Do you believe that abortions are wrong?

Question by Rosalie x3: Do you believe that abortions are wrong?
I dont believe they are wrong because Women have a right to choose what happens to their bodys. Please dont be mean about opinions.. im just curious as to YOUR opinions and your supporting facts. [:
Men who are just automatically saying its murder and wrong and horrible of women to do that to an inocent baby.. your never going to be in that situation so please don’t be so closed minded.
I stated my opinion, I asked for your opinion. Thats all. I’m not argueing. Your all intitled to your own opinion.

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Answer by Laurel
Yes it is wrong because they are murderers now and they killed an innocent human being for no reason.

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18 thoughts on “Do you believe that abortions are wrong?”

  1. I myself believe they are wrong.Women do have a right to choose what happens to their bodies.If they dont want to get pregnant they should CHOOSE to use birth control or abstinence .The babies don’t get to choose do they

  2. i think it is wrong, if you dont want a baby there are plenty of people that do, and once you are pregnant its not just your body anymore. but i would never tell someone else what to do i cant be in their shoes

  3. A woman can do what she wants to her body and baby, but I do believe it is wrong. I see no difference from a baby that is in a uterus then a baby thats laying in a crib. To me abortion is like taking that baby out of the crib and killing it.

    It literally makes me sick when I hear women do these things to there unborn babies…

  4. its sumthing that i would never ever do
    but i dont think that its wrong
    and i think ppl should have a choice
    i mean if u where raped by your cousin or if the baby is sick and dangering the moms health im not think its wrong of somebody to make that choice
    but if its just cuz they dont wanna kid
    and if girls are using abortion as a form of birth conroll then thats another story
    but its still there choice to make ( =

  5. I believe in it if the women is young and early along (few weeks). My sister had to have one in high school because she was just too young and couldn’t take care of herself nevermind a baby. But then again you shouldn’t be having sex that young anyways. It really depends in my opinion on the situation.

  6. I believe that it’s not a black and white issue.

    but think about it…it’s not just the woman’s body anymore, theres somebody else’s body in there too.

  7. I don’t think they are wrong at all. I think that all children brought into the world should be planned for and wanted. Of course prevention is always better, but accidents and mistakes (and rape) happen, so there should be a way to deal with that. In the early stages of pregnancy a foetus is nothing more than cells dividing.

    80% of all conceptions terminate naturally within the first month, the woman never even knows she was pregnant. I think if God cared about all conceptions so much, he wouldn’t let that happen, so what’s a few more?

  8. Yes because if YOU (not you in general….anyone really) had sex then YOU take the chance of getting pregnant…. so it’s your fault that you got pregnant and you shouldn’t abort an innocent unborn human being. :]


  9. I think it is up to the woman…no i dont think you should go around having unprotected sex and just bank on the fact that you can have an abortion but I know birth control is not 100% and neither is condoms and just because you dont want a baby does not mean you should NEVER have sex…I think if you do not want the baby then instead of bringing it into the world and not giving it a fair life then you need to do what you have to do….and it doesnt matter what anyone elses opinions are its your opinion that matters when it comes to your body and life no one elses!

  10. I don’t believe in absolutes. Until you are in that situation, you don’t know how you would respond. Therefore, I believe abortion should be legal, and women should make the best decisions based on their situations.
    Ultimately, it would be wonderful if abortion wasn’t necessary. As long as we are human though, there will be unintended, unwanted, and dangerous pregnancies.

  11. I myself think that it is wrong, but that is my belief for MYSELF.

    If think you are responsible enough to have sex you are responsible enough to go through baring a child…Give it to a family that can no longer or cannot have children. There are many options rather then killing an unborn fetus.

    Its a free country, and abortion follows somewhat under that law. But people need to think about more then just themselves, such as the baby and other families that would love to have their child as their own.

  12. yes because by doing so you’re taking someone’s opinion doesnt only come from the scriptures but also from my morals and values. In my opinion its wrong no matter wat has happened i think tht chikdren should be give the oportunitie to live.

  13. I think it is okay. Because
    1. What if the women got raped? the child would always be a reminder, and that baby could end up raping women or men, too, taking genes from their father
    2. Say the woman used birth control. There isn’t a 100% chance of it working, you could still get pregnant. Therefore, they should be able to have an abortion.
    3. The woman could have used a condom and it break. basically the same as #2.
    4. If women can’t have abortions, those who’s condoms broke and birth control pills messed up, could end up trying to kil the baby by well the old way with a clothes hanger, which could mess up and kill both the baby and the woman. or they could have the baby and put it in a dumpster. I think abortion would be better.
    5. People say, “Well, if they didn’t want the baby they could put it into an orphanage since others want children.” HELLO! not everyone gets adopted, and they put you out when you are 18. The child could grow up thinking “i wasn’t good enough” and turn psycopathic(sp?). And not orphanages are GOOD! old people get raped in retirement homes, imagine what could happen in an orphanage. It could also have bad food and such.
    6. What if the child was going to be mentally challenged? or had a deformaty(sp?)? it’s not that the mother doesn’t love it. but they child would grow up being made fun of and have a hard life.

    The only way i would think abortion is wrong, would be if the woman waited too long and then tried to get an abortion. I am a Christian and i also believe being gay is okay too. I believe that you are born with it. Many people say i am not a Christian because i believe these things but I believe in Jesus and everything and i know i am a sinner and that He is my Savior. sorry for my answer being so long. so all in all, i believe abortion is okay.
    EDIT: ugh people are saying “It makes me SICK when i hear about people being so cruel” “HOw could they kill a child” “I’m a Christian and God says it’s wrong” Well you know what, God ALSO says that lying, stealing, cheating, eating more than you need, and many other things are wrong. Even THINKING about sinning is a sin. and the Bible says A SIN IS A SIN, NO SIN IS BIGGER THAN THE OTHER! so killing a baby is just like lying, or gluttony, or envy, or lust, or pride. so if you think abortion is wrong because no matter what they are killing a human life. You make ME sick because you are so hypocritical! and you know what, i probably am a hypocryte too. I lie, envy, eat more than i should. and lots of other sins because i am a sinner. so every time you lie, your having an abortion! (if you believe that it’s soo wrong)

  14. I think it depends on the situation. If a woman gets raped and pregnant as a result, I don’t think she should have to bear the child of a rapist. Or say you didn’t know you were pregnant and continued to drink heavily or stay on birth control and it was still under 3 months into the pregnancy.

    Other then that, yes it is wrong. If you are willing to have sex within your will and knowing what will happen if you do, you should be willing to deal with what happens

  15. Abortion is an intrinsically evil act…it can never be justified under any circumstnace. Human life (and it is a human life) begins at the moment of contraception. Take the time to go and see an ultrasound of an unborn baby and you will know that it is human and it is alive. It is hard to believe that people can be so evil as to kill the most innocent and helpless members of our society!

    Since Roe vs. Wade in 1973 there have been close to 50 million children aborted. Compare this to the 6 million killed in Hitler’s holocaust. It is the greatest holocaust in the history of the world.

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