Christians, how come Adam isn’t considered god’s son the way Jesus is?

Question by Well, BLEEP you too: Christians, how come Adam isn’t considered god’s son the way Jesus is?
after all, he was the “first” person on this planet and the reason we’re all here. So why does he play favorites with Jesus??
Now don’t say “we’re all god’s children”
cause you know exactley what i’m talking about.

I will await your bullsh* answers with anticipation πŸ™‚

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Answer by Skyler D cool kid 9thㄨ coming
adam wasn’t gay enough

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9 thoughts on “Christians, how come Adam isn’t considered god’s son the way Jesus is?”

  1. cause jesus is a form of god, that is displayed differently in every religion
    whose adam?
    sorry ii am not trying to be rude here
    but i dunoe who that is

  2. Jesus Christ is God’s only “begotten” Son, present from before Creation, and slain before the foundation of the Earth. Adam was God’s creation, not God Himself. Adam rebelled against God, Jesus died to save those who rebelled. I’d get into more detail, but you seem to have closed your mind to any answer already. But I pray your heart softens. Feel free to email me if you’d like to really talk about it. God bless πŸ™‚

  3. Umm obviously because Jesus came out of a virgin that was impregnated with god’s sperm without sex! DUH! And Jesus is just another form of God, he can be his own father and son if he wants to!


  4. Adam was created (as in ‘made’) whereas YAHUSHUA was begotten. It would be like your saying your son and your car (or something you made) were the same.

  5. If you could stifle your cynicism for a minute and actually read the book, you’d see that Adam was listed as a son of God. See Luke 3: 38

  6. god loves adam of his creation
    jesus is part of him trinity (father son spirit)
    he loves us more as he sacrificed his son jesus for our sins but he resurected
    happy ending everybody gos to heven

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