Is anyone considering aborting?

Question by Sadie: Is anyone considering aborting?
I am always trying to save babies on here, If anyone is considering aborting I would like to ask you to reconsider. My mother would love to save your baby, We are looking to adopt a baby that would have otherwise been aborted. If you choose us to care for your baby, I will post his/her pics on facebook, and you may visit. We are a middle class, Christian, white family of two, looking for an addition from any background, Do you know anyone in need of our help?
just wanna help… not putting anyone down

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Answer by Sgt Shammy
Adoption is a temporary solution to a permanent problem.
Abortion is a permanent solution to a temporary problem.
Keeping a baby you can’t afford and/or aren’t ready for is a formula for disaster

The government has deemed minors (teens) incapable to have the mental capacity to be legally responsible for themselves, so WHY would it make sense to allow a legally irresponsible teen to be responsible for themselves AND another human life?!

Any idiot can have sex, but it takes much more to be a responsible, mature and financially stable parent. Age DOES matter! Maturity is gained through life experiences and life experiences are obtained over time.
Getting knocked up doesn’t magically make you mature or a responsible adult! Don’t say “age doesn’t matter”, because the youngest mother recorded was 5yrs old!

Abortion is simply a medical procedure to remove a parasitic organism
$ 200-$ 1,000 (abortion) will save your life/future, the father’s life/future, and keep your parents from humiliation.
1 in 4 women miscarries, so you don’t even know that you would miscarry anyways. Abortions are the man-made miscarriage.

Having a knocked up teen daughter is a failure on the parents.
Do you realize that you’re a direct reflection of their ability to be good parents, right?
People will judge THEM by what YOU do.

Keeping a baby YOU can’t afford or take care of is NOT “brave”, “mature” or “responsible” but actually irresponsible, selfish, and just plain dumb!
If your PARENTS wanted another child then THEY would have had one. If you can’t care for a baby independently then you have NO business having one! Sometimes the “responsible” thing to do IS to have an abortion.
Studies have shown that the MAJORITY of women/girls feel relief after abortions (I know I did!) and that guilt, complications, and regret are NOT common.

Did you know just giving birth in a hospital costs thousands of dollars alone? Teens just don’t have that kind of money. YOU do not have the necessary assets to raise a child. Your mother/father is NOT responsible for you or your baby, so think very hard about this. They CAN legally kick you out on the street with a new born baby. If you want to play grown up then go play grown up in the REAL world like the rest of us.

Fun and TRUE pregnancy FACTS about many females: .
-The area of skin between your vagina and anus will tear open to create ONE LARGE HOLE between your legs,r:0,s:0
-You will poop and pee on the delivery table (in front of everyone) during birth.
-You will have stretch marks.
-For the next 2 years you will average about 3 hours of sleep a night.
educational birth video:

Basics for being a successful parent:
(the ideal situation)
Be at least 21 (25+ is best)
live within your means INDEPENDANTY (meaning NOT with mom and dad)
be married (or have life partner)
have at least $ 5,000 just for the baby
able to spend at least $ 400/month on the baby in addition to normal bills
both own cars (or just 1 if you live in a major city and use public transportation)
both have careers (not just jobs)
both have AT LEAST graduated high school (better if you both have degrees)
Have insurance (home/renters, auto, health)

I’m adopted, and the system is flawed! (I was lucky and got adopted into a wealthy and loving family, but that’s rare. Adoption is like dropping a pet off at the shelter, getting a family is NOT guaranteed) The world already has TOO many unwanted kids, so don’t choose adoption either. At any given time there are OVER half a MILLION kids in need of foster/adoptive parents in just the USA. Chances are your kid will end up abused or on the streets if you go with adoption.

I had an abortion when I was 18 and it was the best decision I ever made for myself! (I had plans and a future ahead of me) I have NEVER regretted that choice! And that was 9 yrs ago. I’m kid-free and HAPPY, and thankful! No pain No regret No problem!

(Remember- abortions are legal in the USA until 24 weeks in all 50 states, because the fetus is not viable outside the womb)

The legalization of abortions reduced the crime rates in the 1990s! (sources: John Donohue III & Steven Levitt “The Impact of Legalized Abortion on Crime” and John Conklin 10th edition “Criminology”)

What do you think? Answer below!

Michael & Alena God has a different plan for us to start our family, and that is through the miracle of adoption. In December 2007 we welcomed our precious s…
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7 thoughts on “Is anyone considering aborting?”

  1. rant much?
    you’re also not helping anyone. your rants and idiotic religious ways are hindering society
    what you are trying to do is illegal!

  2. May as well not ask anything moral on this board! It’s always full of hate. People seem to think abortion is okay as long as in their best interest, never mind the interest of the child. You probably should either contact an adoption lawyer or an agency and try to adopt through them.

  3. I don’t understand why most of the people seems to be agree with the abortion. I know that the women have her own right over her body … But don’t they thing that the baby have the same right to live??

  4. Reasons why your “question” is totally wrong:
    1. Its illegal to solicit for babies on this forum…..will be reporting you for that shortly.
    2. Its morally reprehensible to ask a woman to carry a baby for you for 9 months and then deal with the pain and trauma of surrendering. The bonding between a mother and her baby is CHEMICAL not just emotional.
    3. No woman owes your mother a baby.
    4. Adoption has caused untold trauma to mothers, fathers, extended family and children….it is a failed social experiement that should only be undertaken when it is truely in the best interests of the child.
    5. If your mother really wanted a child that badly then she would be applying to help one of the hundreds of children truely needing parents…..incase youre too dense to work it out, thats the kids in the foster care system who’s parents have already had their parental rights terminated.
    6. Your whole sanctimonious “we want to save a baby” is a load of bollocks…….

    Gah people like you make me ill. To answer your question, NO, Im not considering aborting……what a disgusting question to ask, that right there is enough to make me furious…….but if I was that would be MY business, not yours and not your mothers.

    ETA: We have no problem understanding exactly what it is she wants…..shes made it perfectly obvious. We just dont agree with her. We’ve also taken the time to read the term of service for YA. This question is actually illegal, its solicitation and its disgusting. Women in crisis pregnancies dont need this rubbish and they dont come on sites like this to have predators begging them to go through often traumatic pregnancies in order to hand their babies off……just because some people believe that abortion is murder doesnt mean that everyone has to be that foolish and deluded.

  5. I don’t think they understand that you just want to help a baby live.
    But if I were you I wouldn’t talk about controversial things on Y!A unless you want someone to yell at you. I know, I know. They are mean people :/
    You actually sound like very nice people. As someone else said, if you want to help a kid, try foster care. There are tons of kids that need foster parents. You can either just foster or adopt a kid through foster care. Either way, Best of luck to you!

  6. No and I don’t know anybody who is Even if I did I would support their decision as it’s wrong to pressure someone into something they don’t want to do.

    Abortion ends an unwanted pregnancy.

    Adoption is for mothers who don’t want to abort and don’t parent which is usuually because they lack support, resources and help to raise their child.

    The two can’t be compared.

    I didn’t abort my son because I was pro life, a Christian and more importantly I wanted to raise my son. Adoption never crossed my mind as I had a job and was responsible enough plus I loved him. Unfortunately my so called Christian mother and my father were adamant he was adp[ted and arranged everything with a Chrisitian adoption agency. If my parents had had their way he would have been aborted. Blatant coerced aka lying and bullying by then saw that he was adopted.

    Talking expectant mothers out of aborting because you want to ‘save’ the baby as you’re Christians is tacky and coercive. Subsequently I suffer with depression, have been suicidal and have self harmed over the years. My son also suffers with depression. There is nothing Christian about persuading anybody to go through an unwanted pregnancy just because you want to ‘adopt’ a baby hence ‘save’ him or her. A real Christian will be supportive regardless of their views on abortion. Having lived through a coerced adoption by so called Christians (the adoption agency was a ‘Christian’ one) I would not recommend it, I would recommend parenting.

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