any one out there that was adopted?

Question by AdoreHim: any one out there that was adopted?
please give some testimonies that show how wonderful it is to be adopted. I just read that sometimes it is better to abort than to place for adoption- “because of how the adopted kids turn out”. PLEASE SHARE YOUR STORIES OF LOVE
I am adopted and have 2 adopted kids- and I praise God constantly for life that our birth moms gave, instead of aborting us and not giving us a chance to live

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Answer by free 1 indeed
Not adopted but raised in foster care… I know where I could have been had it not been that way. I was raised to be a good person, and for that, I am eternally grateful. Had I not been taken from my home, I probably would have been in prostitution and God only knows what else.

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2 thoughts on “any one out there that was adopted?”

  1. Well, I’m an atheist, but I was adopted through Catholic social services. My adoptive parents were great, I had a happy family and am a very happy adult with a daughter of my own.

    But my birth mother, who “gave me up” when she was 19 – well, her life really wasn’t that great as a result. She was depressed for years, worried constantly that I might be dead and she wouldn’t know it. She became an alcoholic, was married and divorced 3 times and had a series of abusive relationships.

    So no, adoption isn’t always great for everyone. But it turned out OK for me.

  2. I was adopted at 3 weeks. My parents loved me and gave me more than I needed. They took me to church and taught me to do things for people. I married a Christian and have 3 good boys, a good daughter-in-law, a great grandson and a granddaugher on the way. I don’t always have what I want but I always have what I need. Adopted kids are like everyone else, some turn out OK and some don’t. But I haven’t met any who wish they’d been aborted. Sounds like you’ve got a pretty good life and your ‘praise God’ statement lets me know you’re raising your kids the best you can. I’m proud of what you’re doing. I’ll pray for you, please do the same for me. In Christian love, SFL

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