What is the whole process of adopting a child from somewhere in Africa?

Question by Tilly!: What is the whole process of adopting a child from somewhere in Africa?
Well, just to get this across the table, I am not adopting, but my family wants to adopt. My dad has already adopted from Mexico, my brother, who is now 19. I am his biological child… Anyway, I’ve asked him about the process, but he is quite…impatient and it’s difficult to extract info from him about this. All I can get out of him is that they always ask for more money. We live in Canada, and he is still married. Can you list the general things we would have to go through to adopt? By the way, if this is relevant, we all are fluent in Portuguese, French, and of course English, haha. Thanks all, please don’t give me stupid answers. I’m asking for info, not for rants or opinions (unless I would be interested). Time is not a problem, I know it will potentially take years for this to happen!

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Answer by Bob
Go to the first house on the left, and bag the first boy/girl (depending on which one you want) you see.

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24 thoughts on “What is the whole process of adopting a child from somewhere in Africa?”

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  2. Well, you would first have to be more specific. Africa is an entire continent with 54 countries in it. Just like any other continent, these countries all have different rules and regulations…even pertaining to adopting. So, it is hard to be specific. But, generally what you would have to do whenever adopting a child internationally(this is a VERY broad generalization) is fill out paperwork, wait to be paired with a child or children…often times they’ll send you pictures once you’ve agreed on the child. You’ll have to undergo home checks, etc. etc. Pay a lot of money for plane tickets, VISA, etc., etc. Go to whatever country for however long that country requires(ranges anywhere from 2 days to several months) and then usually you’ll have to go to court to have the adoption finalized. Some countries require more than one visit. Some countries require you to be of a specific religion…it all depends on what country you choose…Some countries will even require that you become a legal citizen of that country first, so, the country you choose is pretty important…

  3. If it’s not worth doing his own homework to get a kid, your daddy doesn’t need one.

    Africa is a continent, not a country. There are 47 countries in Africa (53 if you count the islands). Ergo, Dad would need to educate himself rather a lot about rather a lot of very different countries with different cultures and attitudes before he could even begin to say where in Africa he thinks he would like to adopt from.

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  5. yeh its windows movie maker, pretty basic haha and i cant for the life of me remember which episode that clips from sorry! if i find out i’ll let you know x

  6. Hey sweets 😀
    I was wondering which clip 1:19 is from?
    I’ve seen Syed wear that shirt before but I can’t find this scene …

  7. Oh maan, this is really good =)
    I just did my first Chryed video too and I’m so excited that there are daily more people doing fanvids about them ^^ I’ve been obsessed with them for weeks before I finally decided to try to make a video by myself ^^
    May I ask which programm you used? It looks like Media Maker but I can be wrong =)

  8. lol! kissing – yay! cuddling – yay! smouldering looks yay! all that stuff – yay! but how can they match their cola moment? can’t look at a 2 litre bottle of cola without thinking of the new years eve snog! coke will never be the same again!
    as for chryed – yay yay yay! x

  9. thanks 🙂 xx and i agree we really need to get back to the chryed storyline, its the best one eastenders has ever had and they’re just wasting time on archie??!!!! doesnt make sense!

  10. thank you!!! 😀 xx and i knew they were together but i thought they were just talking i didn’t know there was going to be hugging invovled, now im all excited!!!!!!

  11. i’m so glad you got to “keep” this showing! rotten old bbc have removed most of them due to “copyright” – if thats the case then utube should be shut down! … anyway back to chryed! love, love, love ’em! hope they get back down to the dirty asap as at the moment i’m losing the will to live with the archie mitchell storyline – who gives a &^%!!!! lets just have 30minutes 4 times a week of these 2 – yay! x

  12. thank you for commenting 😀 i cant imagine it without them either!!!!! everything’s so messed with them now though :'(

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