Q&A: How many crack babies must a pro-life Christian adopt in order for pro-abortion advocates to think they….?

Question by Aonghas Shrugged: How many crack babies must a pro-life Christian adopt in order for pro-abortion advocates to think they….?
…..have a right to express their pro-life opinions in public?

(I ask this question because of the attitudes and statements I’ve heard from many pro-abortion promoters who suggest that anyone opposed to abortion is somehow personally responsible for each and every bad thing which may happen to an “unwanted child” born into a poor family or to a single mother. Indeed, I just saw another question posted on this topic that was specifically address to “You Pro-lifers”, as if pro-lifers have more responsibility for the “unwanted child” than anyone else.)

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Answer by Mort Goldman
I don’t know of anyone who is “pro-abortion”

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Drawing upon 30+ years of extensive ministry as a bible teacher, pastor, preacher, evangelist and trainer of local church teachers, Bobby Allison, a.k.a.TheP…
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24 thoughts on “Q&A: How many crack babies must a pro-life Christian adopt in order for pro-abortion advocates to think they….?”

  1. Pro-lifers aren’t just Christians. I’m an atheist. It baffles me that people think that someone willing to have sex shouldn’t also have the responsibility to at least give birth to that baby. If it’s then unwanted it’s considered a child, it can go to an orphanage if nothing else, at least then they have a chance to live.

  2. Until all unwanted children (including all the crack-babies) have been adopted, the anti-abortion movement will not get any hearing from me.

  3. How Many ? Enough to Fill The Known Universe Multiplied by Infinity, Now does that Number satisfy you?
    Typical Liberal Who Places a value on a Human Life and decides who has a Right to live and who dies.
    Go play god someplace else, You wanna kill something and desiced it has no value and doesn’t warrant Life because it’s inconvenient ? go kill a Fire ant mound or something, I have no time for unrepentant murderers

  4. Hi I’ve just stumbled across your videos and have found them very
    interesting and informative. I have a question though, are you angry with
    Christians or with God? I just don’t understand how an atheist can be angry
    with someone who doesn’t exist, if it’s the latter.

  5. You are correct about not being angry with something that does not exist.
    As far as being angry at Christians (or anybody), I’d say not necessarily
    angry with anyone in particular. I am quite emotional and express my
    emotions. I do, however, become quite incensed with the hypocrisy of the
    hyper-fundamentals. I guess, in a way, I am backing down the school yard

  6. Oooh—all caps. I take it English is only a passing hobby with you. Grammar
    son, you gotta learn some grammar.

  7. If there truly was a god it would have destroyed Pat Robertson’s diamond
    mining operation around the same time he funneled aid donations to instead
    buy mining equipment. If he’s a man of god then he and his god can suck my


  9. That insult sounds like something I would of said in the 5th grade. Grow
    the fuck up and ditch your imaginary friend while you’re at it too, kid.

  10. Crazy man always think that all people are crazy and he’s well don’t be
    stupid the one who wants truth he’s looking for good books and there is
    many intelligent people around the world that you should read their books
    and How you define intelligence??!!!! pleaz not you “if you think that
    you’re intelligent ” fuck intelligence

  11. poor Patty, his lust for power just gives him no rest. Pat’s big
    disappointment in life is that he can’t be an OT prophet raining fire,
    brimstone, and she bears on every one he doesn’t like.Which is almost every
    one. But, being such a blatant sinner and a man who has gotten very wealthy
    using his lord’s name in vain, I don’t think Patty actually believes the
    shit he talks. Christianity is a business and means to an end for this
    nasty little fart of a man.

  12. Generalizations aside, an atheist may or may not have a hard heart but is
    far less likely to possess a hard head. Hard heads are almost exclusively
    the domain for believers.

  13. As a radical Fundie at the time, I always held him in a bit of suspect as
    he would scrunch his eyes shut and begin to make blanket ‘word of
    knowledge’ statements like, “I feel that there is “someone” who is having
    financial difficulties…” Ambiguity has always been his greatest anointing
    for sure.

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