What movies are these?

Question by Don B: What movies are these?
I only remember a few scenes from these two horror movies
First Movie: The first movie is about a killer baby, I believe the first scene of the movie starts off with a woman going to orphan home to adopt a baby. She is on the play ground and picks a particular baby that is deformed. The person that is in charge of the orphanage kinda warns her not to get the baby. the baby then starts killing people, even the woman’s mother. It could have been made in the 80’s or 90’s

Second Movie: The second movie is kinda of hard to describe but its about a group of people who trapped in a house where a witch is chasing them. At the very end of the movie it shows a little girl’s face that was one of the people who was trapped in the house, her eyes turns red as if the witch has possessed her. I’m not certain but I think there is a part 2 to this movie. Now the witch is a nun at a christian school. There is a party going on, and one of the girls gets locked in the bathroom and her lipstick comes alive and kills her (I know it sounds weird). In the end of this movie it takes the head nun to kill the witch who is dressed as a nun. Again I’m not sure if this is part 2 of the second movie. This movie could have been made in the 80s or 90s as well.

Any answer helps a lot.

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  1. First one: My guess is “Omen IV: The Awakening”
    “Damien Thorn is dead, but his prophecy is reborn in a mysterious girl named Delia, who is adopted by two attorneys, Gene & Karen York. When Karen realizes her baby was born under suspicious circumstances, she hires a private investigator to find Delia’s real parents. A series of bizarre accidents occur, and Karen begins to suspect everyone of conspiring against her as she unravels the truth about her baby.”

    Second one: My guess is “Night of the Demons”
    “On the night of Halloween, 10 teens decide to go to a party at an abandoned funeral parlor. “Hull House”, rumored to be built on an evil patch of land & underground stream, is the place. While starting the party, the teens gather around a big mirror to perform a seance…BIG MISTAKE. They awaken some evil force and find themselves trapped and taken over one by one. Now it’s a battle for who can survive and cross over the stream before going to hell…”
    Third sequel:

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