Can anyone recommend a christian based adoption website that are anti-abortion?

Question by Ginger: Can anyone recommend a christian based adoption website that are anti-abortion?
There is a 19 year old single girl in our congregation that found God and decided to not have an abortion. The congregation directed her to adoption and had found 3 different loving christian couples lined up to adopt her baby. They unfortunately decided to pass on adopting her baby and wait for another opportunity when they discovered the baby had severe neural tube defects.

“I was just wondering if anyone knew of anti-abortion/christian adoption websites that have numerous postings for loving christian couples hoping to adopt and start a family with a severely disabled infant.”

Thank you and God Bless!

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Answer by Miss Teacup
What kind of neural tube deffect? They don’t all have to mean the child is severely disabled.
My fiance and I are looking to adopt a baby, and though we don’t feel ready to handle a very severe disability (we cannot adjust our house to wheechair needs, etc etc) we do have good health insurance and would be happy to learn more about this little angel.
mistymoral @ yahoo . com

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We are a home study approved couple working with Lutheran Social Services of MN looking to adopt our first child. If you are considering adoption, please ema…
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7 thoughts on “Can anyone recommend a christian based adoption website that are anti-abortion?”

  1. Oh Hun, go to One of the questions on their adoption application is if the couple will accept mentally and physically disabled children. My parents adopted four times through that agency and the director is truly called by God. She will not rest until every child has a home. They are based in Oklahoma, but will do anything to help any girl in need. Call their office. They’ll help.

  2. Why isnt your congregation giving this girl the support she needs to parent her child? Especially now that the child is disabled and likely wont be marketable to baby brokers (adoption agencies).

  3. Just beautiful (and I love the song – I hadn’t heard it before)! We will be working through our home study over the next few months, so we’re looking forward to adoption as well. Good luck in your journey!

  4. The song you used is one of my favorites! Praying you get your child soon 🙂 We are in the middle of the home-study process right now and have a youtube page about it. I will be following you and can’t wait to see when you post something about a completed adoption!

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