Those who are against government funding of abortion services, do they realize the government will be paying?

Question by RU486: Those who are against government funding of abortion services, do they realize the government will be paying?
one way or another? I see it all the time, the reason they don’t want the government paying for abortions is as they say “I shouldn’t pay for someone else’s mistake,” or something to that effect.
Since financial burden is often a factor in a woman’s decision to obtain abortion services, do these right wingers realize they will pay for peoples mistakes one way or another? A one time fee of $ 400 or a lifetime of welfare and food stamps. Which is going to cost more? You can also add on the cost of keeping that kid in prison when it grows up too.

And, if you are thinking of breaking out into the whole adoption speech, save it. Women are people, not cattle meant for breeding to produce infants for infertile christians (no matter how much you love Margaret Atwood’s The Handmaid’s Tale).
@YES WE CAN- actually, it is you cons who would prefer a child live a life of starvation, abuse and neglect than give them food stamps.
You’re an anti choice, christian supremacist. You don’t have a conscience.

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Answer by derp.
“women are people” …..And children aren’t?

What do you think? Answer below!

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15 thoughts on “Those who are against government funding of abortion services, do they realize the government will be paying?”

  1. My god you’d rather slaughter someone in the womb than give them foodstamps?

    And liberals call conservatives heartless.

    I have never ever given the reason “I shouldn’t pay for someone else’s mistake” no. I don’t want to pay for MURDER because it goes against my conscience!

  2. Does it make you feel better that I’m against public funding of abortions AND welfare.

    Women are people, not cattle meant to produce infants???? Maybe you should refine your definition of “choice”

    You’re kind of hilarious.

  3. I think we have proven that Christians are not infertile. Try over a trillion times. Women are people. So are unborn babies. If dehumanizing life makes you feel morally justified, have at it. Abortions are done out of convenience. Occasionally they can be life saving. How do you know that the kid will be in prison? You are quite the assumptive one.

  4. Explain to me how we will be paying for it one way or the other? Maybe they should just keep their legs closed. I managed to do it. I feel sorry for that child in your avatar. I wonder how close he came to non-existence. And I’m pro-choice!

  5. No ones going to throw the towel in and agree with your rant here. A one time fee of $ 400 or a lifetime of welfare and food stamps??? Man you are warped. No, the American people shouldn’t pay taxes to fund your baby murder.

  6. (AK, AZ, CA, CT, HI, IL, MA, MD, MN, MT, NJ, NM, NY, OR, VT, WA and WV) use public funding for abortions. only 14% of abortions are paid by taxes.

  7. I always see that it’s the women’s decision but the never mention the father as if he had nothing to do with it. and we’ll pay for both welfare and the abortions any way through taxes.

  8. How many abortions have you had? How many of your own children have you killed? Please don’t stop the humping just be responsible for YOURSELF. Get it. If everyone does this it will make the discussion mute.

  9. You are clueless. Cons are against abortion because they feel the sanctity of life is what is important. Not all abortions are people on welfare. The majority are people who just feel a baby would not be in their best interest at the time. They are young, still in school, un wed, and HAVE parents who pay for it.

  10. I agree… costs less than $ 1000 to have an abortion, while a child costs an average of $ 130,000 to raise to the age of 18. Prisoners cost about $ 35,000 A YEAR (for you, the taxpayer)… yeah I agree with your assessment, I would much rather pay for someone else’s abortion, than to see another waste of flesh come into existence…..not to mention the fact that they are insignificant to the overall wealth of society seeing as we already have 6.8 billion people in it…..what difference would ONE or even 10,000 extra people of low intelligence make in the grand scheme of society?

    besides……it’s not like the child is ever going to miss life….can’t miss what you never had, can you? They won’t care. and the only other people who will/would/should care are the mother and the father…….if they end up regretting their decision one day, oh well, my money should not be going to the efforts of our government to protect stupid from stupid……I’d much rather pay $ 400 to protect stupid from stupid than pay $ 50,000 to protect stupid from stupid…..I mean, if the gov is going to force me to pay to protect stupid from stupid, than I’ll pick the more economical use of my money.

  11. Do you know of a charity that helps pay for a woman’s abortion? I would donate. But I do NOT want the government taking the money out of my pocket for the procedure!

    And treating women like “cattle meant for breeding to produce infants” would be making them get pregnant for our purposes. When a woman gets pregnant but doesn’t want the baby, then the baby is unwanted. Giving the baby to someone who DOES want the baby is NOT treating the woman like a breeding machine!

    And I am for birth control to PREVENT unwanted pregnancies. Again, I am not really for the government spending the money for this but I would donate to a charity to provide for this.

    And it is highly skeptical for you to assume these kids woudl end up in prison. My cousin got pregnant by a 24 yr old when she was only 16. I don’t think they were ever on food stamps or welfare and her son certainly isn’t in prison now. Now, life was tough for the whole family. I wish she did give he son up for abortion, or at least not marry the SOB who got her pregnant. This pregnancy resulted in many troubles for the family, but now we are talking about a fine man who is a good worker and a good father to he two sons.

  12. as it says in the video regarding asking for extra information. I would be interested in adopting´╗┐ either one or both of your children. What is the price of the fat child? I will pay up to around 4500 Australian dollars.

    Hope to hear from you soon.

    God blesssss!

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