What are the prolife groups doing to help the children that are born with severe birth defects…..?

Question by Walter Ford II: What are the prolife groups doing to help the children that are born with severe birth defects…..?
and are vegging away in foster care because they guilted women into carrying to term and promised them the child would be adopted by loving christians?

Are they at least paying the medical expenses of all those children that require nurses 24/7 or is it not their problem?

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Answer by teachinfellow
So you say it’s the fault of prolifers that the children are born this way? At least the child is given a chance. Be thankful that your mother didn’t stamp you out before you could be born and given a chance.

There are charitable organizations the do provide funding for these children. And would you believe it, most of them are run by Christians.

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5 thoughts on “What are the prolife groups doing to help the children that are born with severe birth defects…..?”

  1. Why is this in the adoption section?

    But to answer your question, yes. They are paying for medical care for the children born with severe birth defects. So are you. It’s called disability.

  2. Not sure why this is in the adoption section, but here is my answer, anyway. No, they are not helping children “born with severe birth defects” or “born with” anything, because they are only interested in them BEFORE they are born. Occasionally, they will object to an adult’s decision to pull the plug on a loved one, but that isn’t their main concern.

    And, to Jennifer: that disability things…not so much!

  3. this is why im all about pro choice. the selfish thing to do is to have a baby that doesn’t have a chance at life.

    the world needs MORE abortions. pro lifers are living in a fantasy world if they think that every baby is wanted.

  4. ok lets be real…
    in the short length of time that a woman has to get an abortion
    they are not going to be able to tell if the baby will have sever birth defects..
    No most of the children with birth defects in foster care are in there
    from shaken baby syndrome , Fetal alcohol syndrome, drug babies.

    foster care isnt the same as adoption agencys trolling for babys they dont go around promising women that there babys will be adopted, if a child is in foster care it is more likely that the child was dragged away by dhs…..

    also just because you put th word adopted in here doesnt mean that this belongs in the adoption section…cmon walter we all know you this is a rant not a question..this isnt called Y&get your point across….

  5. To the “this is why I’m pro-choice” comment…All 3 of my birth defect testing for my children was done at 20 weeks, I assume its the same for most. By the time you find out about any birth defects (and those are just the ones they can see, there are lots more that are undetectable until birth) you’ve passed the abortion time frame.

    I am completely confused on this question. So in the case of a woman wanting to get an abortion and a agency convinced to to keep it with the promise the baby would be adopted. Then because of birth defects the adoption was cancelled. Who is responsible in the end? [that’s what I’m getting from this]

    The mother would still be the guardian until she gave the baby to the state [the agency would not be responsible for any care seeing as they have no legal ties to the child or mother], in which case the state [aka you and me] is paying for the child’s care…like I said before some defects can’t be detected and some these children can overcome and still lead their lives, you can’t generalize when it comes to cases like these. You have to look at the individual situation.

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