Q&A: Help with Adoption Choice?

Question by Wishin U Were Me: Help with Adoption Choice?
i have 2 children of my own and i want to adopt a third child. i would rather it be a baby, so it will associate me as its mother from the get go….

what country is best to adopt from???

i’m a married christian woman who is also a surgeon working in the USA, so i have money to support the child.
i didn’t use cap lock because i didn’t want to. how about that! and i don’t want a clean slate, i really just want to adopt a child. Gosh, i hate how people are so judgmental towards people when in reality they would never adopt a child because they are to lazy to, so they just go around trolling people who really do want to help the world.

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Answer by Sunny
You can get an embryo, and there would be NO GUARANTEE that this child “will associate” you “as it’s mother”.

All children are products of their DNA and are hard-wired from the second they’re conceived, and as a doctor, you should know that.

The reality is that nearly ALL adopted children long for their natural mothers, no matter who does the care taking. Otherwise every daycare worker or nanny would be considered ‘mommy’.

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6 thoughts on “Q&A: Help with Adoption Choice?”

  1. My pastor was telling me about his missionary trip to Ecuador and how the children were so amazing when they heard about America because they hardly have anything there. Many children are homeless and every night the ones without shelter are taken off the street by the police, toted into the dessert and shot in the head because they are considered filth and a waste of space. It was so sad and touching just hearing about it that it made me want to go to Ecuador and help build a church, even though I’m only thirteen 🙂
    If you can adopt from there, I’d recommend it. Just make sure you have a lot of protection details if you travel to Ecuador. People there will kill for less than a dollar in a heartbeat.
    God bless and I admire you for your decision!

  2. Oh dear here we go again with another deluded potential Christian adopter who believes that if she adopts a baby he or she will be a clean slate. Well you haven’t met my son who was adopted by a baby and always knew his adopters weren’t his natural parents. As a doctor you should know better and real Christians will support and encourage a mother to keep her child. Instead of adopting a baby have your own has you know you can. If you really want to give a child a stable home adopt from foster care but you wont because you have already bought into the myth that babies are clean slates

  3. I’m calling troll, because I find it difficult to believe that anyone who graduated med school can’t use capital letters. For that matter, I doubt a medical professional would turn to Yahoo for advice.

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