should gays be allowed to adopt children?

Question by andar_ka_bandar: should gays be allowed to adopt children?
would the adopted childern be gay ?
how can you gurantee they wont turn gay??
do we have enough knowledge to say that is safe?
would you allow your kids to be adoped by gay ppl?

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Answer by bxhottestgurl
yea why not. but that will embrass the kid.

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23 thoughts on “should gays be allowed to adopt children?”

  1. all gay and lesbian are born by heterosexuals couple, so what’s the worst that could happen ? that their children are homosexuals?!!

  2. Homosexuality is not taught. People that are gay are born that way. People don’t “turn” gay.

    Yes, they should be allowed provided they can provide a loving and stable home.

    I have to add after reading this quote ” I don’t think any parent, gay or straight, that is a God fearing christian, would molest their child.”

    Most people, regardless of faith would not molest anyone. If you have to be afraid of something in your faith, there is something seriously wrong. Using fear to sway a person is actually quite sick.

  3. If they were going to “turn gay” wouldn’t all straight parents raise straight children? Think about what you asked. COME ON. If you are hinting that gay people hurt children… look at the stats on pedophiles… STRAIGHT MEN. Gay isn’t bad. I don’t know where you were raised or by whom, but you have some bad information. I hope you really look into this question and see where you may have been misled.

  4. absolutely yes..and it doesn`t mean that the adopted children will be like them..there`s many gays out there came from a normal family..the important thing is CARING…not abusing..

  5. As long as they can prove a stable and loving environment I don’t see a problem with it. They would be better off in a loving household with gay people than in an orphanage or with some pedophile.

  6. Of course gay people should be allowed to adopt children. The more people who try to help with the situation of parentless children, the better. Sure, there can be some acceptance issues along the way, but there is no guarantee that straight persons make better parents. I know a woman whose adoptive father beat her and molested her repeatedly. And I know another woman whose straight parents told her all the time that she was lucky they saved her, and they continually told her she was not good enough, and more of that kind of abuse. Unfortunately, these things sometimes happen when a straight couple adopts, and of course some bad things can happen if a gay couple (or individual) should adopt a child. But you must not imagine that a gay parent, or two gay parents, will somehow turn a straight child gay. My straight parents tried for years to turn me, their own gay child, straight, and I am happy to report that all of their efforts were wasted, and all of the worry was for nothing! I love myself, and I love my mom and dad, and they love me. And today they are a lot wiser about some things than they were.

  7. No, I don’t think homosexuals should be allowed to adopt children. I don’t believe that people are born gay, it is their choice. Guarantee the child will not be gay? No, chances are the child would be gay. We live what we learn. Safe? As in child molestation? I don’t think any parent, gay or straight, that is a God fearing christian, would molest their child. Believe it or not, not all homosexuals practice gay sex. They turn to God and repent of their sins and become celibate. No, I’m sorry, I would not allow mine or anyones kids to adopted by gay people…..

  8. The reason two gays can’t have children, is because God didn’t want gays to have children. Gays are promiscuous (ask why AIDS SPREAD). Most gays are against God.

    How in the world can it be good to raise a child in that sort of mindset? The child will become just another curse upon the earth.

  9. I was raised by straight people and they tried and tried to instill in us how important it was to not be gay. They made us watch tv shows and movies with straight couples kissing and holding hands. When we went out to eat we only saw straight couples together. We were forced to attend straight weddings when we were growing up.

    It seemed that no matter how hard they tried…I’m gay, anyway. Hmmmm….I wonder why? Oh, I know! It’s because you can’t make someone gay or straight…regardless to what they are exposed.

  10. oh please dont be so ignorant…there are kids all over needing homes..if the ppl are not molesters or abusers yes let them..same as for straights

  11. I would like to take my answer in just a little bit different direction.

    I would like to point out the reason there are so many children “up for adoption” in the first place. Straight people are too stupid or unwilling to prevent unwanted children from being born.

    The problem shouldn’t be about who is adopting these children, it should be how to reduce the number of these children being born. Unfortunately, our society rarely addresses problems directly. It is far easier to find a way to blame liberals and homosexuals.

    The VAST majority of molestation cases in the United States are committed by straight men with underage girls.

    Studies have shown that children raised by homosexual parents are no more likely to homosexual than those raised by straight parents.

    MOST homosexuals were raised by straight parents.

    With all this in mind, is it safe to allow straight people to adopt unwanted children?

    To simplify and actually make a difference with this issue, we should seriously reduce the number of unwanted children being born.

    Each state spends billions of dollars supporting/raising unwanted children.

    Unwanted children is the problem and gay people aren’t creating it. I think before you decide to dictate, by your opinions alone, who can and cannot raise these children, you should address the actual problem.

  12. Ok, first let me start off by saying that I’m a lesbian…So I of course believe homosexuals should be allowed to adopt children!!…Secondly, there’s no gurantee that the child will be gay, straight, bi, trans…..A child’s sexuality isn’t based upon the sexuality of their parents!…and yes we have enough knowledge to say its safe!…my god!..How narrow-minded are you?…..And of course I’d allow homosexuals to adopt my children….Why wouldn’t I? — there’s absolutely nothing wrong with homosexuals having children….

  13. Let’s take our answer from Mother Nature. While homosexuality can exist in other species, it is safe to say that the best model for raising children comes in the form of having a mother and a father.

    I won’t change many minds, but I maintain that kids need a mother and a father to achieve their potential. Period.

  14. yes

    it might happen, but why would it matter/

    b/c everyone has their own mind and personality, plus how did the gay parent turn gay… Didn’t they have straight parents?

    is it safe for you to adopt?

    yes if my kids needed to be adopted by someone, i would trust a gay person… why not? how are they different from a straight person… only the people they sleep with….

  15. Gay parents do not “turn out gay” kids,you ignoramous.

    The American Pediatric Association agrees.Gays can make excellent parents.How do some people believe they can fool people
    into thinking its some terrible thing?

  16. I raised two kids from their early teens — both were from negative homes at the time. Both were straight and happy. One of them died in an automobile wreck two years ago Thanksgiving day. The remaining one is married and will have kids soon. I sometimes feel too young to be a grandfather. I took the boys in when I was in my early 20s, so I’m not hugely older than they. That’s ok though. I saw both of them regularly even after they went on to life’s excitement, now I see my remaining one regularly.

    I made no effort to make certain they were straight. I supported ALL of their decisions. Probably things would be better for kids if straight parents did the same. Either of my two would have told you that they couldn’t have been happier.

    Why would anyone want to guarantee they were gay or straight? They are PEOPLE, LET THEM F*CK**G BE PEOPLE. Sorry, that had to be said. The tone of your message makes my skin crawl and I can’t exactly identify why.

    In any event, that’s my experience, and its all I have to offer this particular discussion.


    Reynolds Jones
    Schenectady, NY

  17. i don’t think so, every kid deserves to have a mother and a father, plus i’ve known kids with gay parents who wish that had both mom and a dad

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