I know why the religulous don’t like chance: solipsism. Thoughts?

Question by Diethyl Ether Dinner Candle┬«: I know why the religulous don’t like chance: solipsism. Thoughts?
Bottom line is that the religulous don’t think that chance gives *them* enough credit.

1) If a theist ends up being subjectively ‘right’ about a particular thing, it is almost always by chance. They hate that they are chance’s bytch and not the other way around.

2) They think there is no room for their *epic* POV or *monumental* selves with chance around. It is all or nothing: if there is chance then they can’t do anything ‘intentional’ (yet they abstract ‘intent’ to the unfalsifiable supernatural) to be with Jesus again some day.

3) They can’t describe the mechanics of all things in 7 year-old “I made you do that” or “you are supposed to do this” vernacular (again abstracting this attribution to their inherited Delusion┬«).

4) They think if they adopt the ‘intent’ (or non-chance? false dichotomy) of someone with more earthly power than they, it means that it was really theirs to begin with; “The power is now mine!” (so they end up blowing whichever way the political wind is anyway! This is of course the true source of their anxiety, not the de facto entropy of the universe).

5) They cannot feel like it is OK to scapegoat their own problems on *anything* (scapegoating is the centerpiece to Xstainity in particular) with so much chance involved; thus they can’t relieve the anxiety inherent in their worldviews, nor can they truly ‘erase’ their sh!tty misdeeds. They are stuck with them and deservedly so!

6) They want ‘intent’ to entirely neutralize ‘chance’ because to them, it is the only way to quell the anxiety inherent in encountering someone who possesses a statistically (and more statistically correlative to reality, I might add) conflicting POV to them. How can this be? Must be negative ‘intent’ (IOW, Satan!).

Go theists, go! Try and explain away your retardation!
Father Earl. Thanks! At least I am not undeservedly so.

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Answer by Father Earl 9
You are proud and defiant.

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One thought on “I know why the religulous don’t like chance: solipsism. Thoughts?”

  1. Well, I suppose that’s true in a way, since my mom always used to say “there is no such thing as coincidence”, although the debate between “God’s Will” and those who believe in “fate” rages on now and then. Apparently it is against Christian mores to believe in “fate”. (which is how I interpreted what you said there), but not against Christian mores to acknowledge the Will of God when things go sideways. (or to say things like “the Devil is in it!” when the car won’t start).

    Christians still go out and fix the car. They are still human beings….and you don’t have to be Christian to be “fatalistic” because there are lots of other people in the world who are not Christian who believe in fate. (or it’s step-child “destiny”)

    The only thing that makes me wonder about that debate is that Jesus was born with a destiny, so why can’t anyone else have a destiny too? (and then we have to take into account the “bad” destinies like Judas Iscariot’s)

    meh…did I understand you correctly?

    Anyway, I like being religious because it gives me inner peace.
    ritual ftw as far as I’m concerned.

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