Q&A: All I need is just a chance to live.?

Question by Vivica: All I need is just a chance to live.?
First, let’s get this straight. I am NOT Christian. I am the exact opposite.
I am Pro Life. I am a vegetarian. I am for the dealth penalty. (Because unlike an un-born child, that person has done something horribly wrong). Although my morals of right and wrong are a little screwy, I have always believed that everything living deserves to live. So I think killing animals and fetuses are wrong.
Your “77% of anti-abortionist are men and 100% percent of them won’t have babies” is stupid. Becuase 100% of pro-choice people are already born.
I just want to hear what the pro-choice people have to say, that isn’t cliche and might help me understand it.

So someone help. Why would you kill something knowing, no matter what religion or belief, that it’s wrong????
(And don’t say it’s not living. We ALL know it is)
I DON’T worship god people so stop with the religion crap.

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Answer by guns & broads
You don’t believe that *everything* living deserves to live. Obviously you eat plants. Why don’t they deserve to live?
Who are you to rip them from their homes and digest them for your own pleasure?

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12 thoughts on “Q&A: All I need is just a chance to live.?”

  1. some people think diferent jsut like u and me….they probably know is livin but they still go a head with it….i dont agree with abortions but…..my opinion is there body there life..i am no one to jude…..we are all difernt

  2. Hi, I’m not exactly sure what your question is…in regards to abortion??
    As one person here so candidly stated not too long ago – Google the word abortion into images and anyone can clearly see for themselves an innocent formed baby that has been ripped maliciously out of the womb. A fetus IS a person, full of life, and deserving the chance to live – just as your heading states 🙂

  3. ur statement can be more of a personal philosophy on how to better our world and rid it of hate this really has nothing to do with religion but u r right about ur statements

  4. Killing animals, in my opinion, is just the circle of life. Fetuses, though, are a different story. i do think that’s wrong because what has the child done to deserve death?

  5. Thou shall not kill. Period. The only way I would kill is if I was about to be attacked, raped, and killed. I would not be the one who died.

  6. “why would you kill something knowing, no matter what religion or belief, that’s it’s wrong????”

    You’re contradicting yourself by supporting the death penalty.

    Anyways, I’m not sure if this seems cliche to you or not, I am pro-choice because I have no business telling someone else what to do with their own body. What I don’t like is when people use abortion as a form of birth control, but still that is their choice. Whether I think they are making a good decision or not is irrelevant.

  7. I agree with you that killing is most often not necessary. Abortion is. It really doesn’t matter if it’s considered right or wrong, people are going to do it. It’s like drugs, making it illegal only makes it more dangerous, it doesn’t stop anyone from doing it.

  8. well if you can not possibly offer a lifestyle that’s worth living ..if the child may be born into abuse …if you can not afford a child …if you are a victim of rape …there are many reasons of which may not be acceptable to you but judging others is not your place although you yourself have every right to feel it is wrong … when its your child then its your right your choice otherwise sorry but its nothing to do with you …not everyone has a sound enough mind to even deal with children what about a 14 y/o girl ..she is still a child who has delved too deep into adulthood but has no concept of what has happened… i am sure those who have done this regret it in every way… and have to live with their decisions..

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