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British Family Law up against Religious Principles

Nobody wishes to live in a state which, as time passes, becomes a jungle, where might becomes right and the whims of the mighty become the law. Nobody wishes to live in a state where states within the state are created and there is no secular body of law. Nobody wishes that but safeguarding the rights of minorities and respecting their ethical values is not only preservation of human rights but also brings about harmony in the region[1]. Laws are regulative of human activity but can also be repressive, because we natively abhor that which is repressive; we are all in some measure critical of law. Undoubtedly, it is difficult to speak of the ‘intersection’ of law and religion, since they are at a primitive level of differentiation. Legal Historians, like W. Seagle, have debated endlessly the question of how we can differentiate between primitive custom and primitive Law. A recent attempt on reconstruction of this issue has been made by H.L.A Hart, who speaks of “rules of recognition” and “rules of change” as constituting signs of the rise of law out of mere custom. For many peoples-though certainly not for all-the line between law and religion is a thin one. Law as an expression of a way of life with enforceable norms is matched by religion which gives divine sanction to both the norms and the way.[2]

Today, Britain has become home to various religious and ethnic groups, so as to say, it has become a metropolitan. Where there is so much diversity, the rights and customs of the minorities and their cultural practices cannot be negated. The impact of various high levels of social, religious and cultural radicals on the British law has been heatedly debated over the years. The debated parts are the clashes between religious values and the state law. The continuous use of the yardstick for a reasonable man fails to commemorate the cultural and behavioral code of litigants and affects the delivery of justice in English Law. Thus, the English law, until recently, totally failed to understand the religious and cultural values and failed to create an atmosphere deemed acceptable by all the people of all ethnicities, from various walks of life. This is called Legal Pluralism.

The dichotomy however remain as to how to create an atmosphere which gives the citizen a free hand in practicing his/her cultural and religious rituals within set boundaries. The English law does not recognize systems of personal law for different communities. However, it is recognized as ethnic customs  which accept these rituals as long as they don’t clash with the British law or if they do not violate any treaties to which The Great Britain might be signatory to.

In England, anti-discriminatory laws such as the Race Relations Act 1976 tend to safeguard the rights of the minorities by seeking to create equality in nearly all fields of life and curbing discrimination. This all is called multi-culturism. The failure of English Law to fully recognize each community’s rituals has agitated the people so much that a clear rise in this multi-culturism politics and the demand for segregated communities is seen[3]. One of those people who observed discrimination in the British society and made a call for accommodation religious and cultural practices into the English legal system was the famous legal anthropologist, Werner Menski, who said and I quote

If one defines religion as ‘believes’ and ‘faith’, he will not only be doing injustice to himself but to the people at large or anyone who reads this paper Religion is a code of conduct, the way of living or the guiding principles that govern our lives and brings us back on the right path. No religion preaches terrorism, hatred, discrimination, racism or destruction of family life. Infact, all religions preach peace, maintenance of harmony, love and having a prosperous family life. Religions have changed lives in the past and today ‘sincere and true following’ of them probably remains the only fine line between good and evil.

Then, the question that whether or not the British family law should separate itself from specific religious principles, and only then it will be able to apply itself on the modern society in unreasonable. Modern society, where people have probably chosen to forget that they are accountable to a God, where people are far off from religion, and where social crimes and unethical practices have taken, and we talk of undermining the religion even more. What a pity!

This is Britain, the home to many religious and ethnic groups. We have Muslims, Hindus, Jews, Christians, Sikhs, Gypsies and Afro-Caribbean. They all are part of the federation. If we are to prosper further we have take the minorities along, and as Menski (2006) in his research writes, accommodate them with us and also not to forget that we have to curb ‘non-religiousness’ and once again let all the ethics preached by all the religions flourish again and let all religious communities have freedom to practice their religions in a safe environment. This also brings about peace and harmony in the region.

It has been observed that the failure to recognize every community’s separate religious identity and customs has given birth to militancy, extremism and ultimately terrorism. So, the remedy is simple, as mentioned above.

Yes, indeed it is true that as most of the religions were established centuries ago, some of their rules are difficult to apply on the modern society, nor has the law of the state been very successful in the modern society, especially when it comes to saving marriages (or limiting divorces) and family from being torn apart, which today has sadly become relevant to an infant’s play with dolls, where they marry and divorce every day. This is where the State Law needs to strike an understanding with the religious principles and adopt some of the good things being preached by all religions thus creating an atmosphere deemed acceptable by all.

In Britain, Family law covers divorce, adoption and parental responsibility. A comparison between Law and religion on these issues will be a clear indicator that one cannot survive without the other, and a strong commemoration must be established between the two.

First is the issue of marriages, which is a legal relationship between a man and a woman. All religions preach of marriages and most of them state it as a ‘legal unison of two souls’ and the sweetest of all relations, all of them bound both husbands and wives with some responsibilities and all religions basically prohibited the living of a man and a woman together unless they are married as it gives birth to unethical practices and huge social issues, but this is however, not prohibited by the British Law, which is were we see the first vast difference or contradiction between state law and religion. We all wish to see an atmosphere free from all social shortcomings; hence a need is felt for the British law to stricken itself.

The practice of divorcing has become a common thing in the west, especially Europe and North America. Divorce is the dissolution of a marriage or the end of a marriage. In most countries a divorce has to be legitimized by a court of law and the reasons behind the decision is scrutinized. An announcement or an annulment is considered enough to legitimize a divorce in British Law and the courts do not interfere unless it is a matter of spousal support or alimony, child custody, child support, or distribution of property. On the contrary, most religions speak of divorce as a last resort if relations between husband and spouse cross the limits of discomfort, however, before that all efforts should be made to make the couple reach some understanding and the marriage should be saved. Muslims are often criticized for polygamous divorces, but the truth of the matter is that all they try to do is to save the marriage and give the couple ample time for reconciliation. The British Law once again needs to adopt something like this in order to lessen the rate of divorces in the country which is creeping up as time passes.

To be fair to the British law, however, efforts were made to recognize separate religious ways of marriage and divorce. One such example is the Divorce (Religious Marriages) Act 2002 which enables the Jewish women to announce a Jewish divorce (‘get’) before the announcement of a civil divorce. It also enables the Muslim women to take self-asked-for divorce (‘khulla’).

In the case of child adoption, however, the State law has given more rights to the adopted child than any other religions. Most religions preach that the adopted child should be surnamed on his own birth father’s name and is not the heir to the adopting father and should not inherit any of his heirlooms. The state law protects adopted children and their rights, and once the adoption is finalized they have as many rights as a normal child has.  Adoption and Children Act 2002 has also attempted to formulate a code which will promote greater use of adoption, improve the performance of the adoption service and put the children at the centre of the adoption process. It aligns the adoption law with the relevant provsions of the Children Act 1989 to ensure that the child’s welfare is a paramount consideration in all decisions relating to

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Treatment Planning and Adoption

*Wise Counsel*


A child’s interpretation of his/her adoption is almost totally dependent on the manner in which it is conveyed during the early years. Parents are well advised to find examples of adoptions that convey respect and dignity to the adopted child. One such example is the story of Moses. Moses, who was adopted by Pharaoh’s daughter, was chosen by God to do great things for the nation of Israel. Other examples can be more specific to person’s you know such as a friend of the family, or respected person in the community, who was also adopted. The more the child knows about good, successful people who were adopted, the less he or she will see being adopted as a disadvantage.

It should go without saying that adoptive parents should never approach the subject of adoption sadly or negatively. The adoption is something to celebrate and give thanks for.

Don’t constantly remind the child of his uniqueness as an adopted child. Instead, stress how similar your family is to all other healthy-happy families. Similarities abound, especially with the increasing commonality of blended families. According to the US census (2000), there are over 4 million step-children in the US.


*Action Plan*


Just like parenting ones own children, adopting and caring for an adopted child, of any age, is hard work.


*Financial Matters:*


* The cost of adoption differs depending on whether one is adopting domestically, from the public foster care system, or from overseas.


* Domestic adoptions and inter-country adoptions cost anywhere between ,000-,000. Usually, the overall cost falls between ,000-,000.


The cost of adopting a child from foster care is minimal. However, necessary post-adoption services should also be considered when determining costs. Additional expenses might include medical procedures, counseling or psychological services, and services for children with special needs.


*Affirmation matters:*


* Sometimes adopted children feel out of place in a family unit. Especially if there are siblings, no matter how accepted into the family they are they realize their genes are not the same as the rest of the family. Physically they may be much different they don’t have moms fair skin, they don’t have dads eyes.


* Some parents try to balance the scales by reframing the adoption in an extra-special way, such as with the parents who said to their adopted child:


We prayed to God for a little boy, and he sent us you. You are a wonderful answer to our prayers!


Other parents, when they have kids, have no clue what their going to get. With you, we were able to choose you specially.


Also, some parents honor the child’s adopted status by celebrating two birthdays each year. The first is the child’s biological birth. The second is the day of the child’s adoption. It sounds trivial, but this practice really helps kids associate their adoption with something good early on.


*Relationship Matters:*


Building a relationship with an adopted child can be a challenge. Christian Counselor is always available to help you out.



Adoptive parents need to exercise a great deal of patience and grace with an adopted child, especially if the child is older than an infant. Take help from telephone therapist.

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Christian Services of Oklahoma strives to meet the needs of women. Our staff listens and assists in creating an adoption plan that will be as rewarding and helpful to the birth mother as possible. We achieve this in the following ways: By providing trained, professional counselors on staff By allowing birth mothers to choose the adoptive families for their babies By facilitating continued contact with the birth families and adoptive families after the adoption is complete By guiding women gently through their unplanned pregnancies without pressure By providing foster care when needed Placing your child for adoption can be one of the most rewarding times of your life. Adoption is creating a family because of your unselfish gift. Let us help you through this experience with our full-service, Christian adoption services.
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Stepchild Adoption

Stepchild adoption takes some serious consideration, however, when you marry someone who already has a child or children, adopting them will make your family bond better than you could ever imagine.

The process of adopting a step child will probably be easier than a usual adoption process.

Points to ponder before adopting stepchildren:

1. Are you adopting the child because you really want to? Do you love them enough to make them your own? If you have a different motive for adopting them then you probably shouldn’t do it.

2. Before you adopt a stepchild you should have a heart-to-heart talk with them to be sure that they also want you to take the place of their estranged parent. For a child, having a new parent come into their life can be a very serious endeavor, so it is best if the decision is a mutual one.

3. Talk about what your intentions are with your new spouse, after all, the child is theirs and therefore they have every right to have a say about the adoption.

4. Stop and think about the parent whom you are replacing.

Are they still in contact with the child? If so, it is best that they too consent to the adoption.

This will avoid conflicts, plus, the biological parent is required to consent, unless the parent is deceased or the child is proclaimed abandoned by the government.

5. Abandonment will be defined differently, depending on the state in which you live, so be sure that your case meets the appropriate definition before you plan to declare the child’s abandonment.

6. Be sure to hire a lawyer. It is very important to get legal advice when adopting a stepchild.

7. Because stepchild adoption can be faster than a normal adoption, be prepared for sudden progress to take place during the adoption process.

8. Since there are so many issues involved in an adoption, you might want to consider hiring a counseling service to help make the endeavor easier to accept for the entire family.

Stepchild adoption is quite serious and should be carefully considered.

Once you become their, you are responsible for them in every way.

Connie McKenzie is a part-time work at home mom. She has two beautiful adopted girls and a wonderful husband. My site offers foster care and adoption information, as well as lots of useful resources for those wishing to adopt a child. Child Adoption Matters because as her daughter says, Child adoption does matter, mommy!

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Vietnam Adoptions Information

With Vietnam adoptions young children age ranges between four months and 12 months, older young children are always readily available as well. There are more male children than girls to adopt, so if you’re dead serious about a girl it may take longer to find one. Virtually all of kids are healthy, although there is an issue of low birth weight and premature birth.

They ask that married couples ought to be married for at least two many years. Individuals who have been divorced prior to may possibly adopt as extended as they have not had more than two divorces. Individuals who are straight can also adopt. To qualify for a Vietnam adoption you should be at least twenty years older than their child you want to embrace. Adoptive moms and dads under fifty years old are allowed to adopt an infant, whilst mothers and fathers over fifty can simply adopt older children. In Vietnam adoptions parents who have a huge family already may well not be permitted to adopt, while mothers and fathers with no children are not permitted to become gender particular. Parents with a kid or two are in a position to be particular.

The time frame for any Vietnam adoption is not possible to approximate. In 2005 Vietnam passed new adoption laws. Before the new laws it would take about seven-teen months. Vietnam adoptions seen to be fairly well-known, but might be retarding, owing to other programs. Vietnam can be a poverty stricken, densely populated nation. These conditions have resulted in kids being left o abandoned or orphaned.

When your house study has been accepted you will begin to get referrals with pictures and medical details. When you have decided on a referral you’ll be able to gather and compile your dossier. The dossier will be sent to the Vietnamese authorities to get checked up. As soon as the dossier has been licensed by the Vietnamese authorities you’ll be in a position to go to Vietnam to collect your child. Only one mother or father is needed to travel but it is recommended that both parents travel to see the country. Your stay in Vietnam will generally be anywhere from ten to two weeks. While in Vietnam it is advisable that you indulge your senses and go on a number of different sight seeing trips. The total cost including agency service fees, visas and embassy service fees, foreign service fees, courier costs, residence study service fees, documentation costs, hotels, and plane tickets, is typically around ,000.00 to ,000.00.

Religious beliefs in Vietnam are distinct as they are here. Buddhism appears to be the largest religion in Vietnam. But the Vietnamese also have confidence in Islam, Christianity, Confucianism, and Taoism. Their principal food source is rice. The Vietnamese are exceedingly good at preparing vegetarian meals. Vietnam is really a quite mountainous nation.

Concern in Vietnam adoptions have appeared to soar since they have opened back up in 2006. the US can be a melting pot of unique cultures and races. Regrettably people have a problem understanding that that is how it all started. That is how American came to become what it’s nowadays. By possessing Americans adopt from Vietnam shows individuals that race does not matter and that our cultures mixing together make this world a far better place.

To read more about pregnancy tips, visit and while you are at it, check out 4 weeks pregnant.

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