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Anyone know good attention getters on an informative speech on Barack Obama?

Question by hk123: Anyone know good attention getters on an informative speech on Barack Obama?
i have a speech on Thurssay and i am doing a speech on barack obama-his life, hardships, n his presidency.

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Answer by BC
You could just start out with some racial slurs. That’d get some attention. Then talk about how racism is bad so you don’t get in trouble.

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Kramer and Twitch - Prank Call - (Mr. Burgess) - Big Brothers, Little Bros (Detroit, 97.1 FM Talk)

Was snooping around the 97.1 FM Talk FTP server ~10 years ago and stumbled across a few of these by sheer happenstance, have had them in my arsenal of music/…
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Q&A: What are some good books on practical ethics?

Question by Conrad: What are some good books on practical ethics?
I’m trying to teach my kids to live good, ethical lives, but they each believe in different religious and non-religious traditions (we adopted them from a number of different countries).

I’m looking for a book that gives some good, solid arguments for why someone should live a good, ethical life.

Because of their diversity of beliefs, none of the usual arguments work (e.g., “virtue is its own reward”, or “do good because it feels good” or the popular religious argument, “be good or have a bad afterlife”).

They just practice ‘selective ethics’, where they’re good when it’s in their own best interests, and their bad when they feel like the benefits outweigh the costs.

So I’d really like to find a book that gives some good, logical arguments for having ethics. I want my kids to be good all the time, not just when it is to their advantage. Thanks for any help you can give

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Answer by dude
Practical Ethics by Peter Singer, very good book.

Just so you know, their behavior is partly governed by genetics and partly by environment, so dont think that reading books will make them want to be ethical. There are PLENTY of people who surround themselves with ethical people and the lifestyle and still take meth while having sex with prostitutes. Not that that hurts anyone else, but there you are.

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Q&A: What adoption agency is good for infant adoption?

Question by araya1124: What adoption agency is good for infant adoption?
My husband and l live in Pennsylvania and would like good or bad experience for domestic or international adoption and which agency would be good to work with

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Answer by nglm

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quot;Arts test,” good and bad talent on the road, “single-log bridge”? – Arts test, useful, single-plank bridge – Education

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Not much interested in art and accumulation, to participate in arts Test Only because of mediocre grades, to more easily obtain a university. In recent years, with the art institutions of higher enrollment, “Arts test,” seems to have become more and more how much candidates into the University’s “shortcut.”

Statistics, according to the education sector in Shanxi Province, the province registered for the 2008 College Art Major Candidates 4.3 million, an increase of 10,000 over 2007 people. Enrollment in the Shanxi University, a fine arts course in front of his family from the Shanxi Xinzhou of Liu Yan, who came to this application. Liu Yan increase this year, three have not previously had any art foundation, where the acceptance period of 7 months of art training, recruitment in the examination room will be artsy.

At this course, no art such as Liu Yan basis, through the arts for the purpose of examination candidates, accounting for 70% of course. In addition to several thousand dollars to pay tuition fees, ranging from first million, the field to the candidates and pay accommodation costs in varying amounts. However, their family members are all very supportive, although many come from low income rural families. Xiao Zhang

university entrance students choose to repeat next year in the arts to participate in college entrance examination. She said that if she adopted the art of professional courses, cultural courses next year, her performance as long as a slight increase, it is expected to be one colleges and universities.

Appears in the real art lovers, the training of the students are “dressed experts coat of amateurs.” He studied double reed, he won the ranking in the country’s strict Kai, said: “Under the weight of the test, which rely on short relentless training, the practice of temporary battlefield, easily disgusted students in art, art itself is a blasphemy.

“Test arts” course good and bad

Want quick, you have to participate in the examination for the purpose of the course, many good and bad of course emerged. Hsu, Shanxi University, in the vicinity of West Street, not far apart you will see an entrance arts training. According to one informed source disclosed that the majority of these courses is not eligible for school.

Number of training courses based in the poor condition of the hotel, the students in the beauty salon and restaurant upstairs study. In the “good business” of course “classroom” where each student per capita area of less than 1 square meter, all standing, support a drawing board and, apart from no more room. Although crude

condition, charges are not vague. 800 yuan per month to 1,600 per month. Some “deep intelligence,” the long-term toll of 1.5 million per class and asked Yicijiaoqing. A training course students range from dozens of people, and more to 200.

Months of intensive training, really good foundation with the launch competition? Faced with these questions, almost every course the students can show their achievements over the years, adding that access to an art school candidates do not have any basis, they should be able to learn by.

However, these students and their parents come here especially do not know, a lot of the organizers of training courses and teaching are not as they imagined as a “hard air.” To attract talented students, many teacher training courses play a certain speaker of the signs, but the actual teaching, the “teacher” is only linked to a title or a face exposed to disappear, most of course was in undergraduate and graduate school for art .

Taiyuan Normal University art professor Hu Jianfeng some of the “black studio” of the scam are summarized as follows: to “ensure that students pass the professional examination” or “enrollment rate reached 100 percent” and false advertising; play “in the candidates list,” where teachers Roll Recommended name; the guise of trick with a low-tuition students; “small classes, one on one counseling”; “entrance marking teachers” teach themselves; and mature relationship between the school admissions, college entrance examination and admission when the school for Latin America; list of so-called ” candidates in the list, “such brilliant results.

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