whatz the problem if we substitute “abortion” with “adoption”?

Question by Akash: whatz the problem if we substitute “abortion” with “adoption”?
I see many christian fundamentalists stressing on the point that abortion can be substituted with adoption, then whatz the need of abortion? What’ll be problems if instead of aborting ” a life” (as they say) you chose to give away in adoption? I think they’ve a point.
@ethan why? reason?
i know it’s woman’s right to chose, but think this point is also worth acknowledging. plz tell ur opinions..

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Answer by Maurog III
Yes, let’s just ignore the 9 months of debilitating disease and pretend it’s not an issue.

It’s not like you can lose a degree or get fired if you miss a few months…

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16 thoughts on “whatz the problem if we substitute “abortion” with “adoption”?”

  1. How many are you going to adopt? Can I put you down for a hundred?

    Orphanages are already full with unadopted children, let the christians start with them.

  2. Really? then i guess all the animals at the humane society will find a home too right? they won’t get put down? lol yea that’ll work…

  3. The problem is those same people are not lining up to adopt the adoptable kids that are already out there.
    Who’s gonna adopt the additional ones if nobody aborts?

  4. That LIVING LIFE gets a chance to LIVE its LIFE that was brought into this world BY CHOICE by the two adults who didn’t use protection. Therefore, it’s the responsibility of the woman to allow that life to live, anything else would be murder. If she doesn’t want the child, she can give it up for adoption.

    Note – exceptions for medical reasons ONLY, as in if it is a threat to the mother’s health, then she may terminate the pregnancy.

  5. There can be problems with a pregnancy that endanger the mother. I don’t know the exact numbers, but I think a few thousand women die during childbirth in this country every year.

  6. It is the same problem as if you were to substitute “s” for “z” in the word what’s.

    It doesn’t solve the initial issue for most people as the child would still be carried to term. The individual could still be posed with health risks through carrying the child, it could be a product of rape, it could stop the individual from fulfilling their needs.

  7. As an adoptive parent I wish there had been more opportunity for adoptions 20 years ago. Babies are not available. Why do you think people go over seas now?

  8. It’s still an unwanted child that goes into ‘they system’ whose budget is determined by cold-hearted, greedy people who hate to pay taxes. Unwanted children, raised in the system, almost always are abused and detested by others. They have to literally fight over a mouthful of food.

    This is a better idea? Not to unwanted children.

  9. you talk as if… a mother can easily forget about her child…

    once a mother brings her child into this world… she would want to see that child everyday… she would not want to give it up to adoption… it’s heartbreaking

    so why not just not have it? it’s less heartbreaking…

  10. That’s a good point. Some atheists will agree with you on “we only exist once” grounds. Those guys are admirable for their individualism.

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