The guy from 700 Club needs to be shot.?

Question by Jenn: The guy from 700 Club needs to be shot.?
He was like “this little dog was barking at this woman so it came up to me and I said “if you bark at me I’ll smack you right in the face” and I raised my hand to him so he left” and then “Bipolar, they have so many names for that, they used to call it schizophrenia” and also “sometimes when you adopt you can relax and have a baby” and then someone asked what to do about a kid who mouths off “throw em in a cold shower”
1st one: That’s effing horrible, and I could tell he was dead serious and would have done it.
2nd one: No, they’re two completely different things.
3rd one: It’s not because you relax, it’s because your body produces more hormones by being a parent and makes you more fertile.
4th one: That’s effing horrible and child abuse.

This was all within 5 minutes…I could go on with stupid/terrible things he says. What’s wrong with him? This show needs to be cancelled right now. This is a prime example of why people hate Christians.
Yeah it is. Only the second (and last) time I watched it. Last time was almost as bad, but those things I listed here just really rubbed me the wrong way.

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Answer by danny
you are of the devil, boy and need to be horsewhipped

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6 thoughts on “The guy from 700 Club needs to be shot.?”

  1. Continue watching and you will find plenty more falsehoods. Google Pat Robertson and his investments/companies if you want to laugh some more.

  2. He`s a sociopathic old guy suffering from dementia. He thinks he can talk to God (but made a suggestion – what true theist thinks they can better than God?). He`s one of the richest Christians in the world and he doesn`t do anything to help. He`s always asking for money for some random bullshit cause. I think his family even realizes what a fraud he is. He is a terrible waste of a human being.

  3. Not shot. Cancelled would be great, but its a paid program. Prison for fraud and accessory to war crimes, or have his hundreds of millions of dollars sued from him for the non-stop river of libel he spews forth.

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