oppression. All other forms of oppression stem from male dominance. The purpose of this oppression is to obtain psychological ego satisfaction, and strength and self-esteem.

    Liberal Feminism

    Liberal feminism sees all people as equal, therefore there should be equality for all. They see sexism as dysfunctional because it deprives society of one-half of it’s creative work force. Oppression exists because of our socialization process.

    As we see Liberal feminists ARE equalists, but some just don’t want to listen (lol)

    There are many other branches but I will post just two more:

    Conservative Feminism

    Conservative feminism criticizes the feminism which “adopts a male model of careerism and public achievement as female goals, thereby denying women’s need for intimacy, family, and children.” They fear that “equality means death to the family.” They oft en reject the popular feminist epigram, “the personal is political.”

    (It seems that some that call themselves anti-are not antis after all)

    Socialist Feminism

    Socialist Feminism links women’s oppression to the class structure. Sexism is a way of rewarding the working class male; it gives them control over women. Women’s work is less valued because it does not produce exchangeable goods.

    I think we should make a sign with these sharp differences at the entrance of this category. So we stop throwing stones at each other, after a while it gets boring

  5. Because they get the attention. Consider the chances of people paying attention to each of the following headlines:



    It’s the same reasoning behind a smart, talented actress like Natalie Portman getting about one front page headline to a disaster like Britney Spears’ four hundred million headlines.

  6. Extreme feminists are put forward by the anti-fems because it furthers their agenda to misrepresent feminism. If they were to put forward the ideas of the mainstream feminists people would think, as they should, that feminism is a good thing.

  7. Which “other” feminists ? Some women refer to feminists such as andrea dworking or gloria Steinham as radicals, but they arent they are just feminists, just like Hitler wasnt a radical nazi he was just a nazi.

  8. These people are more precious than money. Most look able bodied, and you
    should also think of those children with disabilities and those born with
    deformities due to the Chernobyl Power Station Disaster back in 1986.
    Adopting a mixture of abler and disabled (or autistic) children would be a
    good way.

  9. I have tried to adopt and was told no. If I had been told I was to old I
    could under stand it. I’m not a sexual deviant, I don’t have a crimal
    record I own my home, I owe nobody anything. My crime…I’m a single male
    who has never been in any trouble. Yes I’m disapointed because I have the
    will and means to help a kid and I’m even willing to take an older one
    (10-13). I’m sure I could withstand any background check. So tell me who is
    the REAL loser here? But, I can & will in the US. Stupid laws.

  10. This is so incredibly sad. Last spring break I went on a mission trip to
    Bucha, Ukraine to the orphanage there. It will be something I will never
    forget. It was one of the saddest things ever when our bus drove away and
    watching all the kids chase after us. So sad…

  11. So sad. Please visit my channel to watch a true story of an almost 14 year
    old orphan who was adopted Ukraine. Watch her story. But don’t forget that
    there are so many more whose stories don’t end with adoption. Adopt. Give.

  12. @mjvoigts I am so envious of Americans, as far as I know we do not do any
    hosting of orphans from other countries here in Australia, if we did I know
    many would find loving families down under, ours for one. Perhaps our
    Christians organisations find it too hard to do or are just not interested.
    It is devastating that the majority of these children will never find a

  13. I would love to adopt, I am 23 and have a two year old. I have made a vow
    not to have another child of my own and when I am financially able that I
    will adopt. I wish it could be easier for those who want to adopt, it
    breaks my heart to think these children could be in homes but our system is
    failing them.

  14. tragic… I once visited Ukraine in 2009 and I visited an orphanage near
    Simferopolis…my hart broke, my eyes were full of tears…but I returned
    to my country… I only made a small video for them, the Ukranian hopes
    ,the future of Ukraine and I pray for them every night… may God help
    those loveble children!

  15. @andreash2550 The Government needs to direct resources to support parents.
    Some local NGOs might shame them in the meantime:-))))

  16. it is so sad that we have to spend so much money when people who can not
    have kids are willing to take them in. they would not have this problem if
    it was not so expensive. I want to adopt when i am older actually from
    Russia but economy is making it hard to do so 🙁

  17. @Isochest – you are right. They are ALL God’s children, and all need a
    family. This video focuses on orphans in general and does include some kids
    with special needs.

  18. things are bad in russia. but in colombia the government has kids killed by
    groups called death squads. their shot and lit on fire.

  19. What about those with disabilities? Particularly those with more acute
    Special Needs. Parents of new babies need to be supported adequately.

  20. @andreash2550 My Mother in Law is Welsh and my wife is half Polish:
    Interesting. Probably more Celtic blood on my side but we are a mix of
    Celtic/Teutonic and East European:-))))

  21. :0( my heart is big enough but my land and home is not. If my land and home
    was big enough I would adopt every one of those children. My God bless them
    greatly and bless everyone of them with a loving family.

  22. What can I do? I would take as many of these children as I could physically
    and financially care for. But the Australian Government has very poor
    intercountry adoption programs. There is a seven year wait for a child, We
    are now being told, if you are aged over 38, don’t bother applying. If
    anyone knows of a legal way to get around the Australian government, please
    let me know.

  23. Oh, that’s beautiful!!! SO SAD!!! I’ve adopted 4 hard to place children
    from Eastern Europe and sometimes I wonder if I’ve taken on too much, but
    seeing this video reminds me of why I did it!! Thank you! It’s just

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