is it cool for “christian” based adoption agencies to profit from “sin”?

Question by tish_part deux: is it cool for “christian” based adoption agencies to profit from “sin”?
often, posters write about the “loving, selfless decision” of adoption; and how many adoptive parents were “called to adoption, due to some celestial intervention.” in addition, many “christian-based” adoption agencies view adoptees as “God’s gift”; or that “birthmothers are a blessing.” And one can not read a blog from a christian adoptive parent without having “God”, “lord”, “glory”, “blessings”, et al. peppered through the post.

ironically, most of these “blessed birthmothers” are usually pregnant by young men, who are not their husbands. since (according to the biblical teachings) unmarried sex is fornication, and…

….isn’t “fornication” a sin.

so, i’m confused: why would “christian-based” agencies work so hard to give parents who were “called to adoption by God” the “gift of a child”…that was most likely conceived in “sin.”

also, wouldn’t christian agencies PREFER if unmarried women not have sex; and subsequently not get pregnant? but… if women in a rough spot (mostly unmarried) stop having sex and babies, how would the agencies be able to charge their clients tens of thousands of dollars to adopt a baby….who was most likely conceived in sin.

is all of this “God-like?”

is there a conflict of interest here???

ps…please don’t circumvent the questions with “noise” about “married women place too” or “God gives us free will”, because, that’s merely a distraction.
@ call_me…: *sigh* how many times do we have to state abused and neglected kids are NOT who we refer to in our critique? NO ONE wants abused and neglected kids to stay with abusive parents! and you know good and damn well, what i’m suggesting! adoption agencies are NOT scouring the crack houses recruiting pregnant women. they are soliciting healthy girls from suburban/rural high schools who are most likely knocked up due to busted sex education and no access to birthcontrol; who they can guilt into breeding for profit, cloaked as “God’s work.” if you’re going to debate, please, stick to the facts…
ETA: “The agency I went through was called “Blessed Trinity Adoptions”

vanessa, no…just no. so i guess they only took women who were knocked up by immaculate conception?? was mary a client? eww..

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Answer by mayo_carl
no conflict of interest.

a baby is still a human being, loved by God

What do you think? Answer below!

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20 thoughts on “is it cool for “christian” based adoption agencies to profit from “sin”?”

  1. Well I doubt my answer counts for much, as I am neither particularly religious nor an AP through an agency. But as for profiting from the *sin* of fornication, I assume they believe in forgiveness for the woman’s sins as they see them.

    Not saying I understand or agree with the thinking, but that is probably the way they see it.

  2. The one I like is “It’s a life – not a choice” … and then they promote adoption? Like Huh?? I thought it wasn’t a choice??

    I’ve never been very successful in reasoning with very religious people. Which is probably fair. They were never successful in reasoning with me either. 🙂

  3. Because it’s so much cooler to play god than to let him do his own job. These “Christian” adoption agencies can simultaneously call every baby a “gift from god” and part of the “divine plan,” but somehow they can’t imagine how god could possibly want the woman he impregnated (since god creates children) to parent her own child. And we cannot possibly advocate for anything other than abstinence-only education, because if young girls have access to birth control, we can’t profit from their sin. But, you know, Cheesus loves you…

    Call_me: You wrote, ” i Guess Im one of those stupid women who think god called them into adoption b/c I cant have children…” At least you’re a big enough person to admit it.

  4. Hah yeah that is pretty ironic never thought of that until you bring that up. But i’m guess in realality they know good and well that those women weren’t called to adoption. They just bullshit half the time to stop the woman from having an abortion. Everything they say about adoption a gift from god all of that its just a bunch of hooey to stop abortion they say whatever they think will work. I mean think about it no christian pregnancy center is for abortion in fact I heard they show a very graphic video to every pregnant woman who goes in there about it the only stories they give to the women about abortion are negative. Its all for that purpose I know they don’t really believe that.

  5. because god would want children to have good caring homes, finding a child is not wrong on any level. Also a child should not suffer for the parents mistakes. i Guess Im one of those stupid women who think god called them into adoption b/c I cant have children and somehow even though I knew nothing about the sytem a sweet baby boy found his way into my home abut two years back who was living with a dope head mother bouncing house to house with drug dealers.

  6. Of course it’s a distraction. But they’re not ready or able to hear simple truth…in all but the most extreme cases, a mother and child should not be separated.

    you know what they say – when we’re ready to learn, the teacher appears…

  7. I hate the fluffy language some people pick to justify the process. If God is included like He is the vehicle or the one who has chosen them and the set of circumstances then that makes whatever might be done in His name alright. They are blessed. A lot of mumbo jumbo to me. The choices and decisions are all made at a human level.

  8. I was one of those mothers who suffered at the hands of a called ‘Christian’ woman, my mother – my dad isn’t, and a Christian adoption agency. Incidently the adoption agency closed done a few years later as their nain area was newborn adoption and it was getting much harder to do that as mothers were getting support to raise their children. It turned me against my faith for many years as I felt if Christians thought was okay to bully and lie to young, mothers into surrendering then I didn’t want to be part of it. It’s hypocritical to use any form of coercion to persuade any mother to this but Chistians doing it makes me sick as they should be encouraging mothers to raise their children not condemn them for the “sin” of being a single mother.

  9. The agency I went through was called “Blessed Trinity Adoptions”. Enought said.

    You could be writing my story with this post. My sons adopters used all this fluff in obtaining my child. Here a few quotes from the adoptress herself:

    “I believe that god allowed the conception of this baby for my husband and I or some other infertle couple”
    ” While angry at god because of my infertility, I sought my refuge with him and he led me into the direction of adoption”
    and so forth and so on…

    Yeah, and they were such good Chrisitans they allowed me to believe I was entering into an open adoption, with such a “good loving chrisitan couple” then cut me out of the picture when he was 7.

    Religion is a COP out; a way to justfiy your evil, selfish actions towards another human being so you can gain, especially where adoption is concerned.

    ETA@ Tish- Yes, just yes that was the name. I know… I look back and shudder with disbelief that I ever entrusted myself, let alone my child to them and their paying customers. Just sickens me.

  10. “And one can not read a blog from a christian adoptive parent without having “God”, “lord”, “glory”, “blessings”, et al. peppered through the post.”
    Thought I was the only one who noticed that,lol.

    “called to adoption, due to some celestial intervention.”
    I just want to tell them ” God didn’t call you to do crap”.

    Don’t forget about the Christians who feel the need to save children from “evil” religions such as Vodou,Buddhism and Hinduism and bring them to the “Lord Jesus Christ”!
    Or rip them away from their cultures in the the name of “Gawd”.

    If I were to ever put my child up for adoption( doubt I will though), I sure wouldn’t want them to be adopted by these “saviors from above”.

    Sidenote:I was raised by a single mother ( tragic…i know) and I am in the National Honor Society, Beta Club, I take A.P. classes and will be headed to a great college in the fall. I almost have a 4.0. Shocking! I am tired of people who say that kids are better off with two parents than one. My father was abusive, but I guess in most people’s eyes my parents should of stayed together because that is what “God” wants. Single mothers and fathers can raise happy & healthy kids.

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