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Catholic Church Sexual Abuses

To say that the Catholic Church is going through hell might be an overstatement; however, maybe purgatory isn’t all that easy either. Pope Benedict issued an apology to victims of sex abuse in Ireland on Saturday, and announced an investigation into parts of the Catholic Church in the country while saying that the abusers would have to answer to God. Well, that’s not all that may happen here.

There is such a thing as KARMA and civil law here on earth to which the church (any church) is not exempt.

In a lengthy letter to the Irish faithful, he addressed the victims and their families: “You have suffered grievously and I am truly sorry. I know that nothing can undo the wrong you have endured.” Benedict acknowledged that victims might find it difficult even to enter a church after what they have suffered. Well, duh!

“It is understandable that you find it hard to forgive or be reconciled with the Church,” he wrote.

“In her name, I openly express the shame and remorse that we all feel.”

The pope directly addressed the church abuse crisis that has rocked the Irish Catholic Church in an 18-page letter, which was made public Saturday. It is expected to be read in churches across Ireland on Sunday.
“I have been deeply disturbed by the information which has come to light regarding the abuse of children and vulnerable young people by members of the church in Ireland, particularly by priests and religious,” the pope wrote.

If such abuses were limited to just Ireland that would be more than enough; however, that’s sadly not the case.

An interesting web bot linguistics prediction by Cliff High’s research sounded an alarm that this just might be the precursor to. Could the Catholic Church (and others) be opening itself up to the loss of tax exemptions, the confiscation of property, and retributions that don’t wait on God to handle in an eternal life? Don’t dismiss that massive shift in consciousness that is sweeping our third rock from the sun.

It’s not just about a couple of Irish priests!

Father Federico Lombardi, the Vatican spokesman, the pope started thinking about writing the letter last summer after the publication of the Ryan report — one of three separate reports on sexual and physical abuse by Irish clergy that has come out since 2005. The Ryan report, published in May 2009, investigated abuse in Catholic-run institutions primarily from 1936 to 1970. Many of the alleged abusers in the 2,600-page report were not priests, but nuns or Catholic lay people.
This story is only going to build!

As a spiritual-futurist, I have a BA degree majoring in history. One cannot know the future without knowing the past which holds clues to what is on the horizon. The world is in such a rapid expansion of knowledge that we are close to entering a tipping point that will forever change earth as we know it.

As the most comprehensive human service agency in Western New York, Catholic Charities’ mission is to provide help to all people regardless of age, race or religious affiliation. For more information, visit
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Latest Report For Stellar Grants Founder Kimberly Fontenot


Kimberly Fontenot founded Stellar Grants in 2002. It was designed to specifically provide grant/RFP writing services for non-profit and for-profit organizations, corporations, and associations.

Kimberly provides 20+ years grant and RFP writing specialist experience in funding services to our clients. We research grant opportunities, write bid proposals for RFP’s, GSA schedules and foundation/corporation grant writing.

Her experience also includes fundraising, marketing, outreach development material for profit and nonprofit projects. We also produce well-funded capital campaigns and endowment building. Perform corporate mediation services, volunteer growth, training, management, crisis intervention, victim services, financial stability and growth for all clients.

Kimberly also serves as a liaison and brokering angel investments and donations from Stellar Grants elite and selected group of national and international angel business leaders. In the past ten years, through this specialized service, there have been over 5 million dollars invested, donated to our clients, or as part of our Grant and RFP sources.

We also win for our clients, government contracts, procurement bids, subcontractor awards, vendor selection and follow-up awards through contract negotiations, analysis, reporting and in-house auditing.

Kimberly is also an Approved Government OHA/HRSA, FEMA, DOD and DOJ Grant Reviewer and on June 11, 2007 was approved to be listed in Madison Who’s Who Among Executives and Professionals, for inclusion into the upcoming 2007-2008 “Honors Edition” of the registry.

Prior to launching the company Kimberly worked at a number of prestigious organizations in Texas, and on the East Coast. The following summarizes some of those positions.

* Special Education Program Coordinator &Development Director for at a Special Education School in Houston, Texas

* Executive Director of Justice for Children in Houston, Texas

* Executive Director of The Art League in Houston, Texas.

* Prior to moving to Texas, she worked in Richmond, Virginia for:Executive Director of The Grace House, a United Way Agency

* Development Director for Catholic Charities


Kimberly received a B.A. from Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, Virginia in 1982 in Political Science. She also took 44 hours of graduate hours in Special Education, Learning Disabilities and Emotional Disorders.

She has been certified in mediation, “Point of Entry” donor base development and implementation, and as a fundraising consultant.

How can Kim bring her extensive experience in Grants and RFP’s to benefit your business?

Stellar Grants

Stellar Grants is a vendor grant consultant on many different websites, and for various independent companies, organizations, associations and individuals. As a testimonial to the continuing quality of service, we would point you to Stellar Grants is the leading provider of grant services-by revenues, and by client reviews They adopt a “rating system.” Stellar has always had, and still maintains a five star rating (out of five stars) for all the clients who have utilized the company’s skills and services.

Stellar Grants has over 20+ years of experience in grant writing services,grant reporting, compliance of RFP/grant procedures and regulations, providing grant and RFP workshops and training as well as grant & contract operations.

Kimberly Fontenot

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Interview: Stanford University Emeritus Professor, legal scholar Michael Wald speaks to Gay Marriage and Christian issues–by Peter Menkin

Stanford University, Palo Alto, California (located in Northern California, USA) offered the availability of an esteemed law professor for commentary on Judge Vaughn Walker’s legal opinion regarding gay marriage in the State being declined; it originally passed through a voter initiative known as Proposition 8. Emeritus Professor Michael Wald generously agreed to a fuller interview on Gay Marriage, and some of its effects of its dimension on Christian issues of “discrimination” based on Christian beliefs. 

Professor Wald has been involved in these issues of Gay Marriage for a number of years and related areas of concern, engaging in work in favor of Gay Marriage, being involved in public debates (Pace Law School), and as a legal scholar in children’s rights, is published in notable fashion extensively. The reader may want to note that Professor Wald in his interview with this writer done by email and via telephone call (lasting an hour) offers a legal scholar’s secular scope of discourse and educated commentary on the questions.

An Emeritus Professor is retired. I still retain a position at the university. I no longer teach classes on a regular basis, but still work with students and conduct research. I teach on children and family policy. I hold the Jackson Reynolds Chair. Being given a chair is a way for faculty to be given some kind of honor. I have, throughout my career, also done a lot of government service related to children’s welfare.


No. Adoption by gay couples or individuals is not an experiment on children. It clearly benefits children to be adopted if their parents cannot care for them. The evidence is clear that children adopted by gay parents do just as well as those adopted by heterosexual parents.   
Moreover, it must be understood that the issue for most of these children is whether they will be adopted at all or be left to impermanent upbringing. Most often, children adopted by same sex parents do not have other families looking to adopt them and they would be raised in institutions or foster care if they are not adopted… It is definitely better for these children to be adopted, since adoption provides stability and much greater parental commitment…in all adoption situations, 
The adoption agency and courts are required to protect the child’s best interests and place the child in a family that best fits the needs of the individual child. The law in the United States does not require Catholic adoption agencies, or other adoption agencies with religious affiliations…that they have to consider place gay couples or any other couples for adoption, unless the agency receives funds from the state to do adoption services.
When an organization, religious or other kind, receives funds from the state to perform a state function, such as adoption, that organization has to do so on a basis that is non-discriminatory and that meets the goals of the law. Thus, an adoption agency that receives state funds cannot refuse to place children with couples that are Jewish or Black or interracial; all couples who apply for adoption with state agencies will be considered and it must be determined on a case by case basis what is best for the child. If a Catholic or any other agency wanted to work only with couples of a certain religion or sexual orientation, it could do so but not with State funds. ,

Basically, this case raises the same issues as the adoption case. The Christian Law Group at Hastings Law School could limit membership to whomever they want. But once they want to use law school space, all organizations must follow general law school policy.
The law school, which is publicly funded, had a rule that all clubs or organizations that were recognized or received support from the School had to be open to all law students. No organization could limit membership based on an applicant’s race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, religion or other such factor. The rule is if you want to be an organization with formal recognition of the law school, you need to be open to all students. The Court decision would have been the same if the applicant had been an atheist and therefore rejected.

In the public arena, there is only secular marriage. Marriage is a set of legal commitments between two individuals. The requirements for marriage are established by state law.
Religious communities in giving marriages a religious blessing may set other regulations. For a long time the Catholic Church and the Church of England did not let people who were divorced get married in a religious ceremony; but those people could still marry under secular law…Ministers of different faiths are authorized to perform marriages, as are judges and some other officials. However, no minister is required to perform a marriage he or she does not want to perform. No judge is required to perform a marriage he or she does not want to

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