Q&A: How can I find my son?

Question by Don B: How can I find my son?
Years ago I learned I had a son. His mother left as soon as she learned she was pregnant. I have never met him and am not even sure of his name. She lived in Evergreen Park, Illinois and I’m fairly certain that she “went back home” there. I can’t think of any resource I’ve not tried in searching for him and with money being tight, well, I can’t afford the fee for those websites that “search for people.” Any ideas, thoughts or suggestions? Her name is Susan Triezenberg and I’ve been told she was to name the child “Christian.”
Happy 2….I’ve signed up at the registry addy you gave. I’m sure (and nervous) that I may have already found her thru the info. you gave me. I’ll keep you posted! I’m going to keep searching thru all I can until I finally get to see my son. It’s been a long time coming and I would like to know if he knows I even exist. What I really DON’T want to do is to barge into his life uninvited.

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Answer by bubbalumps
private investigtor.

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  1. Have you tried putting your name on a registry? Check this page out:
    It has links to a few places that might help you.

    If and when your son goes looking for his biological father, he might find that information if you put it out there. I’m pretty sure the search has to come from the child, but chances are he will be curious to meet his real father some day.

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