Should a person’s value depend on whether they are wanted?

Question by Cleirigh: Should a person’s value depend on whether they are wanted?
As someone who was adopted as a baby because of my mother’s inability to take care of me, I don’t think it’s fair that my right to live should have been determined by whether I was wanted or not. “Every child a wanted child” seems like a sad way to determine an unborn baby’s worth.

There are only two ways to ensure that every child is wanted:

Either we start wanting the children we create.

Or, we kill all the unwanted children.

It doesn’t make any sense, does it?
Jim, maybe I should have said “wanted by their biological parents”. I agree, everyone is (or should be) wanted by someone. I believe that every person has intrinsic value.

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Answer by Angry Candy
If we applied this to our citizenship, we would not have any liberals in this country, based on your own liberal logic.

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5 thoughts on “Should a person’s value depend on whether they are wanted?”

  1. In many respects, it already does.

    Thus, your question attains the functional relevance of “Should two come before three?”

  2. Each person has their own value. Some of the most valuable people are people who were hated or unwanted in their own time. A couple examples are the important Christian theologian John Calvin and the famous philosopher Soren Kierkegaard who founded a new school of thought in philosophy.

  3. As I child I remember a time before Roe v. Wade and would learn the whole story as to what happened years later. A friend of the family (I’ll call her Gloria) was a rape victim that was having a miscarriage. Doctors were reluctant to help such people back then as they could be accused of performing an abortion and lose their license. Worse still, they could even be jailed. Not able to find a doctor a friend took her to someone she thought could. Gloria bled to death.

    After the funeral I remember my grandmother with tears streaming down her face stammering, “It’s a damn shame that we live in a country where dogs have access to better treatment than a woman.” Gloria was a victim twice, once by the rapist and once by the law.

    Many among GOP are old enough to know what it was like before Roe v. Wade. But they also know that people have either forgotten or are to young to know. And boy-o-boy don’t they take advantage of it. Like their tobacco industry buddies it appears that they could care less if we live or die. The tobacco companies want our money and the GOP wants our votes. And neither one cares if we die in the process.

    Like before Roe v. Wade the rich will always have access to a safe abortion. And when restricted the affluent will always qualify by an uncanny margin.

    The picture shows a woman with paramedics in the 1950’s. She was having a miscarriage but was later accused of trying to have an abortion and arrested. If the GOP has their way we’ll go back to those days.

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