Too smart to be religious?

Question by Ibn: Too smart to be religious?
This sounds like an insult but it’s not. it’s serious.

See, I lost faith in religion growing up for multiple reasons. The most prominent being that my father was a hypocritical asshole who stuck to one scripture, “Spare the rod, spoil the child.” That was the only one that mattered. He could drink and curse and lie to my mother all he wanted, and he was still Christian. He was one of those “If you don’t like it than get the hell out type of guys” Who didn’t realize that many of the greatest american hero’s were the one’s who spoke out against the government and that America was founded on separation of church and state.

Anyways, I grew to hate all religious people as a sort of subconscious problem. I came back with a more open mind trying to reaccept it but it’s much harder now.

I mean, evolution in humans has been observably proven conclusively 3 million years back. The age of the earth has been shown to be much older than the bible says with different dating techniques like carbon dating (and a few others that I can’t remember the name of, need to study my Anthropology notes).

I’m agnostic right now because I believe that it can’t be conclusively proven either way whether or not God exists.

I’m definitely not going to adopt traditional Christian doctrine because I believe that if God was perfectly just he would not make infinite punishment for finite sins, and be as condemning as most modern christians are. They’ve lost sight of the love, acceptance, mercy and forgiveness. They focus on being judgemental and finding out why they shouldn’t love someone, not the other way around.

Plus it’s highly possible that at some point in history a certain leader managed to alter what the scripture said to benefit himself. For instance sex could have been made out to be bad so the king could keep his harems and spread his royal bloodline.

Basically I’m asking how can I wittingly go back to being religious now that I’m so aware of the mounting evidence against it.
I want to go back to the loving, accepting side. A spiritual side that doesn’t believe that life ends with death. It’s not so much a fear of death as just a disbelief that there’s nothing more to it. My question is either how do I go back to being religious without lying to myself or what is a religion more suited to my personal beliefs.

PS, yes i absolutely HATE organized religion. It’s a scam and a scare-tactic.
Answer #14 is a prime example of why I don’t like Christianity.

“your evidence simply isn’t evidence against it.”

that’s just plain denial.

In terms of the leader, I’m talking about much farther back than the Pope. I’m speaking in times right after the bible was finished.
Really like answers 15,16, and 17. Probably going to take 17’s advice. He hit it right on the money about the problem being with man’s interpretation. I’m going to take a much more spiritual approach and do what feels right in my heart. I want to help others who were in my situation and make sure they’re capable of loving themselves and others.

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Answer by no1home2day
And your question is … ?

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17 thoughts on “Too smart to be religious?”

  1. You can’t go back and why would you want to? Life is better when you give up silly fairy tales and deal with reality.

  2. There is a reason there are not very many ex atheists. It’s because once you realize all the crap that religion has in it, you just want to stay out of it.

  3. You don’t need to be smart to understand that all christians are incredibly massive hypocrites and that the world is definitely not flat or a circle (which is also flat)

  4. “I’m agnostic right now because I believe that it can’t be conclusively proven either way whether or not God exists.”

    Dood…there is absolutely no question in the universe that can be proven conclusively one way or another. I know that and still call myself atheist.

  5. The bible doesn’t state the age of the earth. Evolution had to have had over 1500 per million years of change in order to happen. There wasn’t enough time. Sorry to spoil your theory.

  6. Well theres been plently of people who use to be atheists and then later returned to christianity after a spell of not believing in it.

    You mention smart people. Im a Catholic and ive viewed the “evidence” against religion but when it comes dowwn to it, i believe in Christ and that he is real and he iss good.

    It seems you might have had a difficult past involving religion. Look, Im a Catholic do i read the bible every night? no. Do i constantly think about catholicism and how to live my life? no. Im 21 and i grew up in a Irish roman catholic family and all i was taught was this “Say your prayers, dont harm anybody and be a good person” Did my mother drill catholicism into me? No. Did she often talk about it? no. All she said was say your prayers and go to mass, etc and she prayed every day herself in private. i go to Mass every sunday. When it comes to Catholicism/Christianity, i have MY BELIEFS, thats what some ppl (mostly atheists) dont get about christians, we all have our own individual way of following christ.

    I hope one day you will be healed of your past and hopefully you will find peace with christ again.

  7. Plenty going on in this Q…

    I’ll briefly address some concerns that arose for me in reading it…

    First paragraph; I’m sorry to hear your father wasn’t a very good role model for the faith…. that being said; Why would that be a reason to reject the faith? His behavior is an offense to it….in fact, by pleading for the recognition of the injustice you suffered, you can use Christianity.

    second paragraph; Most Christians accept evolutionary theory and legitimate science…you’re confusing traditional Christian theology with “Fundamentalism” (a broad term defining scriptural literalists that reject many aspects of conventional theology)

    third paragraph; see objection to the first.

    fourth paragraph; “Certain leader” Constantine? Henry VIII? the Pope? too vague and conspiratory..

    The “evidence against it” you offer is simply not evidence against it.

    EDIT; I suppose I’m #14….. again…Why would my answer be justification to reject Christianity? If my answer seemed pompous or callous it was not my intention and I apologize if I offended….. but one more time for the record…. Why would this be a reason to reject Christianity? You’ve offered four or five “reasons” that aren’t very “reasonable”

  8. First off, your dad did not love you with a “Christian love.” People twist the words of the Bible all the time for their own means. “Spare the rod…” is meant to say, “discipline” your child. Discipline comes from the Latin word, “to teach.” Beating and abusing a child doesn’t teach them – it harms them.
    I agree with spanking a child, but NEVER out of anger. Like the old adage, it should cause the parent more pain then the child and only be used if necessary, and the intent should NOT be to inflict pain on a child. And the “rod” can be any number of things (no privileges, etc.) A parent’s discipline should be done with the intent of what is best for that child and that child’s destiny (heaven). It should help the child increase in maturity and love. Again, beating a child doesn’t increase their maturity or love.

    The true Christian love is one of self-sacrifice. If your dad was drinking, yelling, etc, he wasn’t loving you with the true love of self-sacrifice. That said, he is human; he is weak; forgive him and begin to heal.

    As for God punishing eternally for finite sins, it does seem extreme depending on how you see it. God never stops loving. In order to accept love, we need humility. A prideful person doesn’t love, nor do they accept true love. They are miserable persons. So, imagine eternity – one where God only loves, but there are people who, when they encounter the fullness and greatness of the love of God, are so full of pride that they can’t accept it. They, themselves, refuse the mercy and love of God. It’s painful when we reject love. We hurt. Deep down, we want to be happy and love and be loved, but for some reason or another, we reject it. Since God’s love is infinite, rejecting it has to be painful beyond our imagination. This pain is hell. Those who chose to commit mortal sin and remain unrepentant are choosing to reject the love of God.
    God does NOT send people to hell. The choice of rejecting His love is the pain of hell. God IS love. So love is what we exist of. If we don’t love, then we actually become less of ourselves – less human. Our souls die. To sin and to hate is the antithesis of God, who is all love.

    “But con­cerning love, nothing helps me more than the con­tem­pla­tion of the Eucharist. To love is to be hidden, to be given up and to be con­sumed. The Blessed Sacrament is the clearest expres­sion of Christ’s teaching about love. We can read the Beatitudes, the Gospel of John’s Farewells Speech or the saints’ lives but nothing explains better what love is than the little host alone on the altar or in our hand… It does not chal­lenge any­body, it begs and it respects our lib­erty. It does not shout; its lan­guage is the silence of pri­vacy. It only offers itself and it is at any­body’s dis­posal.” – Fr. Thierry de Roucy

  9. You got a tough break growing up with a father like that, and it’s affected your perception of what the world is like, but he’s not exactly an example of what a Christian is. There are people who practice their religion well, and there are people who are just hypocrites. There are Christians who are loving, forgiving, and accepting people. You just haven’t met them yet.

    Why don’t you try volunteering with some religious group, doing things to help people in need, so you can see loving people in action?

  10. Your problem doesn’t so much seem to be that you cannot accept the existence of a higher power, but that you do not trust the interpretation of that possible higher power by men.

    Even if science were able to disprove every claim made in every religious text ever written, it still does not disprove the existence of a supernatural supreme being. It would simply confirm that man is flawed, and that people will believe all kinds of bullshit.

    If you feel that there is likely a type of God that created the universe, feel free to pay homage to that being in whatever way feels right to you. You aren’t required to take another person or group’s word for it that their belief or text is accurate in order to be religious. Although technically what you’re describing is more spiritual than religious.

    Keep in mind that the only concrete proof that science and logic can offer can go no farther than disproving the claims of the different world religions, they still cannot explain what really created the world. For all we know, there really is a “God” who started the whole mess, but he or she or it moved on to another project millenia ago and all of religion is really just man’s failed attempts to explain something that they cannot yet understand.

  11. Why would you want to go back?

    The sooner you realize that beliefs are just tools, to be determined by rational investigation (because that’s what works) and then used to guide your action towards desirable consequences, the better off you’ll be. Belief for belief’s sake never brought about any real benefit to people in general.

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