I need to know reasons why gay marriage is wrong?

Question by Asha J: I need to know reasons why gay marriage is wrong?
I am doing a debate on gay marriage and my teacher put me on the con side so i need info on why gay marriage is wrong.

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Answer by shark_315
Your not going to find why its wrong in the LGBT section.

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14 thoughts on “I need to know reasons why gay marriage is wrong?”

  1. Let’s bring the children on the topic. Supposing if the gay couple decide to adopt a child, how will the child be raised. Love is unconditional, but it feels weird when you have two daddies/mommies, isnt it?

  2. Someone else’s marriage is NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS. End of debate. It is completely moot if it is right or wrong because it is none of your business.

  3. Your teacher sucks! This is a horrible topic to debate on! The only arguments against gay marriage are clearly personal and religious ones. You just can’t come up with a logical response against it!

  4. its only wrong when kids are involved, keeps everything in balance, you need a mans authority and a womans nurturing and caring

  5. It is believed that having both a male and female role model is vital for healthy child rearing. Other than that I can’t think of anything, accept people are afraid of changing old traditions about what marriage is.

  6. I am on the *pro* side of gay marriage, I think it’s right and should be legal, but I can tell you some reasons why some people might think it’s wrong.

    1) You could go with the whole religious thing, and say it’s against the bible. Man shall not lay with man, etc.
    2) It’s bad for the economy: If gay people get married then they will get the same benefits as straight married people such as health insurance, life insurance, social security, etc..

    I wish I could think of more reasons, but I am not the right peson to try to answer this question, because I believe in gay marriage!
    Cheers! 🙂

  7. How about the fact that no other animal does it? – OR –
    If a child, (or children), is involved, where would be the balance? – OR –
    It’s against the law, (God’s and civil)! -OR –
    It’s queer for a reason!

  8. 1. A marriage is between a man and a woman. Adam was a man. God created Eve from his rib to be his helpmate and to bear children.
    2. Sodom and Gomorrah
    3. Children who have gay parents do not have the opportunity to be raised in a traditional home with a mother and father.

  9. I would suspect that most of the replies you get on this answer will be based on a person’s Biblical understanding. Seeing how society holds a more “progressive” stance on social issues – society as a whole is rather accepting of gay marriage. What hurts gay marriage, however, is the fact that there is a very high percentage of Americans who base their values and morles on Biblical principles. Christianity nor Islam condone homosexuality. So, to anwer your question as to why it is wrong – I would say it is wrong because society as a whole deems the act as an abomination to not only the survival of the human race but also to the norms which society deems as being “natural” in regards to relations with members of the same sex.

  10. I’m curious as to who chose this debate topic. A sodomite or liberal atheist teacher maybe? I’ll be glad to help you and to direct you to some excellent resources. It starts with realizing that it is not correct to say “gay”. It is sodomy.

    1)It leaves mankind without a way to continue his existance. Every society has been destroyed who allowed it to flourish and approved of it.
    2)It leaves the door wide open for other immoral behaviors such as polygamy, incestuous relations, etc. to be “legal” and thus acceptable to society. They actively seek to strike down sexual deviancy laws. They want our children to think it is a “real” marriage and the same thing as what God designed which is preposterous propoganda to teach a child that a man and woman weren’t designed for one another and meant to create children and to be there for them and raise them up to be Godly moral citizens.
    3) Costs society too much in litigations, health costs, etc.
    4) Spreads disease. It is filthy (bad hygiene) to wallow in one’s filth or someone else’s and call it “love” or “normal”. It shortens lives.
    5) Perverting the minds of children either adopted, related, or exposed to their inordinate displays of lust. They want to force themselves into positions of Boy Scout leaders.
    “PEDOPHILIA IN GAY CULTURE The Historical Connection between Pedophilia and the Gay Rights Movement
    David Thorstad is a homosexual activist and historian of the gay rights movement.[48] He is a former president of New York’s Gay Activists Alliance (GAA), a prototype activist group founded in December 1969. The GAA at its inception opposed age of consent laws, which prohibited adults from having sex with children.[49] Thorstad is also a pedophile and founding member of the North American Man Boy Love Association (NAMBLA).

    Thorstad argues that there is a natural and undeniable connection between homosexuality and pedophilia. He expresses bitterness that the gay rights movement has, in his view, abandoned pedophilia. Thorstad writes: “Boy-lovers were involved in the gay movement from the beginning, and their presence was tolerated. Gay youth groups encouraged adults to attend their dances. . . . There was a mood of tolerance, even joy at discovering the myriad of lifestyles within the gay and lesbian subculture.”[50]

    The inaugural issue of the Gay Community News in 1979 published a “Statement to the Gay Liberation Movement on the Issue of Man/Boy Love,” which challenged the movement to return to a vision of sexual liberation. It argued that “the ultimate goal of gay liberation is the achievement of sexual freedom for all–not just equal rights for ‘lesbian and gay men,’ but also freedom of sexual expression for young people and children.”
    6) They are for legalized drugs.
    7) They are for euthanasia and abortion and other barbaric forms of “population control”. (sanctity of life issues affected.)
    8) They are often addicted to drugs, alchahol and other vices such as pornography and want to make it available in programs in our schools.
    9) Sodomites want to take the rights of Christians away to declare from any public arena that it is a sin for a man to lie with a man as he would with a woman and so-forth. They want to cause Christian children or others to be ridiculed for saying it is wrong. Basically they want Christians to be silenced, persecuted for their beliefs. (Canada for example already has this problem, display of all Christian/God/Bible symbols, removal of all Godly leaders such as Judge Roy from AL, removal of cross and other Christian symbols, removal of any reference to God from schools. Basically they are Marxists. Anti-American, evolutionists with no moral absolutes.)
    10) They infiltrate school counseling and sex education to the detriment of vulnerable young minds. This godless lifestyle promotes suicide which is blamed upon the heterosexuals. It is bigotry in reverse if you will. ” I am 27 years old and lived as a lesbian for almost 10 years…When I was 11 years old and again at age 14, I was raped by two different “best friends.” They were both female, and the experiences were something that have hindered my trust in women to this day…When this happened at age 14, I confided [about the rapes] to a school counselor, who then gave me a telephone number for an organization in the city for sexual minority youth and transsexuals. She said that this group would have the answers that I was looking for. [When I went to the group] I told them how I felt and they gave me the label to identify myself: “lesbian.”..We were encouraged to “live our lives with pride,” meaning we were encouraged by this organization to “come out” in our schools and fight for our rights as homosexuals. We demanded our equality by taking our same-sex partners to school dances, gearing class assignments around the propaganda, and making public displays of affection. ”
    11) Promiscuity is a big part of the picture.

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