Q&A: What do you think of this Christian argument for abortion?

Question by Marc: What do you think of this Christian argument for abortion?
The great majority of reasons given by women for having abortions is that they are unready, not responsible enough, are not able to afford babies: http://www.johnstonsarchive.net/policy/abortion/abreasons.html.

If these women are forced to keep their children and become mothers, it is likely that a very large number of them will become either single mothers or mothers of impoverished homes.

These statistics show that children of single parents in impoverished homes commit the largest amount of crimes (most of which are sins according to Christianity as well):

If these women were allowed to abort and these children hadn’t been born, there would be much less sinners causing problems in this world. You could say that abortion is a sin as well, but allowing one sin for the prevention of worse and more numerous sins sounds reasonable, and would reduce ρ, the sin density, of this world, making it more likely for more people in this world to become saved. Not to mention that the unborn, who would likely have been sinners and gone to Hell if they were born, would automatically go to heaven because they have not sinned.
Christianity already tells people, both men and women, who to have sex with and who not to.

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Answer by Buddy
There can no Christian reason -against- abortion when the Bible prescribes it as a legitimate response for infidelity in Numbers 5:11-22. The “reasons” otherwise used against it are not supported by scripture. Christians who argue against it on the basis of their faith are just trying to use their religion to justify a personal opinion, and unsuccessfully.

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4 thoughts on “Q&A: What do you think of this Christian argument for abortion?”

  1. never mind the arguments.. this is a religion who’s imposing their beliefs on women’s reproductive organ. would you like it if they start telling you when you can have sex?….. oh wait…….

  2. I see what you’re getting act.
    But I think you’re missing the point.
    Yes, too many people are having children they can’t take care of, and that is hurting the future generations. That’s very true. But abortion has become too common and easy of a solution to deal with that. Rather than encouraging sex responsibility, and the basic value that you shouldn’t start what you can’t finish, women just get abortions. It’s much cheaper than having, much less raising, a child, and that is a problem.
    You could say that abortion is also a fix for this problem. Because if the next generation was made entirely up of desired children, they might have a better upbringing. But that is idealist thinking. And using abortion to regulate that is nothing but eugenics- which is a fundamentally facist ideaology. eugenics is never okay.
    Basically, idealist thinking is never realistic. That is not a possibility. Officials might try, but they wouldn’t succeed, and so they would try harder. So the result would be regulations over who could and could not have a child. Do you see why that is such a slippery slope?

  3. Well by that “logic”, a single mom who finds she can’t manage her 2 year old should just kill him/her to prevent all those possible problems. What’s the difference, other than the age of the victim?

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