Q&A: I dont like being an atheist pls help?

Question by : I dont like being an atheist pls help?
14 and was a jehovah witness but became athesit becuz i thought it out but i dont like the fact of no afterlife and all the atheist shit anyone have proof of god?
I know my question was funny but your anwsers were to look at the bottom one xD
i am not buying a book Lol

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Answer by The Doctor
HAHAHA! You make me laugh son.

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17 thoughts on “Q&A: I dont like being an atheist pls help?”

  1. Look on the bright side: fornication.

    Sorry. I mean seriously, you have a lot of pathways open to you now. (That wasn’t meant as innuendo but has since become it in my mind. Well, once you go down that avenue…)

  2. I have proof, but it isn’t physical. As long as you keep looking for it that way, you won’t find anything because that’s not how the spiritual world works. If you want help, you can either email me, or look here: http://www.carm.org

    And disregard those fools who say there is no God. If they really looked, they’d know He does exist.

  3. You’ll never find God in a test tube. There is no scientific proof that he exists. Nor can an atheist disprove God with the scientific method. Science is incompetent in this regard.

    The evidence is there for you to find, but ya gotta wanna. You must seek God out for yourself if you want to find him. The effort is worth it, however. By the way, our spirits are the children of God, and they are immmortal.

  4. This is hardly the forum for a discussion.

    Let me give you this link to Please Convince Me. I think you find a lot there that will be helpful to you.
    The site was put together by a cold case homicide detective who was also an atheist until he was 35. I think we has put this together in a way that you will find helpful. (He has also been a youth pastor.) Feel free to write to the site or to me if you want to talk about anything. my email link is open through my icon. Seek and you will find. (I was also an agnostic/atheist until my 30’s.)


  5. Just accept yourself. There’s nothing wrong with being atheist. So what if there’s no afterlife? You can’t just make things up and believe in them. Don’t try to fool yourself. Just think about it some more. You’ll get used to the idea and you’ll see why its okay.

  6. lol you spell horribly JUST LIKE all atheists 🙂 just find your nearest church and ask a priest’s forgiveness

  7. There is no simple proof of God, if there was, there would b no athiests. If you want physical proof it requires actual research. There is tons of evidence of a creator if you are search.
    Deuteronomy 4:29
    But if from there you seek the LORD your God, you will find him if you seek him with all your heart and with all your soul.
    The best proof is the Bible, though athiests always say the bible contradicts itself. It can seem that it does if you take verses completely out of context. But if you use scripture to interpret scripture, and not try to interpret it with your own mind you find that it does NOT contradict itself. Try reading the Case for Christ, it’s about a former atheist who interviews Bible scholars and ends up becoming a Christian. I hope this helped, good luck and God bless.

    Edit: I left out something. If seek God by praying, with all of your heart and soul. God will give you feeling you have never experienced.

  8. Juvenile Troll>> I dont like being an atheist pls help?

    well, since it is OBVIOUS toy are just an Ignorant Juvenile Troll..and Not an atheist,.,you really don’t need help..do you!

  9. I think you are finding out first-hand why being religious is more popular than not.

    The good news is that you won’t always feel that way. Giving up religion is a bit like giving up smoking – you feel worse for a few days but after that you will feel normal, probably better.

    You don’t actually have to argue with believers about the existence of God as an atheist, you know. Its popular for sure, but not essential.

  10. Proof is subjective ( being whatever is sufficient to convince a given person), so arguably people do have proof of a god.

    But I don’t think anyone has ever come across * evidence * of a god, or strong evidence of the human psyche outliving the human brain.

    The biblical picture can’t be true, though. (In other news, water tends to have a high level of wetness.)

  11. You are a trauma survivor. You were raised in a cult by a mother and father that are damaged cult embers.

    Your phrasing indicates you have Issues as the result of your traumatic upbringing.

    If you want to be healthy as an adult and not act out on yourself or others, you need to seek therapy AS SOON AS HUMANLY POSSIBLE.

    If you’ve already decided that you’re not one of the “Anointed” 144,000 people your parents cult say will go to “heaven”, then you are half way to sanity… Your choice now is to either get healthy or start getting more crazy, fast.

    It’s your choice…

    Reality or Delusions.

    Edit: Sorry, I misread that… You don’t want to be an atheist because there is no afterlife. I misunderstood. Think about it this way…

    A) If you’re a JW, the odds are that you won’t be one of the chosen, anyways.
    B) Regardless of what fairy tale you believe, there is no afterlife… WISHING and begging and doing your best to believe in one won’t alter this reality.

    I wish the world were made of Pizza and filled with kittens… Being depressed that this isn’t the case doesn’t do me any good in life. It’s time you start using that brain that you’re almost finished growing and learn to come to terms with reality and stop clinging to comforting lies.

    ***The ‘anointed’
    Based on their understanding of scriptures such as Revelation 14:1-4 , Jehovah’s Witnesses believe that exactly 144,000 faithful Christians go to heaven to rule with Christ in the kingdom of God. They, with Jesus, will also perform priestly duties that will bring faithful mankind to perfect health and ‘everlasting life’.[12]They believe that most of those are already in heaven, and that the “remnant” at Revelation 12:17 (KJV) refers to those remaining alive on earth who will be immediately resurrected to heaven when they die. The Witnesses understand Jesus’ words at John 3:3—”except a man be born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God”—to apply to the 144,000 who are “born again” as “anointed” sons of God in heaven.[13] They teach that the New Testament, which they refer to as the Christian Greek Scriptures, is primarily directed to the 144,000, and by extension, to those associated with them.[14] They believe that the terms “Israel of God” (Galatians 6:16), “little flock” (Luke 12:32), “New Jerusalem,” and “the bride, the Lamb’s wife” (Revelation 21:2,9) in the New Testament also refer to the same group of “anointed” Christians. Jehovah’s Witnesses believe that being ‘anointed’ involves a personal revelation by God’s spirit which “gives positive assurance of adoption” to the individual alone. Members who claim to be anointed are not given special treatment by other congregation members.[19] However, only those in the anointed class partake of the unleavened bread and wine at the yearly commemoration of Christ’s death, or Memorial.

    ***Watchtower doctrine regarding the 144,000 being a literal number
    One of the core doctrines of the Watchtower is that only 144,000 humans will go to heaven, where they are to rule as kings. Most Jehovah’s Witnesses are not considered part of the 144,000 and do not expect to go to heaven. Rather they believe themselves part of the Great Crowd that will never die, but rather reside forever on earth.

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