MY MOM HAS BEEN ACTING REALLY IMMATURE… just because ‘i wont be a doctor’?!?

Question by MusicIsLife: MY MOM HAS BEEN ACTING REALLY IMMATURE… just because ‘i wont be a doctor’?!?
So my mom has been ignoring me / acting like she’s in a bad mood and basically ignoring everyone in our family. The reason? Oh before I tell you, yes it’s “all “my” fault”

I’ll go ahead and tell you the story:
So I’ve been wanting a rabbit for 3 years and I’m gonna get one in march (if all goes well, I am adopting btw) anyway my mom is TOTALLY against the idea, no reason really. But a few days ago she surprised me saying she approved the idea of me getting a rabbit. I was really surprised but happy but then she told me this… She said if I became a doctor then she would allow it. I got really mad, because ALL my life she’s been telling me that I HAVE to become a doctor. Because “she’s supporting me” by sending me to the best private Christian schools in the district.

When I was little she often scared by saying, if you don’t want to become a doctor then why go to school? You can have all those worthless little jobs without going to college or school. Just don’t go to school tomorrow then, okay? I would always get scared and say okay I’ll become doctor. But now that I’m older, I don’t care. I probably won’t even go to college cause I’m most likely going to commit suicide before I graduate (nah, I’m not depressed. And I have my OTHER reasons for doing so)

So I really don’t care, plus now she’s saying that I don’t have to go to this expensive school if I don’t want to become a doctor, I DONT CARE LOL, I have no friends at my new highschool (freshmen), in fact I wanted to go to this cheaper school cause most of my friends went there and it’s also cheaper, but my mom said no cause there was no elementary for my 7 year old sis.

So now; she’s ignoring / being distant to me. She’s giving my sister lots of attention in front of me, as if I care? And she said that I dont even need to go school if I’m not gonna become a doctor. She says if Im a doctor then I’ll have lots of money, she’s all about money. I think she wants me to support her when she gets old, and I will Even though I’m not a doctor. I mean seriously wtf?

After so many years of “you have to become a doctor or else—” I don’t want to be a doctor, I WANT TO HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH THE MEDICAL FIELD. nothing. Not even being a vet; my passion is for animals. I want my job to involve animals. But apparently my mom thinks that’s not good enough. And I don’t really care. I hate biology and math. Those are my worst subjects: so OBVIOUSLY I will flunk out of medical school anyway. My mom doesn’t care about the cost or anything. As long as I become a doctor then everything’s okay. I talked to her last night cause she’s acting like such a stupid child. And she said “you being a doctor was my dream, I supported you all these years (sent you to the best schools, bought you whatever you wanted) so you could one day become a doctor” and I said, OKAY MOM. IM FREAKING 13. I have a lot of tome to decide what I want to be. The more you pester me about this the less I’ll want to become a doctor.

I just want my mom to actually be UNDERSTANDING. I see all those other moms that are so understanding and I see my mom and I’m so ashamed. My mom had a miscarriage before me and had to use the “frozen baby” technique with me in order for me to be born. So you’d think that she’d support me with whatever choice I make right? No… It doesn’t really matter anyway, cause I’m gonna leave this place before I graduate. But what can I do to make my mom stop this stupid nonsense? My dad doesnt really care… Thanks.
i agree and @ PEARL: i know right. but she wants ME to go to medical school, not her, ME. she doesnt understand that I DONT WANT TO BE IT. shes so stupid. seriously

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