Q&A: Pro-lifers, why do we keep fighting over “the right to choose ” when we should help eliminate the need to?

Question by Michael: Pro-lifers, why do we keep fighting over “the right to choose ” when we should help eliminate the need to?
They already have the choice, they always have. Move on. If abortion is bad, it won’t be made any better by having, or continuiong to have, the choice. But since pro-choice people apprantly don’t want to help eliminate the need to even have to face the choice, and would rather keep saying ” they should have the choice ” ad infinitum ad nauseum, it falls to those who would be pro-life to educate and help women, so that they don’t need to ever have to choose to have their baby killed, and to push medical science, as well as effective education, so that its not an issue. We forget ourselves. Instead of criminalizing them, or patronizing with the ” its wrong, but necessary and a woman’s choice ” lines, lets go help them not be in the situation in the first place, or if they are, help them to choose not to have an abortion, through non-coercive means Clearly the other side, largely, won’t let go of taglines long enough to help them out, so we must.
” her choice ” of course, but that doesn’t mean throw her to the wolves.

” We can’t ” I am sure glad the founding fathers never said that.

Its enough to make one nauseous and vomit. ” choice choice choice ”
Noted. Now, pro-lifers at least, need to nonforcefully help to minimize, if not end, abortions.

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Answer by Colonel Jack Fessender (Ret.)
Make abortions unneccesary? Yeah right! What you’re describing sounds like socialism to me. FACT.

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12 thoughts on “Q&A: Pro-lifers, why do we keep fighting over “the right to choose ” when we should help eliminate the need to?”

  1. I’m not sure what you’re getting at, but the vast majority of abortions are done in the first trimester. This is terminating a pregnancy, not “killing a baby.” If you’re advocating better birth control education and information, I’m all for that.
    Every woman has the right to choose to continue her pregnancy. Nobody’s ever going to force an abortion on anyone.

  2. Why do you insist on being ANTI-CHOICE and ANTI-FREEDOM. Humans can make up their own minds you know. And you wont eliminate the need because people like to have sex.

  3. Sex education is what works. huh? When I was in High School I don’t remember one girl who became pregnant and there was no sex education. How do you explain that?

  4. I’ll repeat this, as you seem to keep missing this basic and undeniable fact: abortion doesn’t kill babies. A fetus is not a baby, it is a potential baby. End of story.

  5. If people would wait until marriage to knead the dough, they wouldn’t have had a bun in the oven too early, therefore, we wouldn’t need to choose.
    I’m pro-choice, but it’s not because I’m evil.
    The way I see it, most of those prego 17 year old sluts on the streets want their baby. They’ll get attatched to it, and not want to give it up.
    That would be great, IF the child could properly be cared for.
    In today’s America, that’s not going to happen.
    So, they’d be better off dying as an embryo rather than as a starving five year old.

  6. I suppose they could just use protection. The problem is that Its difficult for humans to be disciplined and responsible. They give in to their urges so easily.

  7. Yes education would be key here all around. Why are the majority of pro-lifers for the death penalty? Go figure. Again education is the key, and could eliminate the need to have an unwanted pregnancy in the first place, as well as teach people tolerance for other peoples choices and not try to force their beliefs on others.

  8. The Right-to-Life community NEEDS to start using basic logic in how they explain their point of view to abortion-minded women. Instead of quoting Christian Scriptures to women who may not even be Christian or screaming at them how they are going to burn in hell for getting an abortion, there needs to be a calmer dialogue on how to help women meet their emotional, psychological and material needs so that they can complete their term of pregnancy. There are many couples who wish to adopt, and there are others who can help to make a child feel loved in their home instead of the child spending their lives in an orphanage.

    I’d like to respond to the person who said:

    “Abortion doesn’t kill babies. A fetus is not a baby, it is a potential baby.”

    A fetus (inside a human female)….IS a HUMAN baby. What else could it be? A Giraffe…or maybe its a Horse to you? What about the chance that its a Dolphin? Or perhaps a Porcupine? IF it is growing inside the womb of a HUMAN female….odds are (correct me if I am wrong, people) that it is a HUMAN.

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