Looking back in my life I think I was more christian before I heard about Jesus then after?

Question by Isaiah 54: Looking back in my life I think I was more christian before I heard about Jesus then after?
I heard about Jesus when I was 14 years old and became a Christian one year later but looking back I think I’ve always been a Christian because well:

1. I always knew I was a sinner (When I was 5 years old the police were driving around our neighborhood and I ran home terrified because I knew I had broken the laws of God at some point in my life)
2. When I was 5 I said “If my cousin doesn’t come over today I’m going to kill him and then I felt so ashamed for saying I would murder another human being I couldn’t look him straight in the eye for the three days that he was visiting us.”
3. When I was 7 years old I wore a bhudda necklace that fell to the ground and was terrified that I no longer had the god’s protecting me
4. When I was 9 years old my father was always taking trips to other countries for work and my mother neglected me… I said “God nobody loves me, will you adopt me to be your child.” (This is before I knew that Jesus ever existed.
5. I remember when I was 9 years old I had so much respect and fear for Jesus, I was terrified of him…
6. IN all the 14 years before I heard about Jesus… and knew his great power… I had only taken his name in vain once in my entire life…. so I think God was protecting me even back then
7. My mother abused me until I had mental illness and I remember when I was 7 years old God revealed to me that a demon had entered my mother and now she was no longer the loving person who took care of me… for 3-4 years I believed that my mother had died and that an evil spirit was replacing her… (This is true!!! My mother hates both me and my father… and if it wasn’t for my dad, my mother would most likely send me out on the streets homeless and naked. She uses my father because he makes more money then him)
I knew from popular media that Jesus was the son of God and that he died for the sins of the world…

But I didn’t know that he died for me until I was 14… or that my sins could be forgiven.

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Answer by liwmld
life is hard, isn’t it? i’m so sorry for all the pain you have had to endure, but so happy you know Jesus. thanks for posting. God bless you.

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5 thoughts on “Looking back in my life I think I was more christian before I heard about Jesus then after?”

  1. Yes, all children belong to Christ. When you grow up, you need to make decision about Jesus’ offer for you.

    Jesus Christ is the reason we are Christians and if you reject Him, you are not a Christian

  2. wait u feared Jesus wen u were 9 but u didn’t hear of him until u were 14? explain by reposting dis. n no. ur only a Christian wen u hav a relationship wit Christ n accept him as Lord n Saviour n to make it stronger u gotta reed the Bible n do as it says

  3. The word Christian means ‘Christ follower’. If you are no better now that you have been following him, you need to read more, be with fellow believers more, and choose your teachers wisely.

    Stop accusing your mother for what you are. Pray for her sure…. but don’t talk about her anymore.

    She might be why you’re like this, but don’t use her as an excuse to stay this way.

  4. the sheep know its shepherd and hear His voice. You were born before the the foundations of the world were ever laid. God said let US place OUR Spirits into man.

    of course you knew.

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