homosexuals adopting kids:but no religious fanatics please..want common sense answers..?

Question by nicky: homosexuals adopting kids:but no religious fanatics please..want common sense answers..?
firstly,i’m NOT a christian so don’t think i’m making religion based arguments and i have NOTHING against homosexuals either.many people say that homosexuals should be able to adopt kids because there shouldn’t be any discrimination.BUT this question keeps troubling me:

who do u think the child would want to have? wouldn’t s/he want to have a mum AND a dad?

there maybe kids who get used to it,and are perfectly happy.but there’s always a 50% chance that the PARICULAR kid might be unhappy right?

there’s a lot of bullying of school kids going on even for no reason…imagine a kid in this sort of a situation…
when adoption agencies give kids,they don’t know whether that PARTICULAR child would be happy with having 2 parents of the same sex…

is it right for us to ignore what the CHILD may want ?

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Answer by discipleabct
The following verse tells us why there are some born in the wrong body, and why some have mental problems.

When the unclean spirit goes out of a man (dies) he wanders in dry places seeking rest. Finding none he says to himself I will return to my house (dead body) from which I came out, but when he goes he must take 7 other spirit more wicked then himself, but when he comes he finds it is SWEPT, (New body) Emptied (no knowledge) and Garnished (Male or female) and he and the others enter in and dwell therein. Now the last state of the man is worse than the first.

This verse shows that at birth, the first breath taken as in Adam, Eve and giving of the Holy Ghost is when the spirit enters. The spirit has no control over the sex of the body, but subconscious traits are still present.

Therefore you will hear things like, I don’t know why I did it, it was or is an uncontrollable urge

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18 thoughts on “homosexuals adopting kids:but no religious fanatics please..want common sense answers..?”

  1. Several studies have shown conclusively that children raised by same sex parents fair just as well as children raised by opposite sex parents.

  2. All the current studies are showing children grow up better with two parents, of any gender, than with only one. The loving environment is the best indicator of how well the children will grow up. None of the research has shown they grow up better if the parents are of opposite genders.

    Children growing up in a same-sex couples house believe that’s what’s normal until they get old enough to see it’s unusual.

    This is the same kind of specious argument used by people my wife and I knew, to say we shouldn’t have children – the reasoning: Biracial children would get hassled and have a hard time. They never did, btw.

  3. You didn’t have to tell me you aren’t a Christian. That’s obvious. Of course a kid wants to be normal with a mother and father.

  4. I think that homosexuals would make great parents, but however, I also feel that a child should have a right to a MOM AND DAD.

    It’s been PROVEN that children need a male and female figure in their lives.

    Unfortunatly someone is going to use the agrument about divorce and father’s walking away….

    Thats why there are step-parents, and usually when a child goes through something like that, they act out in a some way.

  5. I believe that if it takes a man and a woman to create a child, ideally it would take a man and a woman to give that child the best upbringing. There are different qualities in a mother and a father that may be missing if both parents were the same gender. I don’t believe we are all random accidents, I believe in the intelligent way we were designed by our Creator. He made things work the way they work and they function at their best when in the ideal situation.

  6. My best friend was raised by her uncle and his boyfriend, they were the best parents for her. Just because there is no “mom and dad” does not mean they do a bad job, and yes she is strait.

  7. I think that the child would like to have PARENTS.

    If it’s a loving relationship, how on earth can it be harmful?

    It would seem to me that there is a flood of children needing parents. If someone is appropriate to adopt, meaning financially and personally stable, and want to adopt, why punish children for outdated views on “morality”? It seems immoral to me to keep children in the system, when homes could be found.

  8. if the choice is between a loving home with 2 homosexual parents, or no home, I believe most kids would pick a home over no home.
    Contrary to popular belief, there are many many more kids waiting for adoption than there are parents waiting to adopt. What makes the waiting lists for adoption so long is that people who adopt usually only want Caucasian infants with no disabilities.
    So, if it gives a child a loving home, I am all for it.

  9. Absolutely the child’s opinion and feelings should be taken into consideration. I don’t think “babies” should be adopted by a homosexual couple. I think you are right about a child wanting two different sex parents and that opportunity should not be taken away from them. However there are many older children who are not as likely to be adopted into a “normal” family and certainly they would benefit by being adopted by loving people, into a stable, safe and secure home, no matter what the sexual preferences are of the people providing that home.

  10. So.. if your spouse dies, and your kid wants two parents, do you HAVE to remarry? Of course not. If kids want to bully a person, they will find a way, they shmucky kids (usually with equally shmucky parents) always do.. We cannot dictate who is and is not a good parent by the behaviors of another person’s children.

  11. I’m not sure which is right. It’s so hard to be a kid that you don’t need the added burden of living an alternate lifestyle. However, gay people can be just as good or just as bad at parenting as straight people. Everyone’s family is screwed up somehow, so maybe it doesn’t matter.

  12. Have you ever heard the hardships interracially mixed kids go through?

    I am sure they wished their parents were of the same race and that way they would be able to fit in easier.

    Does that mean interracial love is wrong?
    Does that mean interracial adoption is wrong?

    Having a Mom and Dad is a guarantee of WHAT exactly? What does it matter if you have a heterosexual couple as parents if one of them was a lousy parent, or a drunk, or abusive or emotionally detached or like almost 60% of married people, got divorced or abandoned the family?

    It’s the QUALITY of parent that matters, not the gender. And if you want to make certain benefits specific to heterosexual parents, who is to say there aren’t ADVANTAGES to having same-sex parents that kids from straight parents are missing out on?

  13. Well, I am a Christian, but I’ll decline to turn this into a theological debate.

    I don’t believe it would be good for the adopted children because they would have no other choice but to grow up with the mentality that homosexuality is socially acceptable…when, in most places, it isn’t. Also, how are a couple of homo’s supposed to explain to the child how children are created when they shun that very act of creating them?


    It’s funny how anyone who has disagreed with the question so far has gotten a bunch of thumbs down. Idiots claim that I am prejudiced against gays, that I’m a bigot, etc., etc., etc., but they really know nothing about me! My wife’s uncle is as gay as he can be…and while I do despise him, it’s not because of his sexual preference. I despise him because he has said some pretty nasty things about me behind my back. I adore his partner, who is one of the nicest people I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting.

    So, to those of you who think I’m a bigot, you can now officially take your foot out of your mouth. Although I’m a Christian, I’m not going to hate a person based on his or her sexual orientation…as many of you atheists are quick to think we do. Disliking a person because of their attitude towards me is another story all together.

  14. Its not right and its totally wrong. I came from a divorced family but at least at 5th grade, by the Court itself, I was allowed to choose where I wanted to live. To me, any child should have that choice, even at 3. Cause even at 3, a child might not know all, but they surely know who treats them right and who loves them, and they will lean towards that person.

    To many don’t give kids credit, its like they forgot that they were once a kid too. And the fact they actually had a brain then.

    Due to how schools are, kids are in making fun of others, and the other situations, I don’t think its right for gays to adopt. And this isn’t being against gays, but thinking for the child. If two mentally handicapped people wanted to adopt, I’d say the same thing. Adults put themselves ahead too often, and that is what I see gays doing when they adopt. They are not thinking about how the child thinks, but how they themselves think.

    I still hold a grudge against my father for breaking up my family, for robbing me of my childhood and being normal like so many others. I would see a child raised in a gay home to have a similar grudge on both of their parents, just for the simple act of ” how dare you do this to me and put me into this situation “. Sure its great to save a child, don’t get me wrong, but that child does become an adult, and that is the main no.1 goal of a parent, to create a productive, well mannered, mentally stable adult. (some normal parents don’t do a good job at this either, so I’ll bash them too) 🙂

  15. In my opinion a child should have both a positive male and female role model living at home with them. The lack of these in todays society is a great contributor to troubled youth in America.

  16. I was raised by a single parent and am perfectly happy. How can anyone say that having different genders or another parent is really going to make a difference, as long as the child is loved? I wouldn’t change my childhood for anything. As long as the person raising them is able to give them what they need, who can say that they would be better off in a different situation?

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