I do not want to be ripped off!?

Question by Tasha: I do not want to be ripped off!?
All because I am infertile I am spending all my money on stuff to change that! I have given up on trying to concieve and want to adopt, but, it costs even more than I spent what do I do I want a baby yet I want to keep my money so I can give him / her the world! What do I do?

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Answer by curvysoldier83
I have a friend who is in your same situation.She has had unsuccessful in-vitro 3 times.I feel so bad for her.And everytime she put it on her credit card.I don’t understand all the costs of adoption ,as long as you can show you have a job and the ability to take care of the child.Adoption is a beautiful thing and you are a wonderful person for chosing it.Just keep saving your money in a high interest savings account.Sorry I couldn’t give you a better answer

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  1. Where are you from? The laws regarding adoption differ slightly from state to state but you have to have a little money for legal proceedings. Check into state agencies. You can do a lot of good by adopting those that are left in the system. Adopting locally can be a lot cheaper than adopting internationally. You may not be able to adopt a baby but you will be able to adopt a child. Just type ‘adoption’ into a search engine and you will find a plethera of agencies. Obviously check with the BBB before going with any internet agency. There is an agency that is in Virginia that does something called “Snowflake adoptions” as well as international and local adoptions. It’s called NightLight Christian Adoptions. It’s worth at least looking into.

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