I need help? I’m in love with my second cousin…?

Question by Amber V.: I need help? I’m in love with my second cousin…?
I’m currently nineteen, and for as long as I can remember, I’ve been in love with my second cousin on my mother’s side. Over the course of my life, I’ve experienced a lot of hardships. I’ve been sexually and physically abused, suffered with depression, and through it all the one support I had was him.Our feelings are mutual, although we’re not currently in and type of romantic relationship. However, I know that a relationship between us wouldn’t be accepted, and I’m not sure if it’s even morally right. Also he’s technically engaged, without his knowledge or consent, as am I…(but I’m not sure that’s even relevant anymore, as I’m nineteen and he’s twenty…so our parents can’t really force us into marriage…)

By the way, for anyone thinking of posting one of the following:
– I’m aware of potential birth defects in children yada yada, but I’m infertile anyway, as a result of past sexual abuse, and I plan to adopt eventually.
– It’s only illegal to marry your first cousins, siblings, etc, NOT second cousins, so legality isn’t an issue.

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Answer by Dan
well you can legally marry your cousin…because they are not a direct blood relation or something like that lol……if you love him and he loves you, nothing should separate you……it is not wrong to feel attracted to a cousin, only a brother or sister

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5 thoughts on “I need help? I’m in love with my second cousin…?”

  1. tbh, i think theres nowt wrong with this, because hes your 2nd cousin and if he has been there for you, then this is really nice that you had someone to help u through it all.
    and no, your parents cant force either of you into a marriage, unless it is due to religion.
    im sorry about your past and how it has made u infertile.
    if you and your cousins feelings are mutual, maybe you could try telling your family, and see what they say about it, if they dont accpet it, then its up to u and your cousin.
    my best mate was in love with her actual 1st cousin, and because her family didnt accept it, they ran away together. though they were both really in love.
    i dont know if you would want to go to that extreme, or if you want nothing to come of it, then maybe spend less time with your 2nd cousin, and hope your feelings for eachother go.
    im sorry if this is aload of blabble, i hope things work out 4 you how you want them to, and good luck with everything, you seem a strong person, so im sure you will be able to handle it. =)

  2. i faced a similar predicament years back, and I’m now married happily to my cousin. We have two beautiful children, and our family eventually came around and accepted our relationship.
    Don’t worry girl, if you really love each other it’ll work itself out.

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