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Why do some adoption agencies tell people who are in developing countries?

Question by Justin Case: Why do some adoption agencies tell people who are in developing countries?
Why do some adoption agencies tell people who are in developing countries
that their child or children is only coming ot the USA to get a good education but will be able to come back home. When in reality they are being scammed out of their child. I heard this on tv and from many people who have lost their children to American and even some Italian adoption agencies. This is yet another reason why my wife and I decided it would be better to just try and have biological children. And we are happy to have 4 bio kids. Even though my wife was told she may never be able to have children. But back to what I was saying, with so much going on that is shady in the adoption agencies around the world, why do people not just adopt from foster care instead of adopting new borns and or children who’s parents can’t speak English? I have been told that is the one tool that is causing them to be mislead and lied to, because to a foreigner English has more than one translation.

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Answer by Walter Ford II
“Why do some adoption agencies tell people who are in developing countries
that their child or children is only coming ot the USA to get a good education but will be able to come back home.”

Its the oldest scam in the books. How else are they going to get them to part with their children in order to sell them and become millionaires.

Another lie they tell them is that they will be able to move to the US after their child has lived in the US 6 months or so and they will be set up with a job and reunited.

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is it cool for “christian” based adoption agencies to profit from “sin”?

Question by tish_part deux: is it cool for “christian” based adoption agencies to profit from “sin”?
often, posters write about the “loving, selfless decision” of adoption; and how many adoptive parents were “called to adoption, due to some celestial intervention.” in addition, many “christian-based” adoption agencies view adoptees as “God’s gift”; or that “birthmothers are a blessing.” And one can not read a blog from a christian adoptive parent without having “God”, “lord”, “glory”, “blessings”, et al. peppered through the post.

ironically, most of these “blessed birthmothers” are usually pregnant by young men, who are not their husbands. since (according to the biblical teachings) unmarried sex is fornication, and…

….isn’t “fornication” a sin.

so, i’m confused: why would “christian-based” agencies work so hard to give parents who were “called to adoption by God” the “gift of a child”…that was most likely conceived in “sin.”

also, wouldn’t christian agencies PREFER if unmarried women not have sex; and subsequently not get pregnant? but… if women in a rough spot (mostly unmarried) stop having sex and babies, how would the agencies be able to charge their clients tens of thousands of dollars to adopt a baby….who was most likely conceived in sin.

is all of this “God-like?”

is there a conflict of interest here???

ps…please don’t circumvent the questions with “noise” about “married women place too” or “God gives us free will”, because, that’s merely a distraction.
@ call_me…: *sigh* how many times do we have to state abused and neglected kids are NOT who we refer to in our critique? NO ONE wants abused and neglected kids to stay with abusive parents! and you know good and damn well, what i’m suggesting! adoption agencies are NOT scouring the crack houses recruiting pregnant women. they are soliciting healthy girls from suburban/rural high schools who are most likely knocked up due to busted sex education and no access to birthcontrol; who they can guilt into breeding for profit, cloaked as “God’s work.” if you’re going to debate, please, stick to the facts…
ETA: “The agency I went through was called “Blessed Trinity Adoptions”

vanessa, no…just no. so i guess they only took women who were knocked up by immaculate conception?? was mary a client? eww..

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Answer by mayo_carl
no conflict of interest.

a baby is still a human being, loved by God

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Looking for International adoption agencies

International adoption agencies
The requirements necessary to begin the process of international adoption can vary depending on the country of the adoptive parents. Each agency or attorney works with a different set of countries, although some only focus on a single country.
In most cases, international adoption are finalized the country of origin, so once you come home with your child, he or she is already legally yours. Ethics I international adoption is usually a concern for adoptive parents after the fact after the parents have returned home with their child. Perhaps they begin to read stories on international newsgroups, of families who have lost forever the true identity of their child.
Except for adoption by Hindus, Indian law has no provision for adoption.

Children are placed under guardianship of adopting parents to exit the country, and adoption must place in the parents’ home country. China adoptions have become less predictable with regards to time frame. Potential adoptive must be between the ages of 30 and 50.
They have had their own nightmare with the unethical forces in the world trying to cash on the big bucks to be had in the international adoption industry.

Foreign adoption agencies
Foreign adoption seems like the perfect solution to a heartbreaking imbalance, poor countries have babies in need of homes, and countries have homes in need of babies. Adoption agencies and children’s advocates are concerned the cutbacks will leave many Ethiopian orphans without the last-resort option of an adoptive home abroad.
International adoption is called as an adoption in which an individual or couple becomes the legal and permanent parents of a child that is a national of a different country.
An adoptive parent is a natural parent or the biological parents. Many people have not been exposed to the issues and terminology of adoption, which is why many of the unintended events have involved our children at school.

Adoption Rochester
Local resource for private adoptions in Rochester includes detailed information on local businesses that provide access to experienced adoption lawyers.
The adoption process required patience and plenty of hard work, and it starts the moment we make our decision to adopt.
Now a public agency is run by the government and supported by public finances. These agencies generally assist in adoptions from foster care.

Adoption Rochester NY
Find the local information and resources you need in Rochester, NY. Whether you are looking for Rochester adoption agency, adoption lawyers and adopting counseling or have questions about domestic’s adoptions, international adoptions, adoption costs, public adoption, and private adoptions.
There is various searchers developed a great respect for nature in youth, living along NY Great South Bay. You can also view profiles of hopeful adoptive couples near Rochester, NY, provided as services. The prospective adoptive parents must be patient and willing to go through an adoption home study process that evaluates their potential.

Adoption long island
Adoption agencies will help you through the whole adoption process and depending whether you use a private or public adoption agency you will even get access to counseling.
The key advantage of private agency adoption is the extensive counseling that agencies provide. Typically, counseling is available for adoptive parents, birth parents, and the children.
Long island adoption, Long Island fosters care, adoption agencies on Long Island, foster care on long island, Long island children for adoption.

Visit adoptfamilyconnections for International adoption agencies from www.adoptfamilyconnections.org

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Adoption Agencies Learn Before You Start The Process

The bliss and happiness of being a parent is hard to illustrate. You can make yourself proud by adopting a waiting child. If you adopt a child, you give someone life that he or she deserves. Even if you have your own child, you can adopt a child so that you are able to give someone a life better than he or she is getting. There are many orphans in the world and if you want to adopt an international child, you can get in touch with the relevant adoption agencies. When looking for china adoption agencies, you must educate yourself before that.

Read and understand the adoption policies of China so that you can search for a genuine adoption agency. There are certain requirements that are set and the china adoption agencies will ask you to fulfill them first. Learn about these requirements so that you are not turned down immediately. The couple who wishes to adopt a child from china must be married and within the age group of 30 to 50. Besides this, they should also possess positive health history. People who have mobility problems or are alcoholic are prohibited from adopting a Chinese child.

China adoptions are very clear and strict when it comes to adoption conditions. They will only allow the adoption process to proceed when the couple fulfills and meets the criteria. Financial stability is also main aspect that is considered in china adoptions. Sometimes these china adoption agencies ask extremely personal questions. You should be prepared for that. Just keep in mind that it is their job and they have to assure everything before they hand over the child to you.

When you have made up your mind for Haiti adoption, you need to do some preparations before you actually enter into the process. Take your family into confidence and see that they are ready from within. Do some research on internet so that you find the right and legitimate agency from the various options available there. You must be assured that everything done is legal and officially permitted as well as acceptable to you.

The author is an experienced content writer and publisher on the topics related to Haiti adoption and China adoption agencies.

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