As a concerned anti-same-sex adoption Christian, what can I do to stop the crisis of single family homes?

Question by Viktor-Ron Paul 2008!!: As a concerned anti-same-sex adoption Christian, what can I do to stop the crisis of single family homes?
A child is meant to have a MOTHER and a FATHER, correct? This is why we stand against same-sex adoption, right? So, I want to bring to rise the issue of children growing up in single family homes, where they lack a mother or a father in their lives. What can we do to stop this pandemic in our nation? So we can stand for what’s right, and what’s moral!
People, I pointeth outeth the rainbow flag! Read with sarcasm.

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Yes, I agree with you. Help one person at a time. Help one person with their marriage, invite one person to church this week.

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28 thoughts on “As a concerned anti-same-sex adoption Christian, what can I do to stop the crisis of single family homes?”

  1. I guess you’d prefer a child to spend their childhood in an orphanage than them grow up in a loving home. You need to get your priorities straight.

  2. I really hope this is sarcasm, because if not, then you’re a loon, Christian or not. I’m a Christian and I see NOTHING wrong with a child living in a home with one parent. Is it better for them to live in foster care, or to actually have someone that loves them, takes care of them, and gives them all they could ever want in a parent? That is what God wants for all of His children. He wants us to be happy, and God blesses these children with families, whether it be one parent or not.

  3. A child with two caring dads (or moms) is better off than one who spends their whole life in an orphanage. Prescriptions from an outdated fairytale do not morality make.

  4. Start with yourself. The divorce rate among Christians is higher in some places than those who do not claim Christianity. Set the example by making sure any kids you have grow up with both their parents.

  5. I think you mean “single parent” rather than “single family”. It is a crying shame that there isn’t more support through worshiping communities. It is hard to shovel against the tide when government schools with some 3 trillion budget is doing their best to sell perversion.

  6. Your usage of the words “crisis,” “issue,” and “pandemic” are all in incorrect context. If you use that argument, you should be spending equal energy making divorce illegal. In case you haven’t noticed, the divorce rate is 50% in the U.S., most of which are supposedly moral, ethical, God-fearing Christians. Practice what you preach.

  7. I was thinking this was sarcasm when I first read it and then I confirmed it on your profile. Good show sir. I like the way you think.

  8. If Jesus learned to be tolerant of gentiles enough to offer them salvation I think I can be tolerant of others. Jesus initially thought that the woman who wanted her child healed was lower than the dogs that begged for scraps from the table. Rather than trying to stop same sex adoptions maybe you could offer these people a place at the table of the Lord next to you.

  9. Start a petition, lobby for change, write to your state representatives, make a group and get involved in your community…get recognition for your efforts.

    If the other side can get it, so can you.

  10. Please tell me that you are joking. So long as the child is loved and well taken care of, who gives a rat’s a@# who raises them?

  11. Nothing. I support gays adopting children. I support anyone who can provide love and a home to otherwise unwanted children.

    What is moral is to provide a safe, loving, nurturing home to unwanted kids rather than have them languish in the foster home/orphanage environment.

    We need to think critically and do the right thing.

  12. You’ve got some choices:

    Real Sex Education, coupled with abstinence Education. Abstinence only doesn’t work.

    Adopt a baby instead of having one of your own. I rarely hear Christians rallying for increased adoptions.

    If you aren’t going to adopt these unwanted kids, then stop crying about abortion.

    Choose not to have any children.

    Kids that grow up in same-sex households are just as well adjusted as kids that grow up in Christian households. In other words they are just as good (or bad) as the people they live with. Christians raise fu**ed up kids too.

  13. The greatest contribution to single-parent households is NOT same-sex adoption, but DIVORCE. If you want to help people form and stay in stable marriages, then:

    1. Make sure you are part of one yourself (be a good example).
    2. Become involved in whatever organizations or groups in your area minister to married couples and parents.

    If you have already done both 1 and 2, and still want to be part of the “further solution”, then try 3 and 4:

    3. VOTE
    4. BECOME a foster parent, and adopt some needy children.

    Best of luck.

    The more support we have, and can be for each other, the better!

  14. As a Christian, who is married and with children, your question concerns me. Primarily because you cannot use a blanket statement about each situation. Not every single person is a single parent by choice..
    What about parents whose partner leaves them or dies?
    What about a mother who finds out her husband is a pedophile and is forced to choose between her husband and losing her children (true situation)
    What about a woman who drank one night a drink laced with a date rape drug and ended up pregnant and didn’t want an abortion (another mom I know)
    What about another woman that I know whose husband died while she was pregnant (remember the Twin Towers/911)
    What about the teen who has the courage to say no to an abortion?
    What about the woman whose husband drinks and drives and ends up in jail?
    What about the woman who is in college, and finds herself pregnant by a man she has just broke up with, and puts her college on hold to raise her child?

    Every situation I just shared is a real person, and so, before we judge people unfairly, let’s consider that each person who is a single parent may have good reasons not to be in a marriage. In the case of the two women who married men who molested their children, I applaud them for having the courage to put their children over their husbands.

    So, don’t judge a person harshly just because they are a single parent.

  15. “As a concerned anti-same-sex adoption Christian, what can I do to stop the crisis of single family homes?”

    Support legalized abortion.

    The number of babies put up for adoption has dropped dramatically since abortion was legalized. The most likely explanation for this seems to be that women rely on abortion as a form of birth control, and that the ones who don’t abort are the same ones who wouldn’t be able to give up their child for adoption.

    Fewer children available for adoption means stiffer competition for same-sex couples who want to adopt. (And there aren’t many such couples.)

    Oh, wait…you want to stop same-sex adoption AND single family homes?

    Because legalized abortion caused an increase in the number of single family homes, so that won’t work for both.

    Maybe you could promote safe sex through the use of birth control?

  16. If you are truly concerned about young people without ‘ideal’ homes, volunteer for Big Brothers/Big Sisters or at the Boys and Girls Club. You could also sign up to be a foster parent. Believe me, there are so many children out there to help that you could do more by helping than protesting others who are trying to help.

  17. It is not your job or anyone else’s to deem what is a correct parent for a child unless it puts the child through undue harm. A single parent home with a parent that loves them is not harming them. A foster home, orphanage, or any other situation other than this could be much more damaging. As you said, a child has a mother and a father. Being with one, even if the other is gone, is much better than ripping them away from the one that is still there.

  18. iam a single mother and i raise my son fine his dad sees him and he has lots of male infolince and i think this question is wrong if you are stating that single parents should not be able to keep there children would you rather a single mother to stay with a abuscive father and learn to abuse his wife and girls

  19. First of all christians everywhere should pray to help you fight this problem.We must also do our best to make sure our government officials hear our plea..we have presidental candidates running for office that think homosexuality is a-ok if you feel this strongly about this issue you should help campaning for the candidate that is against same sex marriages and same sex adoption.If we get a leader that is for this it will be only a matter of time after thay take office that homosexuality will be considered ok and same sex couples will have the same rights as everyone else that do their best to live by what the Bible teaches. God BLess You and Good Luck

  20. Well, of course you’re right in sarcastically pointing this out. Except, you know this might actually be next on the list for Citizens for Community Values!

    The real problem with “anti-same-sex adoption” groups is that they don’t give a rat’s tail about the well being of the children, but rather care about exposing people to GLBTs, especially healthy happy ones who break the stereotype they have convinced themselves is true.

    BTW, not to be too politically correct, but please remember that not all Christians are anti-gay. there are several “Open and Affirming” churches.

  21. So…you would rather that children grow up in orphanages or in a series of foster homes instead of with two parents who love them, even if the parents happen to both be of the same sex?

    There are plenty of children who grow up with just one parent, either through divorce or death. Yes, the ideal is for a mother and father, but that’s not mandatory.

    If what you want to do is encourage couples to stay together, so they won’t have to foster their children out, become a marriage counselor. But don’t try to interfere with someone’s desire to love and care for a child.

  22. Only when the heart of the nation has changed will it’s actions be truly changed. Repentance and revival are what we need.
    Repent personally and ask God to send a mighty out pouring of his Spirit to bring revival to this desperate land.

    Morals without a heart changed by God becomes legalism.
    I’m not sure which is worse. Legalism or immorality. I think they both stink in God’s eyes.

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