Its Time For The Baby Name Game!?

Question by Brookelle: Its Time For The Baby Name Game!?
1. You’re 17, and just started your Senior Year in Highschool. You have been with your boyfriend for 4 years and find out you are expecting. He seems a little nervous but since his Dad will be retiring and giving him his Famous Bakery, He tells you everything will be alright. -What is his name, and what is yours?

2. 7 months later, You go into labor. Scared for the baby’s life your boyfriend rushes you to the hospital. At 3:21 am after being in labor for less then an hour, You deliever a premature Baby Boy by Emergency C-Section. He weighs 4lbs 2oz and has repitory problems. -What is this new bundle of joys name?

3. 27 Days after his Birth, Your son is ready to come home! Your boyfriend starts driving an unfimilular road, and pulls into the driveway of a ranch house. In the front yard it says “Welcome Home Baby ” and you look at him confused. He tells you to get the baby and come inside. He had bought the house earlier that year and all those nights you thought he was working late, He spent remodling it. You walk in and see your parents with the nursery from your old house set up! – What is the theme?

4. Your boyfriend decides its time to propose. While out to dinner on your 19th birthday he gets on his knee! You are sooo shocked, and start to cry. Next thing you know your planning your wedding! – Where is it? and What is your dress like?

5. On your 21st Birthday, Only a few weeks after your son turned 5, You find out your pregnant again. When you go to find out the sex of the baby, You realize you got more then you bargined for! Triplets! 2 girls and 1 boy. You decide your 2 Bedroom Ranch wont do anymore. So you pack up and move. -What is the new house like?

6. A few months later the triplets are born. Baby A- Is a girl. She is 5lbs 6oz.
Baby B- Is a boy. He is 7lbs 3oz. and Baby C- Is a girl. She was 6lbs 1oz. -What are their names?

7. On the triplets 3rd birthday and your son’s 8th birthday. You decide to place your name on the adoption list. You want one more baby to join your family. You find out youll be adopting a Little Girl from China. You are soo thrilled and the mother even comes to America to give birth. Your adopted daughter is born on Valentines Day!
-What is her name?

8. Next thing you know your babies are all grown up! Your adopted daughter is celebrating her 25th Birthday and is expecting triplets! Your oldest son has 4 kids and your triplets each have 2! Leaving you with 10 grandbabies and 3 on the way!
What are your 13 grandkids names?

9. You grow old and pass away! You leave everything to your children. And leave the earth with a total of 5 Children, 13 Grandchildren, and 31 greatchildren! You lived an amazing life. One last question though.. – How did you die?

Best answer:

Answer by тєяєѕα
1. Steven and Teresa

2. Bennett James ( Bennett: ‘Little Blessed One’)

3. It’s set up like a jungle with lots of cuddly animals.

4. Wedding is at our hometown church that we both grew up in. My dress is all lace with a keyhold back.

5. We move into a 5 bedroom, 4 bath colonial house in a quiet neighborhood.

6. A- Amalia Christine “Molly” , B- Cole Anthony, C- Scarlett Marie “Scout”

7. Lily Jia

8. 1. Rowan Elizabeth
2. Kelsey Danielle
3. Brady Michael
4. Elijah Steven “Eli”
5. Greyer James
6. Auden Noelle
7. Liam Jeffrey
8. Addison Nicole
9. Landon Gregory
10. Bailey Marie
11. Leila Kathleen
12. Eloise Blake
13. Sophia Corinne

What do you think? Answer below!

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6 thoughts on “Its Time For The Baby Name Game!?”

  1. 1. Mine is Elizabeth “Izzy” Marie (last name) and my boyfriend is Ryan Robert Cortes (pronounced courts)
    2. Ian McKenzie Cortes
    3. Castle, kings, knights, prices, horses, etc.
    4. It’s outside, somewhere sunny, nowhere too fancy. My dress is off-white and strapless, lace with a black waistband.
    5. The new house is Victorian-style with lots of interesting details, painted either green or blue with black trim.
    6. Isabel Violet, Asa Ryan, and Rose Mae, respectively
    7. Aisling Alivia
    8. Ian’s kids: Jakeb Marcus, Mathias Robert, Lilian Mary, and Rashel Scarlett. Jakeb and Mathias are named after my brothers, his uncles.
    Isabel’s kids: Avril Lynn and Joy Marie
    Asa’s kids: Jared Mitchell and Lacey Faith
    Rose’s kids: Isaac William and Poppy Marie
    Aisling’s kids (on the way): Nathan Joshua, Dane Vincent, and Jenna Lynn
    9. I died peacefully after a short illness, surrounded by friends and familiy. I was 103 1/2 years old.

  2. 1. His name is Aaron, my name is Carly 😛

    2. Samuel Igor

    3. Hockey themed 🙂 awe so cute!

    4. My dress is short and..white lol. We get married in a church in December, in my hometown.

    5. lol (you would be able to know at your 1st or 2nd appointment, not at the 5 month where you find out the sex! ahah but anyways…) we move into a big new house. it has 5 bedrooms, a designer kitchen, a hot tub/pool and big rec room. 🙂

    6. Baby A- November Jaidyn
    Baby B- Theodore Felix
    Baby C- Rosalin Natalya (after my best friend Natalie Rose)

    7. Valerie Yvette Isabella.

    8. 13 grandkids—

    7 girls:
    Lauren Sofia
    Claudia Hope
    Anna Michelle
    Gillian Lenora
    Heather Amelie
    Aria Faith
    Penny Laila

    6 boys:
    Corey Connor
    Marc Joaquin
    Luke Benjamin
    Caelin Tobias
    Brooks Kain
    Clarke Peter

    9.. I’ve already decided how i want to die! lol, no joke
    I was at a hockey game, and I jumped over the glass to see my favourite hockey player, and got hit by a zamboni……….. 😀

  3. 1. Keith, Paige.
    2. Parker Chase Dean.
    3. Cars, trucks and tractors, baby blue is the walls:)
    4. Church:) my dress will be white and strapless:):)
    5. Huge, cabin look to it:)
    6. A: Rileigh Faye:) B: Austin Nolan Dean C: Chloe Jade Dean.
    7. Mia Love Dean.
    1. Hayden James
    2. Talon Mathew
    3. Emily Madison
    4. Leah Brooklyn
    5. Julia Paige
    6. Hunter Keith Allan
    7. Autumn Rayne
    8. Lydia Stella
    9. Evan Tristian
    10. Ella May
    11. Tanner Joesph
    12. Aubrey Kate
    13. Ava Faith

    9. In my sleep

  4. 1. Tyler and Alicia
    2. Ethan James
    3. Blue Trains .
    4. Paris. My dress is white. lol 😛
    5. Big 6 bedroom house
    6. Charlotte Noelle, Kaylee Scarlett & Austin Thomas.
    7. Rachel Jane
    8. Caroline Grace
    Amelia Rose
    Brianna Jade
    Nathaniel Carter
    Andrew James
    Kaitlyn Lily
    Kayla Danielle
    Ava Noelle
    Audrey Lynn
    Taralyn Jane
    Sienna Charlotte
    Blair Rose
    Arabella Rose
    9.In my Sleep from Natural Causes. I was 106 Years old.

  5. 1 – How sweet! My name is Kellie Danielle and his name is William David Lawson. (Will)
    2 – He really is a miracle child! I decide to name him Ethan Alexander Lawson. Ethan means “Gift from God.”
    3 – The theme is Safari! Here’s a picture! (scroll down a bit)
    4 – My wedding is on the beach in behind our Ranch Home! Here’s what my dress looks like…
    5 – It’s a three story Victorian Style house that’s still close to the beach!
    6 – Ava Charlotte, Easton James, & Owen Christian
    7 – Rose Elisabeth!
    8 – Oldest Son – Anna Rachel, Jordon Micheal, Greyson Evan, and Ryan Nathan
    – Triplet 1 – Braden Phillip & Greyson Wyatt
    – Triplet 2 – Aurora Elaine & Emma Adelle
    – Triplet 3 – Christian Reed & Olivia Marie

    9 – My husband died a bit before me, and I died just of natural causes! But I was loved by everyone and my family!

    This was so fun! God Bless! xx

  6. Tyler Matthew Stevens and Alivia Rose Parker
    Nicholas Anthony
    The wedding is in Cape Cod on the beach. My dress is strapless, backless and covered in rhinestones. there is a short train on the back.
    the house has 6 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms. it is on the beach AND has a pool.
    Lia Rose, Aidan Riley and Allyana Grace
    Valentina Marie

    Cole- Aaron, Baylie, Ella and Tanner
    Lia- Maci and Farrah
    Aidan- Kennedy and Charlotte
    Ally- Hannah and Easton
    Val- Rory, Ryan and Rayna

    I died of natural causes

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