Need opinions about my so Called “Family”?

Question by Angelica Valdez: Need opinions about my so Called “Family”?
I am 17, I have a Mom that used to be a crack head drug addict and prostitute, she Slept with basically everyone in town, 3 years ago she got god, she has been saved and has not done drungs or been with any guys, she works at a Christian ministry. Well I could not live with her so my cousins took me in and offered me to live with them, she has 4 kids and her now New husband has 2, A grown man lives under her roof ,her husbands “BestFriend” he’s 32 and he don’t pay rent he don’t have a job he don’t even look for one. All he does is sit on the couch, well heres the Problem, they told my boyfriend they want to adopt him since his parents don’t care for him, and he got his hopes up. JUST because The husbands bestfriend DON’T like my boyfriend they kick us out… But before that Happened me and my boyfriend Qould go out get groceries and food and products for the house, baby sit, clean up the WHOLE house and Outside work. well I was pregnant and I had Alot of stress, that day I found out I was pregnant her husband and “bestfriend” took me aside and told me to get a abortion or for me to talk to a lady friend of theirs about adoption, I cried I am Against EITHER one, they alps told my boyfriend that he don’t need to be with me that he can get “pussy” anywhere that he could just dip and be a man and get laid and get every girl nocked up. My boyfriend cried to me about that and I told them Somthing . the next day I had a spontaneous miscarriage. and next thing I New I’m getting kicked out cause the bestfriend don’t like my boyfriend since he told him “grow up, I will be a better man then u and will support my girl and OUR baby” ….. I told my mom about this and she went down and gave blew up and told them “the lord rebuke you Satan” and now their starting things with me, they are going off saying my mom should have been a mom when THEY ARE the ones who offered me a Roof and wanted to adopt Mu boyfriend, They are using my moms past against her , but the thing is my cousin she Got pregnant at the age of 14 , got pregnant again at 16, and again at 20 and 24 and so on, isn’t she being hypocritical ? I have a scholarship I go to school and I am getting a job withthe boys and girls club and for her to say “adoption”… who is right in this matter?

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Answer by quanqueque
Look dont worry about who is right. You haven’t done anything wrong and thats all that matters. maybe your cousin told you to get an abortion because if she could change the choices she made she would. so maybe she just hates the way her life turned out and wants better for you. as for her husband and his “best friend” fuck those assholes, they sound like pigs and you should be happy to be away from them. I know it hurts that family is treating you so bad but and it caused you to miscarry but try and think of it as for the best. because I know that when I was going through just about the same thing some years back it really messed with me,but when I look back now I think well it was for the best because I was in no position to have a baby. it seem to me your body knew. so just forget about those horrible people and focus on your life and all the ways you’re going to make it better. good luck.

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