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Why does everyone have a problem with me being raised by two men?

Question by Fallen: Why does everyone have a problem with me being raised by two men?
Okay, so I’ve been raised by two men since I was about 3 months old. My mother asked my father to donate sperm so that she could have a baby. They were friends in college and since he was gay and figured that he would never have kids, he agreed to it. But when I was born, she decided that she didn’t want to raise me because she still wanted to go out clubbing and stuff and she wasn’t ready for the responsibility. She asked my dad to take me in. My dad, at the time, had been dating another guy for about 2 years. This same man adopted me when I was 5. I don’t understand why people think I’m suffering from emotional trauma. I have two parents. My best friend doesn’t even have one and she always tells me how lucky I am to have two parents. So what if they’re two guys? I am so sick of people telling me that I need to have a mother. Like yeah, I have a mother but she won’t even reply to my text messages anymore and she has had other children. Some mother. My adoptive dad was 19 when I was born. The fact that he stayed with my biological dad (who was 23) to help raise me and later adopt me, when my then 26 year old mother is pretty damn amazing.

In primary school, nearly every teacher I had actually had the nerve to ask me if I was being abused at home in any way by my dads. I got asked this NEARLY EVERY FUCKING YEAR. I went to a boarding school for high school so people didn’t know about my dads unless I brought it up. So this was never an issue in high school.

My biological dad is a Republican and a Protestant Christian, but my adoptive dad is a Democrat and an Atheist (like me). They both couldn’t care less about fashion and clothes and dress like they’re homeless. They don’t have rainbow fags covering their windows and they don’t march in gay pride parades or wear dresses. They do not have HIV/AIDS and they don’t hold hands or kiss in public. Nothing wrong with any of that anyway. I can’t even imagine them holding hands. They aren’t really affectionate to each other at all. Mostly, they just yell at each other and tell the other to go fuck off whenever they get into a fight. According to my friends, this is what their parents are like also so I guess they are just like heterosexual parents too.

Anyway, they don’t fit the stereotype in any way, yet people still call them “queer” and “fag” and tell them to go die or leave the country. And lord help them when if people find out they have a daughter. Everyone makes such a big deal out of it and it is just so unnecessary. Learn how to mind your own business.

So my question is why do so many people hate the fact that gay men (or women) have children? If they hadn’t agreed to take me in, then who knows where I would’ve ended up. I’ve had an amazing life so far. I feel blessed to have parents who love me and have worked hard to give me a good future. What is everyone’s problem with this? Honestly. Why do you think that two men (or two women) raising a child is so wrong?
F!@K- My dads always seem to want to live in the most religious places- of course, the places where they get bashed the most. Like when we lived in Australia, we lived in the Hills district which is considered to be the bible belt of Australia. Now we live in fucking Alabama and it’s even worse. But we’re moving to Washington soon. Hopef they’re more liberal over there and more accepting.

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Answer by Haneen
um because people feel that’s not normal and sh*t like that ,,,, lucky lucky you at least you have two Fathers and both loves you <3 you're sure blessed

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