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Anyone know good attention getters on an informative speech on Barack Obama?

Question by hk123: Anyone know good attention getters on an informative speech on Barack Obama?
i have a speech on Thurssay and i am doing a speech on barack obama-his life, hardships, n his presidency.

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Answer by BC
You could just start out with some racial slurs. That’d get some attention. Then talk about how racism is bad so you don’t get in trouble.

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Kramer and Twitch - Prank Call - (Mr. Burgess) - Big Brothers, Little Bros (Detroit, 97.1 FM Talk)

Was snooping around the 97.1 FM Talk FTP server ~10 years ago and stumbled across a few of these by sheer happenstance, have had them in my arsenal of music/…
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I know why the religulous don’t like chance: solipsism. Thoughts?

Question by Diethyl Ether Dinner Candle┬«: I know why the religulous don’t like chance: solipsism. Thoughts?
Bottom line is that the religulous don’t think that chance gives *them* enough credit.

1) If a theist ends up being subjectively ‘right’ about a particular thing, it is almost always by chance. They hate that they are chance’s bytch and not the other way around.

2) They think there is no room for their *epic* POV or *monumental* selves with chance around. It is all or nothing: if there is chance then they can’t do anything ‘intentional’ (yet they abstract ‘intent’ to the unfalsifiable supernatural) to be with Jesus again some day.

3) They can’t describe the mechanics of all things in 7 year-old “I made you do that” or “you are supposed to do this” vernacular (again abstracting this attribution to their inherited Delusion┬«).

4) They think if they adopt the ‘intent’ (or non-chance? false dichotomy) of someone with more earthly power than they, it means that it was really theirs to begin with; “The power is now mine!” (so they end up blowing whichever way the political wind is anyway! This is of course the true source of their anxiety, not the de facto entropy of the universe).

5) They cannot feel like it is OK to scapegoat their own problems on *anything* (scapegoating is the centerpiece to Xstainity in particular) with so much chance involved; thus they can’t relieve the anxiety inherent in their worldviews, nor can they truly ‘erase’ their sh!tty misdeeds. They are stuck with them and deservedly so!

6) They want ‘intent’ to entirely neutralize ‘chance’ because to them, it is the only way to quell the anxiety inherent in encountering someone who possesses a statistically (and more statistically correlative to reality, I might add) conflicting POV to them. How can this be? Must be negative ‘intent’ (IOW, Satan!).

Go theists, go! Try and explain away your retardation!
Father Earl. Thanks! At least I am not undeservedly so.

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Answer by Father Earl 9
You are proud and defiant.

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Baby Adoption Video - Jason & Helga - Fun couple hoping to adopt a baby

Adoption – Jason & Helga First, we want to extend to you our appreciation for making a choice that has not only changed your life but will change our lives a…
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Q&A: How to Manage Toxic Family… & what they don’t know. HELP!?

Question by Joie: How to Manage Toxic Family… & what they don’t know. HELP!?
Sorry in advance that this is long. But it’s a very dramatic situation. My husbands family is very toxic as well as my family. Thankfully my family is estranged now. My hubby met in high school and bonded over sharing this issue of toxic home. We were the ‘good kids’ in school because our family was so toxic and we wanted to be nothing like them. Now were 10+ years into our marriage and still dislike our family. We take every opportunity to NOT be around them. Our issue is they have no clue we feel this way. We don’t want to mend things with them… they are just low class acts that are superficial, uncaring and eccentric and majority have drug and alcohol AND mental and emotional problems. In addition to this… here’s the issue… My hubby is infertile, we tried many years and little by little put our entire savings into treatments. The DR finally told me to give up and use a sperm donor. We had considered adoption until we saw how hard and complicated it is. Our relationship is rock solid and we went ahead with donor. We had a beautiful prefect little one but his family has no idea the baby is donor. They are judgmental, mean, superficial losers who would treat this baby like they are less because of blood lines. These people are selfish, demanding and such a horrible influences. Their behavior makes me want to shout that they are not related to this sweet and innocent child. We plan to tell our child at the earliest age that their life was helped by donor and do so in such a way that the idea of donor was always known. We hope our little one grows a mind for openness but realizes sometimes not all things have to be shared and to pick and choose who knows about donor. Aside from this… what do we do when my hubby’s family comes around. We just don’t want them in our child’s life. We’ve carried on a ‘play nice’ attitude toward these people and are kind to them. But every interaction with them is an obligated we “have to” not a “want to”. This is my hubby’s mom, dad, sister and we don’t know them at all really. We married at 19 and have hardly seen them in 10 years. Maybe 4 times per year. But not that they think they are related to baby they are constantly in contact. My hubby and I feel our child is above them and we don’t want these types of people in our home or life (even a stranger) around who has their morals and values and influencing our children. My hubby won’t tell his family we used a donor and I want to respect this but my hubby also won’t buck up and get these toxic losers away from us. He’s my best friend but he’s teaching our children to accept negative people and not set boundaries. Even one visit from these people includes someone showing up high and drunk, bad language and different boyfriends and raw jokes. Worst of all is the fake drama I love you’s they say and then they don’t call for 6 mod or a year and don’t even know what we do for a living. Oh, I could go on forever about how raciest, low class and self centered they are. We still plan to adopt and we know when we do that they will oust that child because he or she won’t be “related”. I secretly wished we told them about donor so they would have “ousted” our children just to keep these people away. Anyhow, they want to show up for things like birthdays. My child doesn’t know them and they show affections and act intimately with my child and it’s overwhelming to my kid when they are strangers saying I love you and being dramatic. What do I do? We’re looking into moving out of state and changing jobs just to get away from them. We plan to do so in a year but what do I do meanwhile? Even moving won’t keep them completely away but will help. Any advice is appreciated!!

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Answer by Torayuri

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Baby Anita

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I need to know reasons why gay marriage is wrong?

Question by Asha J: I need to know reasons why gay marriage is wrong?
I am doing a debate on gay marriage and my teacher put me on the con side so i need info on why gay marriage is wrong.

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Answer by shark_315
Your not going to find why its wrong in the LGBT section.

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Grace Orphanage in India relys on donations due to the Goverment’s lack of willingness to taking care of its own people. Without donations the children would…

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