What is a non-religious argument to ban gay marriage?

Question by TrainerMan: What is a non-religious argument to ban gay marriage?
I can understand someone who has a certain religious belief not agreeing with gay marriage, and I respect that. However, what is a non–religious reason? Heterosexuals have a 50% divorce rate, there is no evidence that shows adopted children of homosexuals turn out any differently (and are usually straight as adults), and most gay couples actually wind up giving more to charity than heterosexual couples.

I’m straight, but I’m just looking to see if there’s a NON-RELIGIOUS reason to support a gay marriage ban.

Religious diatribes will be ingnored, and I ask all of you to please thumbs down those who answer with religious answers, because this is NOT what this question is about. Thanks!

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Answer by IslandGuy
I think there is none!

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26 thoughts on “What is a non-religious argument to ban gay marriage?”

  1. The only one I’ve ever heard, outside of religion, is “that’s the way it’s always been done” or “tradition.” As-if somehow other things that were once traditional aren’t any longer!

  2. There aren’t any.
    Marriage rights are given by the state, such as taxation and adoption. Religion should have no say in such affairs of state, in a country that was founded on their separation.

    The ‘christians’ who denigrate LGBT people for never having long-tern relationships, then go out and campaign against same-sex marriage, i.e. long-term relationships, are the worst kind of hypocrite. They are even worse than those who preach “love the sinner, hate the sin” when they obviously and viciously hate both.

    The only quasi-argument I have heard is that “it’s against nature” since LGBT people “can’t have children.” However, this;
    * ignores the IVF and other obstetric scientific advances of the last 40 years, and
    * is an intentional cruel mocking of barren couples or those who choose not to have children.
    So this is not a logical argument by any standard.

  3. They all believe it’s a sacred tradition between man and woman. It’s kinda funny though how the government has lost the line between Church and State. Almost like it has disappeared into thin air.

    Like Wanda Sykes says about this. “If gay marriage bothers straight people so much …. then they shouldn’t marry a gay person”

  4. Well, I could see why the health care companies would want to ban it… they’d have to pay out more than they do now for *traditional* families. Umm… also politically. Those that make it legal would most likely NOT be voted back in… I don’t think society’s ready for legal gay weddings….. there…. non religious reasons…. although i’ll probably get thumbed down anyway… lol…. let me say that I don’t have a problem with homosexuals as It’s not my place to judge.

  5. Giving to charity is a reason to justify marriage??

    Since “marriage” is a term with religious and civil connotations, I would take the state out of marriage altogether and only do civil unions. Let the churches handle marriage, where they can and will ban gay marriages.

  6. what sad is your attitude. Did you not hear her? She was in no position to
    raise him, and she selflessly gave him to someone who could provide for
    him. I think what she did was strong.

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    honestly wanted a child that was black, keep it t yourself and don’t say it
    like that, people are going to take it the wrong way.

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