Q&A: My daughter wants an abortion?

Question by ILoveJesus: My daughter wants an abortion?
I love Jesus and I have been a Christian for many years. My 16 year old daughter recently was the victim of a sexual assault. Just to give you some background information my daughter is an Atheist and believes in Evolution (which I don’t and I think Evolution is absurd). She was walking home late from work and was the victim of a horrific sexual assault for over a week and we recently found out she is pregnant with the rapists baby. The hospital will not let her get an abortion without my consent. She desperately wants an abortion, as she wants to go to school and get a good career and not have to worry about the baby. She thinks that the fetus is just a mass of incoherent cells. I don’t want to let her because I think abortion is murder, and the baby has a soul and is innocent, just because she got raped doesn’t mean the baby needs to be punished! Maybe God didn’t just want her to get raped, maybe God wanted her to have a baby. You can’t say you’re against abortion, but that its okay in this case. Abortion is either murder or not. If I don’t let her, she won’t be able to get an abortion. Should I let her get an abortion?

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Answer by Matt
id say so
because every time she looks at the baby she will be reminded of that terrible night

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27 thoughts on “Q&A: My daughter wants an abortion?”

  1. I think you are very unknowledgable if you think evolution is ‘absurd’. If you knew that it was proven fact… well, that’s beside the point.

    Let your daughter get an abortion you sick man / woman. You are sick for even asking this question.

  2. Please let her – by not letting her you could ruin her life for ever. She will miss out on her education and a chance of a career.

  3. I know when I see a made up story, but in the very unlikely event that you are serious, yes you should. A baby cannot have a very good upbringing in the hands of someone so young.

  4. I think you should let her get the abortion because in the long run having a career and good education is more important. You’re the one who is paying for her education; will you pay for her baby too?

    On top of that, the baby’s probably going to grow up without a father.

  5. murder is equal to abortion,suicide and capitol punishment

    in case of rape

    she could give the child up, there is many families who can’t have kids and would love a child

  6. have you considered adoption?
    theres so many wonderful parents out there who cant have kids that im pretty sure would love to get the baby.
    i defintely dont believe in abortion as well, it is murder to a degree.
    talk to her about it, let her watch some videos about abortion and the effects it has on the mother.

  7. should be her choice, science and religion both hold ground, personally im an athiest and maybe your daughter will be traumatized for life if this baby comes out. forget about yourself and let her choose. stop being selfish about your religion.

  8. well. Remember you are basically saying she needs to care for her and all of the other extra work. Maybe if you help her with that and reasure her she will be okay. I ultimatly think abortion is wrong but at the same time I think it’s her choice to make not yours.

    Good luck with your situation

  9. Your daughter has her own beliefs and you should respect them. She has a mind of her own and will soon be 18. It was her who was victimized, therefore she should be the one to make a personal decision about her own body. If you don’t let her get an abortion, she will look at the child with horrific memories of her rape. A child should be something that’s beautiful not something that signifies a horrible act. Teenage pregnancies can ruin lives and she deserves and education and a career. It may possibly ruin your relationship with your daughter because you’re making a very personal decision for her.

  10. Firstly, (as you probably know) having a child is a life-changing decision, and your daughter should be given the right to make that choice herself, not be forced to keep something that happened to her AGAINST HER WILL. She was ASSAULTED, for goodness’ sake!
    I would desperately want an abortion too, if I was in her position. She has the rest of her life ahead of her.
    She is allowed her own beliefs on religion and life in general.
    And saying elolution is ABSURD??? And a magical being in the sky ISNT???
    You people make me laugh, you really do.

  11. It really sounds like you are in a tough spot. I don’t much believe in abortion either, but having a child while you’re a teenager can ruin your dreams. If you don’t let her have an abortion, she will most likely hate you. If you let her get one, you are going against the very thing you believe in. I think you should just pray and ask God what to do. None of us can tell you what to do. This does involve the life of another living being. I hope that you get your answer soon.

  12. If “God” wanted her to have a baby, sending some rapist after her is the best he could think of?

    I hope you’re trolling, really.
    If not, let her have the abortion.

  13. What about adoption? You never mentioned that? I agree with you but I can understand the situation. It is murder, I agree but God has a plan for that child. ADOPTION!!

  14. In a case like this, it is best if she aborts. This was a crime against her. I don’t think God will care. It personally my belief that the fetus does not have a soul until after birth, at it’s first breath. The baby is unwanted, she may try to get rid of it herself with dire consequences if you don’t let her do it now. I assume this just happened recently, it is easier on everyone the sooner you get it done.
    God isn’t as judgmental as people are. Everything will be okay. Please, sign the authorization and let your daughter have the abortion. It would be worse punishment for both her and the child if you don’t let her. She won’t want to raise it, she could try drastic measures to ‘naturally’ abort, etc.

  15. Religious sentiments won’t work here.
    See practically.
    One about the way in which she was made pregnant – forcibly.
    second her mental status if she were allowed to bear the child.
    Better if needed, get it done.Nothing wrong, even religiously!

  16. It’s her choice, you should support your daughter whatever her choice is. It’s not murder, there is not brain activity in a fetus until around 150 days. If there is such a thing as a soul, it will go on to someone else to be born by them.

    If you don’t give consent, she can acquire a judicial bypass. Are you going to make her go through that?

  17. I’m assuming you aren’t a troll. Let your daughter decide for herself and support her in her decision.Where’s her other parent?How do they feel?

  18. Please tell me you’re not serious!

    You think abortion is murder… But you are ok with CHILD abuse?
    To make anyone go through with a rape pregnancy is abhorrent… But a 16 year old is still really a child and by NOT giving your consent I would class it as child abuse.
    If you were my mother, I’d disown you!

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