Considering abortion?

Question by Christie: Considering abortion?
First, I would like to discourage any pro-lifer from answer my question if they are going to be offensive. I’m not trying to be flamed and I’m already in a difficult position as it is.

So here it goes. I found out that I was pregnant 2 days ago. I was feeling sick and my breast tender. I’ve been on birth control, but recently switched brands so I was not considering the possibility that I could be pregnant. However, I got a ahpt and it turned out a positive result. I was devastated. The first thing I did was tell my fiancé. At first he was supportive and told me that he would support me whatever I decide to do. But then he told his mom and sister, both had abortions in the past, and regretted it later. They both called me urging me not to “kill your baby” and that I would regret it and won’t be able to have children later. I was highly offended by this considering I feel that they are not in a position to cast stones at me.

I made my appointment to have the abortion by medicine to induce a miscarriage. I’m 22, about to graduate college soon, and I don’t know what I want to do with my life. I know what I don’t want right now, including having a baby. Its why I was on birth control. I know later in life I will be more ready and capable to raise a child, but right now I’m not.

Now my fiancé has turned his back on me. He wants me to have the baby so we can be a family. He said if I go through with it, he is going to leave me. I feel terrible for him but I hate how he is putting so much pressure on me along with his family.

I know if I have the abortion, a part of me will feel sad for what I’ve done. But I know one day I will be able to give my baby a great mother. Just times are rough and too uncertain. This world is scary enough without a baby.

Also, I’m a Christian. I am also pro-choice, but I never thought I would consider abortion for myself. I’m afraid God will never forgive me if I do…

Please any sound advice would be much appreciated. I don’t want criticism. This is a difficult time for me.
Hi pretty in pink, I understand your question and it’s a valid one. I’m wanting to join the military. Im afraid it won’t be possible for me any more. I just feel like I’m not mature enough to be a mother.
You know what RZ, since you know jesus so well you would know that he said “let he who is without sin cast the first stone.” don’t remember? Look up John 8:7 and there you have proof. Read the whole story. Understand that God will judge you the very same way you judge me and he doesn’t weigh one sin more than the other. So you will be judged in the same way as a “fornicator” “adulterer”. Still holding that stone?

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Answer by Two Pretty in Pink
I don’t mean to sound judgmental, but if you’re engaged, about to graduate college, and the baby was conceived out of love – why don’t you want the baby?

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5 thoughts on “Considering abortion?”

  1. My God. You don’t have to mention that you are a christian because you are not one. What would Jesus do? Think lady. Of course not kill a baby. So wait you are a christian but yet you are fornicating. How could you even consider to kill a baby and claim that you’re a christian. People like you make me sick. bottom line, You’re SELFISH.

  2. I agree with the other user! This baby was made by two people who love each other WHY would you not want it? At least give the baby to a family who will love it, its not the babys fault.

  3. Well, they say hindsight is 20/20. I think the mother and the sister were not trying to offend you (although it may have seemed like it) I think because they have done it, they are trying to tell you if they had it to do over they wouldn’t have chosen that path. It may not seem like it now, but if you were already planning on marrying him I don’t think you need to go the abortion route. —You will only be starting your life sooner. I will go out on a limb and say you will most definitely have support from his side if you keep the baby. You can finish college, get a job etc you will just be a family of 3 rather than 2. It may sound daunting but, with help I am sure you will not be doing this alone. On a side note, most relationships do not last if an abortion comes into the picture. Also, you can consdier adoption and at least you could have the piece of mind that you didn’t do the abortion. It stays with you for your entire life. Good Luck!!

  4. If you really believe that abortion is the best choice then that is what you should do.
    However, something else you might consider is carrying the baby to term and letting your fiances family have custody. If they are so adamant about it they should be willing to take the baby.
    This keeps your fiance happy. His family happy. And it keeps you from trying to raise a baby you aren’t ready for.
    In most cases abortion will not hurt your body enough to cause future fertility issues so don’t listen to that. And no matter what you do you run the risk of feling regret late on. This is not a great situation and there are no easy answers. I am so sorry you are in this stuation and I hope everything turns out alright.

  5. You’re in a tough spot but it could be worse. At least you and your fiancé made a commitment before the news of pregnancy. It’s hard to have a relationship out of guilt. If you guys ever want to have children I would not recommend having an abortion. It may be different if you y’all decided from the beginning that neither of you wanted to be parents. I say this for 2 reasons … Abortion can sometimes ( not always) damage your reproductive organs which could prevent you from having children in the future. And 2 b/ c when u have ‘planned’ children in the future I feel that you may always he thinking of your unborn child that could have been. The last reason I strongly suggest you think about it about it further is that your fiancé could end up resenting you for the descision you made and it could ruin an otherwise great relationship. Being a Christian woman you should know that it isn’t always up to us to make life changing descisions. I hope this helps …

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