Q&A: When i was a little i was told Halloween is the devil b-day now i am told that it is a day peole worship idols

Question by gods gift: When i was a little i was told Halloween is the devil b-day now i am told that it is a day peole worship idols
So what is it

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Answer by Mimi
The day people worship idols.

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25 thoughts on “Q&A: When i was a little i was told Halloween is the devil b-day now i am told that it is a day peole worship idols”

  1. It’s the ‘day of the dead’ from old traditions. It’s not the devil’s birthday, and no one is worshipping anything. Except you, apparently.

  2. Look up the history yourself, it’s not that hard to do… Here I will help get you started. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Halloween

    “Halloween is most popular in Ireland, where it originated, also known in Irish Gaelic as “Oíche Shamhna” or “Samhain Night”. The Celts celebrated Halloween as Samhain, “End of Summer,” a pastoral and agricultural festival of fire, when the dead revisited the mortal world, and large communal bonfires would be lit to ward off evil spirits.”

  3. it is neither
    it was a pagan holiday adopted by Christians as a day to celebrate their saints on November the first .. so the day before was called all hallows eve
    the reason people dress up in scary masks had its origins in Ireland i believe
    where it was thought the veil between this life and the next was thinner
    so people would wear the masks to scare off any nasty spirit that made it through to this world

  4. Haloween was the pre-christian European harvest festival. It was the beginning of the Celtic year and considered to be a time when the barriers between the physical world and the world of the dead was thinest, allowing thoe spirits to more easily enter out world. Masks and costumes were worn so that these spirits woeul think that humans were other spirits and not bother them.

  5. hahahahahahahaahaha, crazy christians. it never had anything to do with satan. and now it’s just a day to dress up and eat candy.

  6. I heard that halloween originated from a holy meaning, then turned to crap because of people starting to dress up as the devil and scaring kids and stuff, it caught on, and people got mad.

    It all depends on what YOU want to believe, don’t let others sway you, but inspire you.

  7. it’s the day when the veil between the worlds is thinnest and we can call upon ghosts to do our bidding–I’m sending one to haunt you

  8. It’s a pagan holiday, I believe . I know it doesnt directly relate to the devils bday, but some Christians believe that if it’s not about Christ, it falls into a category- of other- which God considers idoltry or Pagan worship.
    Jesus says “All who are not with me are against me”

  9. Well I think that your parents wanted you to think this was an evil day, to maybe fit into the way they believed, so they made this lie up, then as you grew older, the common misconnception that this was a day of worshiping idols came down the pike and you heard of it. It is a pagen holiday, and to research it takes no effort at all, just google either all one word, halloween or all hallows eve, and you will see the history of this day.

  10. It’s the night before a Christian (Catholic) Holiday, All Hallows Day, also known as All Saints Day. All Hallow Eve, hence Halloween.

  11. Really…why are you listening to what other people say? It’s easy enough to check for yourself. All it is is a celebration of the day before All Saint’s Eve. The superstitious people in Europe were afraid that the evening before All Saint’s Day would get evil spirits all in a tither in anticipation of the Holy Day, so to appease the evil spirits, the populace would try to scare them away. So on the night of October 31, villagers would extinguish the fires in their homes, to make them cold and undesirable. They would then dress up in all manner of ghoulish costumes and noisily paraded around the neighborhood, being as destructive as possible in order to frighten away spirits looking for bodies to possess.

  12. Halloween is the day for the dead. It is one holiday I certainly don’t have anything to do with. My bible tells me the condition of the dead. It is a Pagan holiday, and Pagans are non believers of God. So if you are Christian, Do you think God would want you to celebrate a pagan holiday?

  13. People just keep on lying to ya , huh sis? Its just a commercial holiday where people dress their little kids up in costumes and give them candy. No idol gets worshipped. There’s no anti God sentiment expressed. Its fun! Some phony wiccan witch will come on and try to tell ya something else but they’re not real either. Lighten – up!

  14. It’s All Souls day and in used to be celebrated by pagans. Now that people have enough brains to no there are no ghosts or goblins or other superstitious things that go bump in the night. Kids get to have a little fun dressing up. Whats the big deal?
    Tammi Dee

  15. I am a Christian, I took my kids trick or treating. To me it was a day to get candy I didn’t have to pay for. lol We thanked the people, but worshiped no idols. It is like Christmas. Jesus was not born on Christmas either. But I still gave presents to my kids.

  16. neither, halloween comes from hallow (meaning made holy) Halloween is the day that you dress up as evil in a manner to hide yourselves from evil. And yes, it is a Christian holiday.

  17. The history of Halloween
    First, we should recognize that Halloween is indeed rooted in the ancient Celtic feast of Samhain. The Druids believed that on the eve of Samhain the veil between the present world and the world beyond was pierced, releasing demons, witches, and hobgoblins en masse to harass the living. In order to make themselves immune from attack, people disguised themselves as witches, devils, and ghost; attempted to ward off evil spirits by carving grotesque faces on gourds illuminated with candles; and placated the spirits with a variety of treats.

    Furthermore, early Christians responded to Halloween. Oct 31, the eve prior to All Saints Day was designated as a spiritually edifying holiday(holy day) on which to proclaim the supremacy of the gospel over the superstition of ghost. thus, ” all Hallows Eve,” from which the word Halloween is derived, was an attempt on the part of Christianity to overwhelm the tradition of ghouls with the truth of the Gospel.

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