Too smart to be religious?

Question by Ibn: Too smart to be religious?
This sounds like an insult but it’s not. it’s serious.

See, I lost faith in religion growing up for multiple reasons. The most prominent being that my father was a hypocritical asshole who stuck to one scripture, “Spare the rod, spoil the child.” That was the only one that mattered. He could drink and curse and lie to my mother all he wanted, and he was still Christian. He was one of those “If you don’t like it than get the hell out type of guys” Who didn’t realize that many of the greatest american hero’s were the one’s who spoke out against the government and that America was founded on separation of church and state.

Anyways, I grew to hate all religious people as a sort of subconscious problem. I came back with a more open mind trying to reaccept it but it’s much harder now.

I mean, evolution in humans has been observably proven conclusively 3 million years back. The age of the earth has been shown to be much older than the bible says with different dating techniques like carbon dating (and a few others that I can’t remember the name of, need to study my Anthropology notes).

I’m agnostic right now because I believe that it can’t be conclusively proven either way whether or not God exists.

I’m definitely not going to adopt traditional Christian doctrine because I believe that if God was perfectly just he would not make infinite punishment for finite sins, and be as condemning as most modern christians are. They’ve lost sight of the love, acceptance, mercy and forgiveness. They focus on being judgemental and finding out why they shouldn’t love someone, not the other way around.

Plus it’s highly possible that at some point in history a certain leader managed to alter what the scripture said to benefit himself. For instance sex could have been made out to be bad so the king could keep his harems and spread his royal bloodline.

Basically I’m asking how can I wittingly go back to being religious now that I’m so aware of the mounting evidence against it.
Yoyoma Thank you very much. I didn’t know about the “periods of time”. I’m copying down answers from all my questions for future reference when I have doubts or relapses and yours made it on the list.

Best answer:

Answer by Altair1234
It would be kinda hard to just “go back”, but look if you just look at the bad things about it, it won’t help.
Try finding GOOD things about religion. Unfortunately I wasn’t in your situation so I can’t help as much as possible, but at hopefully my opinion will help.
Just stop pondering on negatives and focus on positives

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8 thoughts on “Too smart to be religious?”

  1. The way I do it is tell myself the bible is written by man. Man is fallible, but everytime I bring this up to other Christians they say the bible can’t be wrong or have any room for doubt. Just create your own view on creation and go with it. Use the scientific method to determine your own beliefs. If something doesn’t fit, find out what does.

  2. it’s not really a question of intelligence, but of being rational. religion is a way to rationalize the unexplainable. it’s just the tendency of people who are more educated to question religion because there is no concrete proof.

    the only way you can go back to being religious is to just ignore the facts about why you shouldn’t believe it. the only way to truly be religious is to have faith in “god” and you can only have faith when you trust it by believing in it.

  3. To find meaning in the Bible is not about being ‘religious’. In all religious teachings, the starting point has to be the distinction between what is meant literally and what is not.

  4. This is an excellent question. I faced the same problem, but here is my advice to you:

    First of all… God is perfectly just. No matter what you do, He is quick to forgive. Can you imagine doing the worse things to your parents and having them say “I love you and I forgive you.”? It doesn’t happen! But He does! I mean, there are punishments, but God doesn’t punish! HE FORGIVES! That’s what makes Christianity so special. It’s not a religion, it’s a relationship with God. He doesn’t punish. He forgives and saves us from punishment. Think about it!

    Secondly, don’t go based on other Christians and say “I don’t wanna be like that.” Remember who Jesus is? The perfect man. Who else is perfect? No one. Everyone will mess up. Some people will sin as much as they want and say they are Christians but those are just words. Consider this… If your parents told you they will forgive you no matter what you do because they love you, what would you do? Would you steal from them? Curse them? Stab them? All because they said they’d forgive you. You probably wouldn’t. Why wouldn’t you? Because you love them. And that’s what it means to have a relationship with God. You want to do things even though you know you can sin everyday, all the time. You don’t want to because you love Him so much!

    Thirdly, we can talk about this scientific stuff. I am a woman of science. But have you ever thought that God created science? Looking back at the original translations of the scriptures, it makes sense. Some say the world didn’t come to life in 7 days. But in the original text, the word for days and the word for “periods of time” are the same. Science, for me, only strengthens my relationship with God.

    And lastly, a strong Christian is one that questions everything! You’re already there. Don’t just except everything without question. Be an individual. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. I’m so glad you are searching God. Don’t let bad impressions keep you from finding your Savior.

  5. Religion is oneness with God, your way of life is your religion, what you experience should not be the basis of your relation with God instead you should first prove to yourself whether there is God or it is only you who is creating god as an escape goat.

    If you are convince that you are not the flesh, neither the mind then probably you will agree that you are somebody who uses that great tool called mind and dwell on that physical body to exist on earth. If this is so then you have to know more about who you are and when you discover who you are you will discover who God is then you will have your religion for you will be one with Him but till you know who you are how can you know someone else and most particularly how will you know who God is? Good luck on your quest!

  6. The bible is not meant to be taken literally. If you agree that the morals in the bible are true and try to follow them the best you can and realize your a sinner that’s good enough to get into heaven in my opinion..but only God can judge you not me. I don’t think you will go to hell for questioning your faith and the existence of God(if in fact there is a God or even an afterlife).

  7. I don’t like how you think that being religious is somehow the “right” path and that all other options are definitely worse than the practice of a religion. I think that you are facing some of the same inner-battles that I faced as a Christain-raised kid who found atheism on his own simply because he was dying to know the truth.
    I used to think to myself ” I have lost my faith and now I am going to hell ” – what i didn’t realize was that i couldn’t think this way any longer. It just didn’t work with what i believed- I was predisposed to accepting the existence of hell and heaven and so i condemned myself automatically. What you have to realize is that if you TRULY do not believe in God then there is no heaven or hell…Its that simple! If a person is thinking that they SHOULD be religious or that it is somehow more desirable to be a christian then they are folding to the traditions that they were raised to hold dear as a young Christian by their christian parents. They are also very unsure of what it is that they believe.
    I also called myself agnostic like you do, but now i know that i did this out of guilt and fear and because i didn’t know the definition of the terms well enough. Agnostic means that something just simple cant be known- that something is in no way shape or form able to be known. It doesn’t seem like you fully believe this because you are apparently finding scientific research and other “gaps in scripture” worthy of raising some good questions. And that’s perfectly OK!
    I got more and more into the search for my understanding and I became identified with the fact that I was in fact an atheist – and that was ok! Why? because i truly believed that there was no God. Not because it was hip or because i thought being a christian was hard, but because all of the reading and research that i had done led me to believe that a creator was just not something that i could buy into.
    I think that you need to do a whole lot more introspection and research on the existence of god not just from the point of view of the atheists but from the point of view of the christians! This is the only way to truly know what you believe … and more importantly WHY you believe it. I have read the bible – ALL of it – and i have also read all of Richard Dawkins’ books religiously (sorry for the pun) and I came out on the side of the atheists. I am a scientist so this is my frame of mind adn the logic that i appeal to. You may be different!
    It sounds like to me that you have begun to enter the stages that i went through when i was younger and still a bit wobbly on the ideas of religion. I say that you dive head first into the reading- there is a whole lot of it out there! This is something that you have to put a lot of time into (and that you SHOULD put a lot of time into)!! I hope that you can find what you are looking for whether it is based on scientific understanding or biblical text!
    -Best Wishes!!

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